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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing – Ch 2

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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing

Arc 1, Chapter 2: Disabled Little Miss (2)

At the end of the story, Feng Yan Ran retired after completing her part and was abandoned by the family. From then on, she completed her cruel life as an oil lamp before the Buddist statue.¹

¹TN: She lived out her life as a nun

Su Kui closed her eyes and resisted the urge to curse motherf***. If the system had a physical entity, Su Kui believed that she would undoubtedly tear it apart alive!

All for the sake of resurrection. Su Kui clenched her fist.

Opening her eyes again, there was a trace of anger in her eyes, this was the temperament of the original owner herself.

With a wave of her hand, Su Kui knocked down the medicine bowl on the short table beside the bed with a “patter”. The porcelain bowl made a sharp noise as it broke into several pieces.

Thus, the maids hurried in and saw the Eldest Miss’ pale small face, her lips squeezed together tightly, and a pair of pupils full of ruthlessness.

Their spirits shuddered coldly, kneeling down with a bang, “Little…little miss, What’s the matter?”

Su Kui sneered, “From the time this Miss has woken up, there hasn’t even been any sight of any caregivers around me! In my opinion, all of you require a lesson to be taught, otherwise, people would think you are the Lord and I am but a servant!”

How could they possibly let such a big hat² fall upon them? They were all girls who have signed a death contract, if the master was unhappy, no one would question if they were killed at will.

²TN: Pinning a label onto someone

Immediately, the two girls were scared and bursted into tears as snot ran down their noses, thumping their heads desperately against the ground, yelling from their mouths, “Wuwuwu…Eldest Miss please have mercy!”

“The Third Miss in the front yard needed staff for relocating, so she asked these servants to help. Asking for the Eldest Miss’ forgiveness, these servants would never dare to again.”

Su Kui didn’t get angry but smiled after listening, the upturned tail of her eyes spoke of endless grace, “Oh? Feng Qing Qing is just a shu³ born, what does she count as! To also dare call my servants. How’s this, since you like waiting upon her there, I will grant you a grace. Clean up here and go to her yard to wait on her!”

³TN: Birthed from a concubine, not the main wife.

As soon as her words fell, the two girls’ complexions changed, “Spare us Miss, Miss spare us! Wuuwuuwuu…”

It should be known that the rules in the Grand Tutor’s Residence were extremely strict. The servants who were disgusted by the master would have shed a layer of skin⁴ even if they didn’t die!

⁴TN: Basically would go through turmoils that would’ve essentially left them on the brink of death.

Su Kui was too lazy to listen to their fuss. In the approximate plot given to her by the System, the two big girls beside Feng Yan Ran were already bought over by the fourth auntie⁵ early on.

⁵TN: Think the fourth concubine essentially but not officially married. This tends to be a mistress of the household’s lord who has had his offspring.

It could be said that for Feng Yan Ran to have developed such a stupid and ignorant temperament, along with her tragic ending later on, these two girls’ contributions were indispensable.

Now that there was such a great opportunity today, if Su Kui was to let it go in vain, then it would not do justice to her vengeful character.

Clear up these small shrimps as soon as possible, the highlight has yet to come!

Thus Su Kui rose her voice and yelled towards outside the door with a cold face: “Someone come, pull out these two backstabbing girls, forbid them from stepping into my yard ever again!”

Answering her call, a momo⁶ came in. She was carrying lotus seed soup in her hand, and behind her were two rough old servants⁷. Seeing Su Kui awake, she was overjoyed and hurriedly walked up to her bed, asking with concern, “Is Eldest Miss still feeling unwell? “

⁶TN: An old maid essentially

⁷TN: 粗使婆子 old female servants (likely married) who does the rough chores around the household. Usually the lowest rank within the servants

Seeing Su Kui’s ugly complexion and also the mess in front of the bed, she quickly asked what was going on.

After listening from beginning to end, Gu Momo immediately felt anger rush to her heart. She rushed to the kneeling girls in quick strides, kicked them over with her foot, pointed at their noses, and scolded: “What a great backstabbing cheap hussy! Did the fourth branch⁸ give you gold or did they give you silver, so that you can leave without waiting upon your precious master, hurriedly running over and sticking to a cheap bitch! Seeing that I have been absent for a while, you’re all going to overturn the heavens won’t you?”

⁸TN: When there is more than one child, usually they’re split into ‘branches’ based on when they were born. However, this usually applies when they are married. (Eg: The second son married. They are now known as the second branch in the family. ) In this case, it’s the fourth aunt’s branch.

With a big wave of her hand, she directed the two rough servants, “Seize these two out, shut them in the woodshed and beat them fiercely. The final decision will be made when I have asked the old madam!”

The Eldest Miss of her family, even if she has difficulty walking, was still the precious master of the Grand Tutor Residence. Even more so as the apple of the eyes of the old madam, who won’t allow others to trample on it even a single bit!

Since these two cheap hussies were rushing to die, Gu Momo didn’t mind killing a chicken for the monkey!⁹ Also to let the people within the Grand Tutor Residence see who was the real master in the residence!

⁹TN: to make an example of something insignificant in front of someone.

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