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The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 10

☆Chapter 10: Astronomical Observatory

In the morning of the next day, before the sun rose, Liang Yue finished his cultivation and separated from Liang Chuan before he flew back to the palace.

As soon as Liang Yue returned to his palace, he first looked for the white kittens who should be sleeping in the room, but now the room was empty, and the white kittens were nowhere.

Did they go out to play in the garden?

As Liang Yue listened attentively, from the direction of the pavilion in the garden yesterday, there were squeaks and feeble cries of the white kittens. Among them, there was a howl of unknown significance from Ah Xiong.

Liang Yue was a little worried and flew out to have a look.

When Liang Yue came to the garden, he saw a scene that made him be at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

The sky had not brightened and in the slightly dim light, he saw Ah Xiong was sitting next to the pillar, holding his knee with his eyes swollen and bloodshot, staring at the grass ahead.

Meanwhile, the white kittens were staring with their round glowing green eyes; some of them climbed on the top of Ah Xiong’s head and some others were outside the range of Ah Xiong’s activities, extended their claws to scratch him and after the hit, they quickly retracted their claws with a whoosh.

Ah Xiong only occasionally bared his teeth and tried to scare away the white kittens with his fierce face with thick hair, but most of the time, he sat still and let the white kittens scratch him. On the contrary, the more frightened the white kitten were, the braver they were, and then more ferociously scratched him.

A kitten just hit Ah Xiong’s hedgehog-like hair and Ah Xiong was reaching out to point it to back out,then another kitten came up and scratched his knee. Furthermore, another kitten used two front paws together and pounced before swatting at his side waist. After that, the kitten jumped back immediately. Ah Xiong was hit several times before he got a little reaction, but he didn’t have time to look around as he couldn’t move a lot. He only used his fingers to lightly thwart off the kittens.

Liang Yue looked at these and thought it was strange. No matter how weak Ah Xiong was, he wouldn’t be bullied by the newborn kittens, right?

As soon as the white kittens found out that Liang Yue had arrived, they immediately abandoned Ah Xiong and rushed to Liang Yue with their claws around his ankles, rolling about coquettishly.

Liang Yue squatted down, picked up a litter of kittens and was busy comforting them, while checking whether there was any damage to the white kittens.

Ah Xiong choked with sobs as he said, “You’re a bad guy, your kids with the hairless old cat all climbed on my head, and you still swindled me to be tied up here.”

“Then why are you still here?” Liang Yue asked, feeling a little funny.

Ah Xiong looked at Liang Yue with a hidden bitterness, but did not speak.

Liang Yue said, “Can’t you tell whether the kittens are beastmen? The blind date is still going on, I can’t have babies with one of them first.”

“Ah, is it?” Ah Xiong grinned from ear to ear in a flash and said: “Say it sooner! Troubling me——”

At this point, Ah Xiong shut up for a moment and then moved his face to stare at his own knee in a contemplation state; as if he was really studying his knee.

After Liang Yue checked that the litter of kittens were not harmed, he relaxed his mind and asked, “I thought you would hurt my kittens.”

“How could I be!” Ah Xiong raised his head and shouted to defend himself: “Won’t you flip out if they are burned and I don’t even have a little chance… Hey, how long are you going to tie me up?”

“When you want to go, or if I’m in a good mood.” Liang Yue replied.

“…” Ah Xiong buried his face in his knees and said, “Do you just want to keep the rope tied to the post and me?”


Not long after Liang Yue came back the palace, the attendant beastman of Bird Clan in charge of passing communication message came to report to him: “Good morning, Your Highness. The previous second blind date White Tiger Tai Chen and  first blind date Panda Ah Bao are in front of the palace gate and brought some breakfast to Your Highness. May I ask if Your Highness will grant them an audience?”

“Yes,” Liang Yue replied. “Take them to the East Astronomical Observatory first.”

The sky had not lightened up yet and if he went over now, he could watch the sunrise by the way. How very good.

Liang Yue then turned around and left. The white kittens followed behind him. Upon seeing this, Liang Yue slowed down.

Ah Xiong on the other hand, watched Liang Yue’s back go away, until his eyes followed him to the high astronomical observatory, and watched the faint figures on the observatory platform.

Astronomical observatory.

The astronomical observatory was on one of the peaks in the palace and was made of green bricks, which were carved with exquisite cloud patterns. The short Ah Bao and the tall Tai Chen were standing on the observation platform, waiting in anticipation. As soon as Liang Yue went up, he was warmly welcomed.

The sun gradually rose from the horizon. With soft light, the three people on the observation platform were clearly illuminated; their skin looked whiter and even more delicate.

Tai Chen was still looking like that; he was wearing the robe given by Liang Yue, but it was not wrapped tightly. The collar was loosened a little, showing a bit of nice-looking collarbone, two small pectoral muscles with that shallow and sexy gully in the middle. Meanwhile, Ah Bao was still wearing a straw skirt, but the black fluff on his chest had been shaved and now it was white and tender. However, the black fur around his eyes had not been completely shaved, just shortened.

When Liang Yue saw Ah Bao, he was surprised. Ah Bao covered the rim of his eyes, only showed his eyeballs, and bowed his head as he said shyly, “Your Highness likes hairless ones, so I shaved them off, but because the black fur around my eyes is not cleanly shaved, I have to cover them.”

Liang Yue pushed away Ah Bao’s hands that covered his eye rims and looked carefully at his botched black fur. He also saw several uncured wounds on Ah Bao’s eye rims. He said, “Don’t shave, don’t hurt yourself for my preference. Your original looks are already very adorable.”

“Your Highness…” Ah Bao’s tears moistened his eyes. He was not ignored out of dislike looking like this and even obtained care and comfort. He was so moved that he didn’t know what to say.

Tai Chen slightly smiled as he said, “Your Highness, Ah Bao is going back to the tribe today. Before dawn, he picked fresh bamboo shoots and cooked breakfast with me. He asked me to bring him to the palace to see Your Highness before he leaves.”

Ah Bao nodded before he invited Liang Yue to sit at the stone table. Then he opened a bamboo box and said, “I’d even made some desserts. Please have a taste, Your Highness.”

Tai Chen also opened the iron box he had brought, took out a small can of delicious fish congee from it, and put it in front of Liang Yue.

“Thank you.” Since it was the intention of the other parties, Liang Yue did not hold back. Ah Bao and Tai Chen were fully satisfied and happily watched Liang Yue eating their food.

At this time, the short legged kittens finally climbed to the observation platform, and having smelled the aroma of fish congee, one after another arched against Liang Yue’s legs, demanding for a taste.

Tai Chen looked towards the white kittens arching against Liang Yue’s calves, and then looked at Liang Yue who was holding the kitten on the table. He bowed his head shyly as he said, “If Your Highness likes me——like this kind of beast form, don’t have to restrain yourself. I can accompany Your Highness every day and Your Highness can also do anything…”

When Liang Yue heard that from Tai Chen, which was 10-20% seen through, he was embarrassed.

But once Liang Yue imagined a big white cat stretching out two big claws to hold his legs and rubbing its furred face against him to act coquettishly; imagined a big white cat begging for hugs and scratches, he got to say that he was a little excited.

Still, the other party would also transform into a good-looking human…

Anyway, even if he did something, the other party would be willing, no, he would be even so much so happily willing. As for the other beastmen candidates, he could not say for sure that they would be happy to see it happen and eager to have such a chance with him.

With a beauty on the side, it was hard to control himself.

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  1. PurityByDarkness

    Seems cute…. but I hope his uke doesn’t turn out to be Ah Xiong :/ but I guess we’ll see, maybe I’m judging too early.
    Thank you for your amazing work! Can’t wait for more :)))

  2. cmd

    I don’t mind Ah Xiong. I think he’s kind of cute about how he’s so terrible at flirting. That tiger could teach him some moves though.

  3. Ah Xiong needs to get better at seduction LOL But it’s refreshing to know he is confident in how he looks. I felt kinda bad that the panda shaved himself just because of an off-hand comment that his highness likes hairless beastmen.