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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing – Ch 4

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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing

Arc 1, Chapter 4: Disabled Little Miss (4)

In Fuzhen Courtyard, a graceful old lady, with snow-white hair, reclined on a soft couch. Her left hand twirled a buddha bead, relaxing with her eyes closed.

Two young little girls, one left one right, massaged her shoulders and thumped her legs. The sandalwood incense spiraled up from the coffee table, turning into a misty cloud.

At this time, an old Momo hurriedly trotted in from the outside, greeted the old lady with a bow, silently and respectfully.

The old lady’s eyes were half squinted, shining brightly, but less than two seconds later, it quickly disappeared. From the outside appearance, it was just an old lady that was over half a century old.

However, how could a woman, who protected her young child in such a large mansion, reach the highest position step by step, after the death of her husband, be harmless?

The old lady beckoned with her hand, and Grandma Gu stepped forward two steps, leaning into the old lady’s ear and secretly whispering a few words.

The old lady suddenly opened her eyes and smiled for quite a while, clapping. “Looks like this girl, having escaped from death, her head has really awoken. I have long seen that the two girls next to her had other intentions, but she didn’t have the brains to see clearly.”

Gu Momo also smiled, “Isn’t there still old madam protecting her? Besides, I think the eldest miss grew up after this incident.”

“Alas, heaven hath pity for her. Her father views her as an enemy, and her blood-related brother doesn’t even approach her. How could I, this old lady, protect her forever?” The old lady sat up and waved her hand with a sneer. “But from what I see, the heart of the fourth household is getting bigger and bigger. Shu born will be shu born. Relying on Cheng Zhi favoring her, she wants to ride on the head of this di born daughter!”

“It’s about time to give them a lesson. Go and beat the two girls, who betrayed their master, 50 canes each and then send them to the fourth household.”

Grandma Gu immediately bowed her head and hurried out to execute the order.

The next day, the sky was bright as Su Kui slowly opened her eyes.

She stretched comfortably. The silk blanket slipped off, the slim waist unable to grasp onto it, revealing white skin like that of sheep fat.

Such was the picture of a beautiful sleepy girl in Spring. The little girl holding the washbasin, who came from the lower rungs to temporarily fill in, stared, fascinated as she stood on the spot for a long while.

Su Kui glanced over sideways, her eyes seemingly like spring water, “Why are you frozen there? Still aren’t coming to wait on me to wash up.”

“Yes, Miss pardon the crime, this servant will come right now.” The girl who snapped awake responded in a hurry, breaking out in cold sweat all over from fear. How could she space out in front of the eldest miss? Hopefully, the eldest miss will not punish her for not paying attention.

Getting dressed, gargling, wiping the face, and grooming. The little girl was surprised to find that the eldest miss was not as horrific as the other sisters made her out to be in private.

Even when, while she combed her hair, she yanked off a strand of silky hair, the eldest miss did not punish her.

The little girl breathed a sigh of relief secretly, but at the same time, couldn’t help but secretly assess Su Kui. The more she looked, the more she felt the eldest miss looked like a fairy, but it was a pity, alas…

Su Kui kept a straight face. In fact, she saw everything within her eyes¹ and felt it was funny in her heart. This effect was exactly what she wanted. Change little by little so that the people around her could subtly shift towards accepting the current her.

¹TN: Kept note of things she saw basically

After she finished grooming, Su Kui faced the water mirror² and looked left and right, secretly thinking how the original owner’s foundation was not bad; a pair of large and round cat pupils, and elegant jade pink lips. Although still young, a future appearance that can fell cities could still be seen.

²TN: Water’s reflection like a mirror thus, water mirror.

Su Kui silently pondered-

If riding the coattails was not successful, there was still the use of a reverse honey trap that could be considered…

After everything was taken care of, Su Kui directly took a group of maidservants and headed towards the old madam’s Fuzhen courtyard.

Brushing goodwill needs to start from when they’re a “doll”!³

³TN: Very young child

Su Kui originally thought that she had already come early enough. Unexpectedly, just as she turned into the courtyard, she saw a beautiful woman and two young girls standing in front of the main courtyard.

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TN: Please see Glossary for any of the Chinese terms.

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