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The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 09

☆Chapter 9: Tie Tie Tie

Indeed, even if he managed to use the thick ice to freeze Ah Xiong and send him back to the Western Tribe, it would not guaranteed that Ah Xiong would not fly back and continue to harass him. Ah Xiong could control the fire and had strong destructive power, so Liang Yue felt not at ease to have let him go like that.

Within his memory, the Eastern Tribe never had a prison. For those to be punished, they were either put to death or subdued into slaves.

Put to death? Although Ah Xiong was troublesome, but at present, his crime was not too excessive. Then, it was fine to imprison him.

A short leather skirt was soon delivered by the dog beastman working in the palace. Liang Yue threw the leather skirt to Ah Xiong for him to put on and said, “it’s not impossible to let you stay here.”

“Heh!” Ah Xiong wore the leather skirt and said with a giggle, “I’d said it; you will definitely let me stay.”

Liang Yue: “…”

Where did such a strong confidence come from?

Talking to such a person could reduce his IQ. Therefore, Liang Yue ignored him. He ordered another person to bring a hemp rope and threw it at Ah Xiong’s foot.

Ah Xiong looked down at the hemp rope beside his feet and asked, “what do you mean? Do you want to see me burn it? Or you want to tie me up.”

Liang Yue said coldly, “since you want to follow me and live in my palace, you must obey my rules. One end of the rope is tied to your feet, and the other end is tied to the pillar of the pavilion. That is your sphere of activity. “

Ah Xiong used a kind of “are you stupid?” look to stare at Liang Yue and said, “no way, you want to bolt me like a dog? Not only that, I’m also going to have to tie myself up. “

Liang Yue did not speak, nor nodded, nor shook his head, but stared at him with a cold face. Although his height was not as tall as that of Ah Xiong, his imposing manner and pressure had completely suppressed the other person.

“What if I didn’t tie myself up?” Ah Xiong couldn’t help but weakly guess: “you want to drive me away? Do you want to disqualify me? Or——to kill me as an intruder?”

“Guess.” Liang Yue only stared at him coldly, sparing no words.

Saying nothing was more deterrent than direct threat, which made Ah Xiong totally unable to guess what Liang Yue was planning.

It’s because Ah Xiong didn’t know what Liang Yue was going to do that he was afraid and at a loss. He had to give in.

“You are perverted.” Ah Xiong glanced at Liang Yue and as expected, he bent down and carefully picked up the delicate hemp rope with thick wrist, but his mouth was nagging, “you didn’t mean to deliberately make things difficult for me? It can be broken casually. It’s not good enough like rice straw and can’t make to bolt at all, alright?”

Ah Xiong was still complaining, but he had used the lightest strength, carefully tied his ankle with the hemp rope, and crept around the hemp rope on the ground, gently tied the other end to the pillar of the pavilion.

At present, Ah Xiong’s range of activity was only five meters around one of the pillars of the pavilion.

After all this, Ah Xiong sat on the edge of the pillar in depressed, and supervised Liang Yue with a few glances yet found it embarrassing to look at Liang Yue. Instead, he looked at the grass, frowned as he said, “Done tying up, you pervert. It’s so spacious here, won’t everyone see? Are you satisfied? What to play next?”

Liang Yue didn’t answer as he took a glance at Ah Xiong’s excited lower part, which was braving spark. He thought to himself: is it possible that this person considered this a play?

Still, Ah Xiong was not his type. If Ah Xiong had a bit of nice look, he might give it a go to play with him. Liang Yue then shut his eyes as he said, “don’t spurt fire. It’s too ugly to look without the skirt.”

Ah Xiong:!!

Ah Xiong stared at his bulging leather skirt unbelievably, took a deep breath and mumbled, “I can put out the fire and even tie myself up! Go back early! It’s all your fault, I hate you so much. Never mind growing to be so good-looking, why are you ¥%&%&¥%&….”

Liang Yue interrupted, “since you hate me, why are you so excited?”

Ah Xiong’s broken thoughts stopped abruptly. He buried his head in his knees, and said curiously, “because you have tied me at home… pervert, hateful. If anyone dared to treat me like this before, I’ve already burnt him to death ¥%&%&¥%&….”

Although Liang Yue was listening to Ah Xiong’s endless broken thoughts, his expression was ease to some extent.

Ah Xiong was the only one who could control his own behavior. Anyway, he could not watch it anymore and just let Ah Xiong bolt himself.

And Liang Yue knew from Ah Xiong’s extreme declaration to follow him, Ah Xiong was going to lose.

There was no actual attack power in his speech, only his body was very honest.

Looking at this way, Ah Xiong was somewhat pitiful.

At this time, Liang Yue’s father, Liang Chuan, sent for him to talk, and Liang Yue was ready to leave. Before leaving, Liang Yue asked the beastmen working in the palace to take care of Ah Xiong’s daily life. However, Ah Xiong said, “I’m not afraid of the heat or the cold or need to cover with quilt. Only basking under the sun, I don’t need to eat, and burning myself once, I don’t need to take a bath. How about it? Aren’t I very good to raise?”

Liang Yue shook his head gently and said, “I don’t want to raise you; not as good-looking as baby kittens.”

Ah Xiong: “…”

Liang Yue did not pay any more attention to him. He took the baby kittens back to the room in his place and then flew to his father’s palace.

Liang Chuan’s palace.

Unlike Liang Yue’s palace on the ground, Liang Chuan’s palace was underwater. Liang Yue turned into Azure Dragon and flew to the bottom of the lake. When the fish and shrimp beastmen in the water saw Liang Yue, they all gave way and chased after with rowing tails as a welcome. Until Liang Yue entered the palace, they were still waiting in front of the palace’s door, hoping to get another look of him.

Liang Chuan, the big Azure Dragon in the water, was resting on a large and round jade bed, cultivating towards the first quarter moon in the sky. He felt the wave of water when Liang Yue came. Instead of looking over at Liang Yue, he just wiggled his beard and asked in the unique language of the dragon race, “From the few blind dates, how do you feel about them?”

Liang Yue replied, “yeah, they all adore me very much and have good personalities.”

After Liang Chuan done with cultivation, he closed his eyes and rested, saying: “the beastman of the White Tiger Clan can control metal. If you bind with him, my grandson’s magic power will undoubtedly be stronger. Meanwhile, the beastman of the Wolfdog Clan is the same as us; which is cultivating towards the moon. Even if you don’t bind with him, double cultivating with him will gain you an increase in magic power. It’s good for you to choose them.” (Note: metal carries water)

Liang Yue leaned over onto another jade bed and began to cultivated towards the moon. He replied while moving his beard, “I didn’t think so much.”

Liang Chuan’s nostrils burst with bubbles, turned over and lay on his side comfortably before looking over at Liang Yue. He opened his mouth and said with a smile: “haha, it’s best to like without worry. I heard that you gave two clothes out, and just tied up a foreign beastman at home?”

In regard to father Liang Chuan, he could percept the entire tribe from the water vapor falling all over the area to know his movements all along. Liang Yue considered all of these as his father’s concern for his performance. He didn’t think it’s strange. Anyway, he was open and aboveboard.

However, Liang Yue thought that he still didn’t want his life to be comprehensively monitored in all aspects, even if that person was his father. In case, he wanted to do something that couldn’t be described in the future. So right now, he should first learn to control the water vapor to block his father’s perception, as a precaution.

Liang Yue thought of this plan and replied without changing his voice or expression: “father said that I have to meet all the beastmen before finally decided. As for the foreign beastman——”

Liang Yue was trying to ask his father what he would do.

Liang Chuan said with a smile, “my child, you are getting married, your father is also old, and later, the tribe will be given to you. It’s time to learn how to deal with all kinds of people and manage the tribe. As long as it’s not about the life and death of the whole tribe, you should try to take in charge for everything later on.”

After Liang Yue done listening, he nodded. If he couldn’t properly manage one beastman, then how could he manage the whole tribe?

The beastman who had magic power and could control fire, no matter which tribe he was from, he should not have a low position.

Liang Yue pondered that if he wanted to learn how to deal with all kinds of people, he could first practice his hands with Ah Xiong who had an unusual brain circuit.

About Five Elements: Azure Dragon is water element. What’s good for water is metal, which can contain it; and what’s bad for water is fire, which can evaporate it.

Azure Dragon

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