Three Marriages Chapter 13 Part 2

Here’s the second half~

Translated: Akiha

Chapter 13 The Hear that Seems to Beat for the Engagement Part 2

“Oh, oh.” Father Ju’s favourability towards Long Er had risen. Not only did he not get angry with them for coming over so early in the morning, he had even provided them with a morning meal as well. He really is a lot better than how the rumour lets out to be.

Father Ju thanked Long Er and brought his daughter out.

When the carriage of father and daughter of Ju family had disappeared from his sight, Long Er then walked to his own courtyard. He had decided to have a nap for a little while and will send someone over to tell the court of his visit before lunch. He will then head over there and pays Qiu Ruo Ming a visit in the evening.

As he lied on his bed, he thought though everything that happened earlier. He then remembered, there are a lot of things that had yet to be discussed in regards to their marriage. The dowries, betrothal gifts, ceremonies all needed money. Looking for a matchmaker also requires money. Gifts, banquet, items to buy and so on……

He had actually agreed to her without calculating any of these. This is really not his way of doing things. He needed to know how much all of these cost so that there will be no losses on his side. He also needs to think of ways to earn back the money.

Long Er had only slept for two hours and he then woke up to get all his things done. He firstly summoned Li Ke over to let him report about the progress from the scouts, he then summoned a caretaker to watch over each tea houses’ business. The business of the tea house cannot be left disorganized even if Shopkeeper Lu is not available. After that, he sent someone over to the court to send the letter of him paying a visit later and he sent another person to check out what happened around Ju Mu Er lately.

(T/N: Should I put 2 hours or 1 ShiChen? Both meant the same thing. Why is the number different? Cuz in ancient China, the standard for time is not hour but based on 12 zodiacs. So 1 zodiac/ShiChen=2 hours. As for the smaller units, I will mention about it when it’s in the novel)

After he finished his lunch, he looked through some documents and scrolls before he tells the servant to prepare his carriage to head to the Ju Family’s alcohol shop to fetch Ju Mu Er.

In the end when he reached there and told Father Ju of his reason for arrival, he found Ju Mu Er still sleeping. Father Ju nagged on sadly: “Ever since this daughter of mine became blind two years ago, her constitution had become weak as well. He had not slept for the whole night after she was shocked and injured. She had only lied down after coming back in the morning and had not wake up till now. Even after calling her up to eat her meal, she was not willing to wake up and just continued to sleep. I had the medicine warmed up for her as well.”

Long Er nodded his head and had Father Ju to check her out once again. Father Ju was unwilling, but during their journey back, his daughter had informed him that the Second Master will come to fetch her in the evening and had asked him to wake her up when he arrives. It will also appear to be kind of bad if he had went against his daughter’s wish.

Long Er had waited for a while before he saw Father Ju leading Ju Mu Er out. Even after having a sleep, she had appeared to be sicklier Long Er furrowed as he touched her forehead: “Why is your temperature so high? Did you have any medicine after returning?”

“I had.” Ju Mu Er was feeling weak. Father Ju hurriedly carries over the medicine that was on the charcoal stove: “You have not drink the medicine for afternoon.”

Ju Mu Er took the bowl and frowned, she gulped the medicine down as if she was going through a sentence. The bitter face had also made Long Er frowned.

After Ju Mu Er drank the medicine, she faced towards her father weakly: “Second Master, let’s head out now.”

Long Er felt his anger surging. Who was she calling Second Master. He stretched his hand over and turned her face towards him: “I’m over here.”

“Oh, let’s head out, Second Master.” Ju Mu Er repeated the same sentence blankly. She speared to be so sick that all her usual energies were lost.

With her current condition, where did she think she’s going!

Long Er felt very unhappy. He had originally wanted to say that he will come and get her on another day. But after thinking it through, he found that to be a bad idea. Father Ju did not seem to be someone that knows how to take care of people. Is there anyone that will let the patient to continue sleep and not waking them up when it’s time to eat their meal?

Long Er had decided that he will manage Ju Mu Er’s livelihood. He pulled her up and said: “Let’s go. I will bring you to visit the doctor. Rest up after having your meal. You don’t need to head to FuYin there.”

Father Ju followed behind, feeling dumbfounded. When Long Er carried Ju Mu Er onto the carriage and the carriage setting off with the coachman’s cries, he had only regained his senses. He shouted as he chased after the carriage: “Second Master, Mu Er had visited the doctor. She even had her medicine prescribed.”

But no one responded to him. The carriage did not stop as well and it set off.

Father Ju scratched his head. He did not know if they had even heard him. He then thought again, if they are not headed to Master FuYin, then why did he carry his daughter away?

And why is it that the Second Master seemed to be close with his daughter?

Perhaps something had happened; and it was something that he did not know even as a father?

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