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CH-42 They were going for the trip

After traveling for almost 2 days, the Long Parents finally got closer to the asteroid. They were currently in the path of that huge thing that would soon reach them in some time. 

It was a huge object with some kind of gas flowing around it. It might even cover their own country if they were to compare their sizes. If one didn’t look carefully, they might think that it was alive. Its surface seemed strangely active with violet coloured substance flowing around, and occasional red substance bursting from the ground. Everything was a mixture of violet and red. 

The missile that seemed to be launched by the humans would also hit the asteroid soon. 

Long Parents looked at each other, and they tacitly decided on a plan to hit the huge thing.

The time was coming soon. They were not sure if they could defeat the thing, but they were not gonna stop this fight unless they died. Mrs. Long put her paw on her chest as she looked longingly in the direction of Earth. A few stray tears couldn’t stay obediently in her eyes as they decided to flow out without her consent. 

Mr. Long hugged her shoulders while also hiding his own moist dark purple eyes.

“They will be fine. We won’t let them be harmed.” Mr. Long’ voice was hoarse.

“I miss my kids.” Mrs. Long’s voice cracked as she hid her face in her husband’s chest. 

“I-I… miss them too.”

“And… I’ll miss you, husband.” After saying this, Mrs. Long couldn’t hold herself as she hugged her mate hard and sobbed. 

“I’ll miss you too. And I love you dear.” Mr. Long put his arms around his wife as if he was feeling her existence with his hands.

The missile would hit the asteroid anytime soon. In front of the asteroid, it just looked like a needle in a baseball field. Although, it seemed to contain some kind of nuclear weapon inside it.   

Mr. and Mrs. Long looked at each other silently as if etching the other’s face in their heart and soul. The feelings they got from the mate bond between them told them things which didn’t need to be spoken any more. 

Gathering themselves, they looked at each other for the last time as they flew away in different directions to surround the asteroid.

They were going to attack this thing from all sides.

It was the time.

Mr. and Mrs. Long gathered all the power in the veins and charged together. The space around them seemed to be excited as their bodies glowed. Spreading their wings, they increased their speeds more and more until the temperature soared up and-




A few minutes later when the explosion had settled.

The debris flew around… Small chunks of rocks were flying here and there… Some fluids were flowing around aimlessly in space. Their vision was not clear. 

Mr. and Mrs. Long finally spotted each other; both of them were terribly battered. 

Mrs. Long’s wings were torn and there seemed to be a hole in her stomach from which blood continuously flowed. 

Mr. Long’s one wing and one leg was missing. 

Small and large wounds were littered all over their bodies. 

Looking at each other, they couldn’t control their tears in distress as they cried in grief. They had suffered from a lot of injuries and both of them knew they couldn’t survive for long. 

They still had to complete one final task. With trembling hands, Mrs. Long took out four vials out of a pocket-like pouch of skin on her waist. 

“A little more… just in case Jiao-Jiao and Xiao-Ying would also need them.” 

Mr. Long nodded quietly.

Then, both of them groaned loudly as they channelised the remaining bit of energy in their bodies. A few seconds later, silver coloured liquid flows out of their wounds closer to heart. 

Mrs. Long couldn’t hold any longer as she coughed out blood.

The liquid and debris around them was still flowing around.

Patting her back Mr. Long took the vials as he put one drop of liquid into each vial. As he summoned a magic to transport the vials to the Earth, he felt a shocked and distressing pulse in his mate’s bond. Just as he was about to look for his wife, he heard her loud shout.

“Husband, send it away, fast!”

 He didn’t know the reason, but he immediately understood the task. Clenching his teeth, he ignored the pain as he packed the vials in an energy box and shot it in the direction of the place they decided earlier. 

It was their heart’s blood for their children’s human mates.

Finally, he looked in the direction of his wife as he was shocked to see her blocking a huge rock from coming to him. 

“This thing is alive! It was about to come and absorb our heart’s blood.”

But, before he could ask why such a rock was still there, he saw a strange thing. More and more chunks and dust gathered together in smaller meteorite sized pieces and launched in the direction of Earth. 

They flew aimlessly as they showered on the surface of the whole Earth. 

“This thing is intelligent!” 

Shocked and surprised, before Mr. and Mrs. Long could do something, a very big piece of asteroid flew towards them out of nowhere, and hit them hard.



In City M

Tang Rong was in Heaven’s road, handling the remaining work, and dividing the responsibilities to the managers so that the pub could be managed properly even when he was away.

He suddenly saw the light on his special headphone device blinking. He knew it was time to know the result of the missile. He looked sidewards- three to four people were also here, working on their tasks. 

Silently, he went to his cabin and took a seat before he heard the recording.

“Finally! We defeated the asteroid!”


“I knew we could do it.”

Cheers and laughter could be heard from everywhere around. The dangerous asteroid had been blasted away.

Sitting on the chair, Tang Rong released the breath he was unconsciously holding as his legs seemed to lose balance. Trying to control his fierce heartbeat, he again modified the headphones setting to filter the noise and listen to the required news. One employee seemed very happy as he narrated the whole thing again and again to his fellow co-worker. 

“I knew that we had some hope! The missile that we sent broke down that huge dumb asteroid into tiny little chunks, haha. Now just small meteors are left, half of which will be burnt by the ozone, and the others will just be a simple and beautiful meteor shower to the world. I am planning to take my wife to see the meteor shower the on Monday night when they will enter Earth. Then I will tell her how that small chunk was once a huge asteroid which we blew up!”

By the time this man finished, Tang Rong had packed up the things on the desk as he walked to Duan Wei’s office.

They were going for the trip.

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