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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing – Ch 5

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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing

Arc 1, Chapter 5: Disabled Little Miss (5)

Su Kui’s eyes swept across casually. The population of Feng Mansion was still very simple. The main wife died when she gave birth to Feng Yanran, and the other two wives died soon afterwards from illness.

As for the fishiness of the matter, that was up for deliberation.

In addition to the four ladies, Grand Tutor Feng also had several concubines. These unknown concubines were not eligible to come up to the front of the old lady to pay their respects.

As for the other two young ladies, Su Kui twitched her finger.

The girl in the white dress smiled hopefully, with a sense of cleverness between the brows. In comparison, the other became a bit dull. Although her face was also considered pretty, her expression was wooden, looking not as pleasing to the eye as the girl in the white dress.

Within a few glances, Su Kui understood. Presumably, that beautiful woman would be the fourth lady, while the girl in the white dress was Feng Qing Qing. She indeed had some charm.

She hooked her lips into a smile. The head maid standing guard at the door saw Su Kui coming in and quickly greeted her. She smiled warmly, “Eldest Miss, you came? Come in quickly, the morning’s chilly, don’t catch a cold.”

It was clear at a glance who was close and who was not.

The fourth mother and daughter both bit their lips with hatred. Su Kui deliberately held her chin up high and as she was wheeled past them by Shuang Luo, she smiled, extremely pleased.

Anyway, she didn’t plan to get any closer to them to increase any rapport, so a little more or a little less hatred made no difference for Su Kui!

At the entrance of the main room, an extremely vile smile rose at the corner of Su Kui’s mouth. She turned back and said in a light playful voice: “Oh~ that’s right, why don’t Fourth Aunty and the two little sisters go back first. To have caught a cold because of staying here is no big deal, but I’m just afraid that it will disturb my grandmother’s rest~”

Damn it to hell!

This was the inner voice of both the fourth lady and Feng Qing Qing at the same time. Why didn’t she drown when she fell into the pond a few days ago!

Feng Qing Qing bit her lip and was about to speak out to justify, but she was held back by the fourth lady. The fourth lady’s face was as usual as she laughed and said: “What is the eldest miss saying, this is our duty as the juniors/younger generation. We would definitely remain quiet and will absolutely not disturb the old madam. “

Su Kui licked her lips and humphed nasally. Ginger was indeed spicer the older it was.¹

¹TN: The older you are, the more the experience you have, and the harder you would be to deal with.

Feng Qing Qing was indeed still too young currently.

She shook her sleeves, “Then fourth aunt can ‘slowly’ wait at your leisure’!”

The moment Shuang Luo pushed her through the door, an old momo bowed and walked past her.

Upon entering the main hall, the old momo’s voice could be heard faintly, “Fourth lady, the old lady is not well today, so paying respects have been forgiven. Please head back.”

“This…since the old lady is unwell, we are just going to go in to pay her a visit, every little bit of effort counts.”

“There’s no need, Fourth Madam, Third Miss, Fourth Miss, please return!”

When the momo re-entered the room, Su Kui slowly and leisurely waved her hand, gesturing to Shuang Luo to keep on pushing forward. There wasn’t even the slightest discomfort in having been caught eavesdropping in the corner.

Mumbling and humming a little tune with her mouth, it was obvious the scene in the morning was enough to keep her in a good mood all day long.

Wearing a jade hairpin and donned in a longevity robe, the old madam walked in with the help of the maid to see her beloved granddaughter with her toes pointed. Her small hands tapping a little rhythm bit by bit, speaking softly. That heartbreaking appearance almost melted her heart.

She beamed, her eyes twinkling, “Aiyo yo, to be (this) happy in such a way today, must’ve been from you hearing about something fun. Say it aloud so grandmother may also enjoy too.”

Su Kui was not shy when she heard the teasing from the incoming person. She smiled sweetly, the small dimples on her cheeks seemingly filled with honey. “Grandmother still doesn’t know why her granddaughter is so happy?”

“Ah geez you~” The old madam poked her forehead. “You haven’t had breakfast yet, right? Come and eat a bit with grandmother.”

Su Kui nodded immediately and jumped towards the outside like a bat out of hell. Humoring the old madam to be wild with joy, just scolding her as a little imp.

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