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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing – Ch 3

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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing

Arc 1, Chapter 3: Disabled Little Miss (3)

Cold eyes stared at the two tearful girls who were lying on the ground being seized and pulled out with both their hands. Su Kui gently yawned, a teardrop hung suspended on the eyelashes, on the cusp of dropping. It was very lovable.

The original owner of this body went on an outing with Feng Qing Qing a few days ago, but who knew that she would meet with some of her nemeses on the road. Naturally, those young ladies mocked and ridiculed her.

Feng Yanran’s personality was violent and easily irritable. After a bout of entanglement, she even rolled into the lotus pond along with the wheelchair. When she was fished up, she was already on her dying breath.

Perhaps it was because her resentment and obsession were so deep that it allowed her to hold out until Su Kui’s arrival.

Gu Momo saw Su Kui yawning with a lovable look. Her heart instantly melted, her wrinkled old face smiled into a chrysanthemum flower.

Perhaps this girl, Feng Yanran, was undoubtedly an out of this world witch in the eyes of outsiders, her character also emotional and unusually cold-blooded, but in the eyes of her wetnurse, who brought her up since childhood, she was good inside and out!

Thus, Gu Momo looked up at the sky out of the window and kindly said: “Eldest Miss just woke up, your body is still weak. Why don’t you lie down some more?”

After making such a big fuss as soon as she woke up, Su Kui was indeed a little tired. Not to mention how she hadn’t yet figured out how to face the Gu Momo who has treated her so well. She went along with the flow and nodded her head, “OK.” Then, as though suddenly remembering something, her complexion changed drastically, and she fiercely told Gu Momo, “Make sure you help me deal out harsh punishment for the one behind those two servant girls so that they know that I am not someone that can be easily provoked!”

Gu Momo nodded quickly and pacified, “Don’t be angry eldest miss, I will report back to the old madam right away. I will most certainly severely punish these two cheap hussies.”

Then tucked the corner of her blanket in again, before hurrying away.

The room fell silent for the moment.

Su Kui hung her eyes and carefully pondered. To change Feng Yanran’s destiny, it would be extremely difficult to do so with this body that was hard to move around. Furthermore, in this world, she could not escape the fate of being a cannon fodder simply by resisting the urge to seek death.

The structure of this world was mainly composed of the male lead, Yuan Yang, Emperor Yuan Chen, and the female lead Feng Qing Qing. Secondly came the branch that was comprised of them, the insignificant little cannon fodders.

Since this was the case, how could Su Kui possibly fantasize about breaking away from the main storyline?

It could be said that there were only two paths before her now-

One: Cannon fodder herself.

Two: Cannon fodder the male and female protagonists, turn over a new leaf to become queen herself, disrupting and wreaking havoc upon this world!

Of course, in order to earn reward points, Su Kui could only bravely move forward!

After all, where the system really cheated you was through the shop’s damn expensive items. To exchange for the resurrection potion that she dreamed of, 100 million exchange points were needed!

After roughly sorting out the general direction she should be focusing her efforts on in her mind, Su Kui gently sighed. It really was a heavy burden with a long way to go.

It was not difficult to change Feng Yanran’s destiny, but to drift and live without a purpose¹ was not part of Su Kui, Big Missy Su’s character.

¹TN: Basically living just for the sake of living.

She must not only protect herself but also the Gu Momo by her side, and her grandmother, Old Madam Feng, who loved and protected her dearly.

However, as long as you could hug a thick thigh², all of this would be easily solved.

²TN: Riding on some big and powerful person’s coattails (or simply just latching onto them)

And Su Kui’s only golden finger probably was knowing the general direction the world was headed, which happened to be three months away from the beginning of the story. The male and female leads had yet to meet. The head of the Da Yuan Dynasty was still the regent lord, Jun Mo.

If a connection could be made with such a big tree…

Su Kui’s slim jade finger tapped her pink cherry lips and smiled playfully.

As the story’s one and only hidden Boss, who can compete with the male lead, Su Kui’s confidence in him could hardly be greater ~

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