The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 03

☆Chapter 3: You are probably on the 200th

In the face of Ah Xiong’s sudden courtship, Liang Yue did not immediately agree.

Because, it’s so suspicious.

The man deceived him from the beginning. If he was a phoenix, how could he have long horns on his head?

However, he was not deceived. It was a stranger who was not important. He had no intention of knowing the motive of the man in front of him, whom wooed him upon meeting.

Liang Yue’s face was indifferent, and Ah Xiong’s lower limb pointed at him like this, which really stained his eyes and made him feel offended, so as soon as he put his hand out, he frozen it fiercely.

Then, the next second, Ah Xiong’s fiery let out a “zz-” sound, Ah Xiong could not help but uttered out a short “ahss”. At the same time, his body trembled, his waist bent down, and then the stuck up middle pole restored its original posture. Thick black eyebrows wrinkled, staring at Liang Yue without crying out pain, unknown whether it was pain or pleasure.

Ah Xiong raised his left eyebrow and asked him, “do you like to play like this?”

“Not for fun,” Liang Yue still explained it briefly. “Don’t point it at me. It’s ugly.”

After that, Liang Yue reached out his hand and produced his cyan robe. The collar of the robe was tight and did not leave a gap. It looked abstinent and holy. But Liang Yue found that when he put on his clothes, that fiery on Ah Xiong’s lower body became even hotter. It was a little rigidly swollen and tended to melt away the ice again.

Liang Yue looked at him and frowned. “The situation of Western Tribe and my Eastern Tribe is like fire and water. I will not accept your courtship. Get up and fly back to your tribe.”

He seemed to have anticipated that Liang Yue would refuse. His smile remained unchanged and he was still kneeling. He just shrank the area where he was frozen. He asked, “Have you seen it with your own eyes? Did I hurt the beastmen of your tribe?”

Liang Yue answered, “No.”

Not seeing it, didn’t mean not having it.

But what did it matter? The hairy bearded uncle was not the type that Liang Yue likes to look at with pleasure.

But Ah Xiong was very confident about his body and face, so he pulled up his lips and laughed, “Then you can’t accuse me or refuse me for this reason. It’s not fair. I’m clearly the strongest beastman in the tribes, stronger than all the males and females, and you should not refuse my courtship without getting along first. Looking at you being young, I’ll let it go, I allow you to withdraw your refusal, you will absolutely like me. “

Liang Yue was laughed by the arrogant and conceited beastman Ah Xiong. He had never met such a shameless man.

And when the man laughed, he could see that Ah Xiong’s eyes were staring at him, all glazed, and now he was staring straight at him.

Though arrogant, he was somewhat interesting.

“So you’re also going to participate in the selection?” Liang Yue asked tentatively.

Ah Xiong stood up. Although it was still frozen, it pointed at the front at a 90 degree right angle, which was a little bigger than that just now. Ah Xiong’s eyes were sparkling ‘forewarned is forearmed’ and he was eager to try and he asked, “How to choose? Fighting? I can do it.”

“Not really,” Liang Yue withdraw his smiling expression and said sternly. “My father told me that I have to meet each of the female beastman who came to participate in the selection and by no means let down of their hard work and expectations of the several years’ selection among the best. And the beastman candidates all need to line up. According to convention, we first meet with the beastmen of my tribe, and the beastmen of other tribes will be met according to the principle of first come.”

Ah Xiong heard it, frowned, and asked impatiently. “Why is your tribe so troublesome? Where do we like to sleep, who directly destroyed other beastmen….”

Liang Yue raised his eyebrows.

Ah Xiong shut up fiercely and simply asked, “Okay, what’s my ranking then?”

Liang Yue thought about it. He replied with a realistic and serious answer: “the beastmen of this tribe have 88 races, and in addition of the foreign tribes such as Sea Tribe, there are not much. You are probably on the 200th.”

Ah Xiong: “…”

The corner of Liang Yue’s mouth slightly rose, and he said: “If you want to participate, you can go to the south side of the palace to register there.”

After that, Liang Yue straightened up his clothes, turned and walked towards the edge of the platform, ready to jump off the platform and fly back to the palace in human form. Sure enough, when he heard the steady and swift footsteps running towards him, he heard the voice of Ah Xiong yelling, “count me in! I’m going to sign up! You wait for me!”

Finished saying, Ah Xiong turned into a fire, flew out of the platform and jumped down a few steps.

Liang Yue stood in the middle of the sky, looking far ahead. He saw Ah Xiong flying towards the palace, but then he made a hard midway turn. He pulled out many branches and leaves at a high speed over a forest. It seemed that he wanted to make a short skirt to cover his body.

Liang Yue took his eyes back and flew to his father’s palace. He found his father, Liang Chuan, and told him that he had met a Longhorn Beastman who could control fire.

Father Liang Chuan had now become a human figure, wearing the same cyan robe as Liang Yue. He looked similar to Liang Yue about seventy points, seeming only five years older than Liang Yue. The outline of his face was a little rough and if they were said to be brothers, perhaps some people would believe it.

Liang Yue was surprised when he saw his father’s human form, but his expression did not change. First, because he had no expression at all, it was because he had just remembered something more serious.

Ah Xiong’s arrival was so sudden that Liang Yue did not realize for a moment how dangerous it would be to let go a beastman from Western Tribe who would control the fire. If he deliberately attacked ordinary beastmen, then Liang Yue had to bear the blame.

Thinking of this, Liang Yue was worried, and told his father that he should go and take care of Ah Xiong.

Liang Chuan smiled and said, “You have to believe in your father’s ability to fall all over the place. Wherever there is water vapor, I can feel the changes and dangers. Of course, I can also hear your conversation.”

Liang Yue was at ease, but in a moment he felt that his realm was still far behind.

Liang Chuan smiled maliciously and said, “you can reached this realm after you have bound with a beastman.”

Liang Yue asked out the question in his heart: “Then, father, can I choose a beastman of any race? No matter what race it is, can we produce the offspring of Azure Dragon? Or does it create a mixture of the two?”

Liang Chuan was actually hundreds of years old, and Liang Yue’s mother soon gone after he gave birth to Liang Yue. Liang Chuan had never remarried, so Liang Yue did not know whether cross-race marriage would affect the race of children.

Liang Chuan patiently explained, “it doesn’t matter what race the female is. Anyway, the born child is not the same as the male race, but the same as the female race, and has the chance to give birth to the descendants of the Azure Dragon. So you can choose anyone and can be as many, but you have to remember that only the first beastman to marry you will have the chance to get pregnant. So you must choose the first beastman to marry carefully.”

After saying that, Liang Chuan said smilingly, “I have moved some boards used for recording to your palace. Use them as records to compare the beastmen. Start picking them slowly tomorrow. In the order— Ah, order should be kept secret.”

Liang Yue nodded with some expectations and a little nervousness.

After all, it’s the first date.

Xah: Don’t worry, this is 1V1.

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