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CH-50 Time to leave

After reaching the parking lot, Fang Bai realized why Tang Rong said they might need another car and his lips twitched. 

Li Jin was standing next to a cab which was literally stuffed with luggage. He was sure that the things would even fall out if he did not open the car door carefully. The cab driver was smoking in the distance, looking at them with eyes full of suspiciousness and gossip.

Seeing Fang Bai’s funny and shocked expression at the stuffed car, Li Jin showed an innocent rabbit expression. 

“I thought that since we will travel on the highway for so long we would need all this stuff. These are necessary supplies I saw on the internet. And I also brought a few things to pass the time when we get bored during the car trip.” 

Fang Junjie did not comment, it was futile to say anything when he knew he would agree to accommodate the luggage at the end. Anyways, he was not losing anything other than petrol. He could sacrifice that much cash for one trip with his friends. Another trip like this might not happen in the following two to three years.

Li Jin had packed all the things in big and dark bags, because of which, the things he bought were not visible at all. Although the fragrance of food and the rustling of wrappers from one huge bag could definitely give anyone an idea of the contents.

While helping Li Jin transport the bags from the cab to the rover, Fang Bai commented humorously, “That seems to be a bit too much food.”

Li Jin laughed awkwardly, “Really? I thought even that would be less. Maybe I was wrong.”

Fang Bai did not reply. Although, he definitely raised his eyebrows at the number of new blankets which wouldn’t be needed during the summer season. He still refrained from commenting. 

While transporting the bags, Fang Bai noticed that Li Jin seemed to have difficulty in carrying heavy bags, which he was sure the other boy could easily carry. 

The changes in Li Jin were very strange. Something definitely happened to this little guy, something which even he was unaware of. 

The rover Fang Bai chose to keep the luggage in was quite bigger than the cab. The luggage could easily fit in the boot of the rover with a little amount of space still left. They had to decide who would sit in the five seats of the rover. 

Fang Bai and Li Jin were doing the final setting when they heard the sound of another car approaching. 

It was Rong Qing, who arrived in another taxi cab. She had one big travel backpack and another handy travel bag. 

“Xiao Bai! Li Jin!”

Fang Bai was once again stumped by the luggage Rong Qing brought. 

Did everyone think that they could transfer their whole house with them wherever they travel?  

Li Jin smiled slightly when he looked at the amount of luggage Rong Qing brought. 

“Wow, what all things did you pack? I’m interested”, he enthusiastically asked.

Rong Qing mischievously laughed,” I checked a popular blog on all the essential items we would need on a car trip. They’re all amazing. Don’t worry, I got everyone covered.” She finished the sentence in a proud tone, and Li Jin seemed really impressed by her consideration.

Fang Bai’s lips twitched by these two who quickly got united like siblings when the matter of packing necessities came.

It seemed that they had taken the idea of the trip a bit too seriously. Or was his family only the clueless one? 

After putting the luggage in the rover, Fang Bai took Rong Qing and Li Jin to his house for breakfast. It was Fang Junjie’s rule that everyone would leave the house with a happy and healthy stomach, and was taken quite seriously in their house. 

The bodyguards who lived in the same building and would accompany them during the trip were already there. 

Fang Junjie had stubbornly insisted that they all should bring security with them during the trip, and being the good brothers they were, they agreed.

Everyone happily ate the breakfast made by Junjie and the dining table was full of chatter.

“We are going to miss your cooking so much ge~”, Duan Wei moaned, to which Tang Rong and Fang Bai nodded their heads seriously.

Junjie smiled softly, “You all won’t even realize when the trip will end. And when you come back, you can eat the food I cook anytime. After all, it’s just one or two months.”

Li Jin quietly dunked his head into the tasty food. 

“Why don’t you join us, ge? Please… You don’t even need to pack your bag, we have all things covered. Staying away from you for these many days just doesn’t feel right.” Fang Bai was a bit emotional. 

“Don’t worry, Xiao Bai, I will be alright. I told you that I have some important work in the company… And… There is Long You too, right? I will be perfectly fine. And we will also be connected all the time by calls and messages. You can get updates about me anytime!” Fang Junjie did not want to destroy the plans of his lil brother because of his personal problem. 

Anyway, he and Long You might already solve the problem before Fang Bai comes back. It would be no biggie, right? 

Soon, it was time to leave for the trip. 

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