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The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 06

☆Chapter 6: Shave Shave Shave

White Tiger Tai Chen returned to the camp, wrapped tightly in Liang Yue’s white robe tightly, covering his body tightly.

Before he arrived at the camp, the waiting beastmen all rushed out and were surprised and delighted to see the white robe worn by White Tiger Tai Chen.

Because he was the first beastman that His Highness had a preference for!

Almost all the beastmen flew out and surrounded White Tiger Tai Chen impermeably, throwing out one question after another:

“You are wearing His Highness’s robe! Can you tell me something about the blind date?”

“His Highness likes that part of you (hairless)?”

“Did His Highness say what he didn’t like?”

Tai Chen’s footsteps stopped, the corner of his lips was slightly raised, and he answered without reservation, “His Highness likes the hairless human form, and also like my furry beast form.”

“Ah~” The beastmen were in an uproar. Over the years, the dense hair was a symbol of sexual attraction. It was unexpected that Liang Yue’s preferences would be so unique. But after the beastmen were surprised, they were so absorbed in learning that they asked Tai Chen with great seriousness, “So, can furry tail and furry ears be possible?”

Tai Chen moved his fluffy ears and said, “Yes, it is only my torso that hairless.”

The beastmen silently remembered Tai Chen’s words, and Tai Chen added, “His Highness is too thin. When you meet His Highness, you must remember to tell His Highness to have a good meal.”

The beastmen nodded one after another, remembering Tai Chen’s words in their hearts, and some of them repeated in silence several times to avoid forgetting it.

Ah Bao touched the black fur on his chest and the black fluff on his eye sockets, and then gave a long sigh.

Soon afterwards, the beastmen could not be seen in almost the whole camp. The beastmen went into their thatched huts and took knives then shaved themselves.

Only Ah Xiong did not enter the hut.

He was wearing a straw skirt, a bushy chest on his naked upper body, arms crossed over his chest, listening to the various kind of strange hair shaving sound in the thatched huts, deeply frowning while glancing around the empty space.

Even the female beastmen of more than a dozen in Western Tribe who had smuggled in, went into the huts to shave!

Ah Xiong was so angry that he stormed into one of the thatched huts. As expected, he saw a unicorn beastman sitting with one leg raised and plucking hair from his calf.

When Ah Xiong saw this, he was even more angry. He yelled loudly and asked, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

The unicorn beastman was apparently startled, trembling all over his body and stammering, “Your… Your Highness? Why are you here? “

Ah Xiong’s hair burst into flames and exploded into the air. He berated, “If I weren’t here, how could I see so many of you sneaking in? Have you no shame?”

After the unicorn beatman was shocked, a sudden flash of inspiration came up to him and he said, “Your Highness is here too.”

Ah Xiong extinguished in an instant, and for a moment he was speechless: “…”

When the unicorn beastman saw this, he smiled and said, “It’s not surprising; His Highness Azure Dragon is so handsome and capable that Your Highness will be attracted to him.”

Glancing at the unicorn beastman, Ah Xiong scolded, “But I didn’t shaved my hair. You still don’t have a brain, believing in whatever others say.”

“But he’s really hairless and wore the robe of His Highness the Azure Dragon!” The unicorn beastman retorted.

Ah Xiong felt stuffy in his chest and scolded, “You need to change yourself for him? Are you still you?”

“If not for the sake of being liked, why did we sneak all the way here?” The unicorn beastman, who had recovered from his initial shock, continued to pluck his calf’s hair and calmly said, “Knowing he didn’t like it, why didn’t we try to change it?”

Ah Xiong was out of breath for a moment. With a wave of his hand, a fireball hit the unicorn beastman’s calf. The flame soon spread to the whole body of the unicorn beastman. He scolded, “If you like to pluck hair so much, I can help you.”

When the fire went out, all the hair on the unicorn beastman was burnt. The unicorn beastman looked at his smooth body and was very happy. He thanked him and said, “Oh, thank you, Your Highness! It’s too slow for me to get rid of all my hair. For Your Highness to help me fixed it in a short while, Your Highness is terrific!”

The unicorn beastman paused and asked doubtfully, “It’s strange that Your Highness had caught in fire all over, but why can’t your hair burn off?”

Ah Xiong did not want to look at the unicorn beastman anymore, and he did not want to slam his head back.

Tai Chen didn’t need to shave. He was going to practice martial arts in the open air, but when he saw Ah Xiong, who was full of chest hair but indifferent, he felt very strange: “Why don’t you shave when everyone did inside? You have no knife? I’ll give you one.”

He snickered and said, “Shave what hair? How can I believe what you said is true? His Highness only chooses one of the more than 200 competitors. Who would believe your kindness and tell us the true information? If that’s true, what’s the benefit from what you say? If it’s not true, why should I listen to you?”

Tai Chen pulled a decorative knife. Without raising his eyebrows, he smiled disdainfully and said, “You are definitely not from our tribe. You are from outside.”

Ah Xiong declined to comment.

“It was impossible for each clan in our tribe not to know of White Tiger being hairless.” Tai Chen raised his sleeve, narrowed his eyes in intoxication to sniff at it, “And His Highness deserves the best. If His Highness only picked me out because I was hairless and could not find the second type that His Highness liked, then I became His Highness’ sole choice, because there was no other choices. I will be too sorry for His Highness to only have me as a choice.”

After that, Tai Chen looked arrogant and disdained Ah Xiong. He walked right past him, leaving only the last words: “Only when there are many choices, let His Highness choose the one he like the best, and that’s the best. Beastmen in our tribe think so and tell the other beastmen what they know. Only outsider like you who do not need the protection of Azure Dragon would surmise others with selfish mind.”

Looking at Tai Chen’s back, Ah Xiong stared at the once-familiar irksome white gown. He scoffed and muttered, “What’s about a robe? Sooner or later, the whole person will be mine… I’m not going to be like the people of your tribe, foolishly just waiting for the blind date, waiting for someone else to arrange the order.”

Liang Yue did not know everything that happened in the camp. After the blind date, he received a notice from his father, Liang Chuan, and flew to an arid place to rain the area. Along the way, he picked up a litter of white baby kittens without parents and took them back to the palace.

These white kittens were real white kittens that would not become beastmen.

When Liang Yue in the second date, he wanted to touch Tai Chen’s paws, play with the pads under his paws, and hold his plushy body in his arms… But the thought that the other party would become a beastman to seduce him made him feel embarrassed even though he knew that the other party would be happy. Now though, he could finally enjoy himself.

Liang Yue first watched the white baby kittens drink water and eat meat. Afterwards, he even played with the white baby kittens’ pads and held a small wool ball, teasing the litter of white baby kittens to rush around, all the while showing a happy smile on his face. Gradually, the baby kittens stopped pouncing on the small wool ball and fell down, holding onto Liang Yue’s fingers without letting go.

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