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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing – Ch 1

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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing

Arc 1, Chapter 1: Disabled Little Miss (1)

Accompanied by a harsh brake sound, was a view full of red …

When Su Kui woke up again, she was in a dark space.

“Where am I?”

She moved her body and found that she was floating lightly without any pain.

This isn’t right!

Wasn’t she hit by that bitch who was driving? Such a violent impact filled with hate made Su Kui understand that even if she didn’t die, she would still be half disabled.

But now … what was the situation?

Su Kui was born in a top ancient family and was spoiled since childhood, her intellect was high. Probably the only thing that went wrong with her life was to have gotten together with a scum of a man and got cheated on.

Although she resolutely retaliated back, leaving the pair of slag man and woman in disgrace, she also paid the price with her life.

Yes, Su Kui realized clearly that she was probably dead …

After all, no normal person can withstand such a violent collision.

Su Kui clenched her fists tightly.

Suddenly, a mechanical icy voice sounded out in this dark space.

“Ding! Congratulations on your successful triggering of the ‘female support coming out on top’ system, confirm binding to this system?”

Su Kui was stunned, and then calmed down, “Who is it?” Being in a high place for ten years was enough to make her unaffected when facing unexpected circumstances.

“Ding! The purpose of this system is: save the female supporting character, defeat the white lotus female lead!”

Su Kui: “…”

Under the encouragement of her friends, she has also read several online novels before, but she always thought it was all just fiction. She didn’t expect a thing like a system to actually exist?

Su Kui gradually felt a glimmer of hope ignited, “After binding, do I have some kind of reward? Can I be resurrected?”

“Ding! After binding, the host will be transported off to various world planes to become a female support character. You need to change the tragic fate of the female support. When the mission is successful, you will accumulate a certain amount of reward points¹. Use the reward points to redeem a resurrection potion. “

¹TN: Original says exchange points. Please let me know if you would prefer exchange points or reward points.

“Ding! Confirm binding? Confirm binding? System entering countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7 …”

Su Kui didn’t even have time to be surprised, hearing this she quickly replied, “Bind the system!”

“Ding! Binding the system …”

“Ding! The system was bound successfully. Host please carefully read through the ‘Female Support Coming Out on Top’ manual. Transmission to the first world plane will begin shortly …”

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, begin transmission!”

As the sound of the system fell, Su Kui also completely lost consciousness.

Seventh year of Da Yuan, Grand Tutor Residence.

An extravagant courtyard is located within, piles of colorful flowers accumulated in the courtyard, luxurious decorations overflowed the interior.

Currently, a young girl of about sixteen years old with a pale face was lying on the bed. Both eyes were closed, the curled eyelashes were like a fluttering butterfly, without a trace of blood on the lips.²

²TN: as in colorwise. There wasn’t a trace of blood in the color of the lips.

At this moment, the girl on the bed slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were clear like an expanse of spring water, tranquil and calm.

Su Kui slowly digested the plot introduced to her by the system in her mind. This was a fictitious dynasty³ called Da Yuan. The owner of her current body is the current dynasty’s Grand Tutor Feng’s eldest daughter, Feng Yan Ran.

³TN: As in the dynasty’s king was controlled like a puppet.

A very miserable female support. It could be said that her entire life was just used to complement the female lead.

The female lead, Feng Qing Qing, was her third younger sister. Although birthed from a concubine, she was extremely favored. Even though Feng Yan Ran was born from the main wife, she lost her mother at an early age, and her leg disability did not allow for easy movement. She naturally developed a violent personality, resulting in much dislike and annoyance from others.

The male lead was the emperor of the current dynasty, presently subject to Regent King Mo, but after the male and female leads joined forces, they naturally removed everything that could hinder their path.

And Feng Yan Ran is undoubtedly a competent female support, frantically running down the grand path of seeking death, just to create a bit of an obstruction on the emotions of the male and female lead, and then let them become even more loving!

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