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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing – Ch 6

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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing

Arc 1, Chapter 6: Disabled Little Miss (6)

On this day, Su Kui left after brushing up the old lady’s favor as usual. She then came face to face with a man with a clean scholarly face that was approximately twenty-one or twenty-two years old.

He had a solemn look, his eyes did not deviate and his steps were hurried. He walked straight ahead, clearly intending to just ignore the oncoming Su Kui.

Su Kui smiled bitterly in secret. The only man of this age in this residence was probably only her blood-related brother, Feng Zheng. Don’t know how Feng Yanran hated dogs and disliked rules, even contemplating her own brother.

Despite not changing his countenance, in reality, Feng Zheng’s eyes had already long flitted across to his sister in secret several times. Although he was long tired of his sister’s peculiar behaviors, but, no matter what was said and done, they still came out from the same mother. How could he possibly not care?

However, if he asked, he might just get a bout of sarcasm from her again. He had originally planned to skirt around her to greet the old lady, but then saw her pouting with a bitter smile, her large cat pupils flickered, and there were a hint of tears.

His steps paused immediately, as though bearing a heavy weight and could no longer lift it.

He helplessly sighed, “What’s wrong now?”

Su Kui’s eyes brightened, her beautiful little face became even more aggrieved, her nose wrinkled, and she asked timidly with a cry, “Brother……Does brother hate Yanran?”

Feng Zheng was shocked, how long has it been since Yan Ran called him brother?

“This…” He wanted to comfort her, but he suddenly thought of Feng Yanran’s previous numerous mischiefs, and her malicious ridiculing. His words became stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say anything.

So he just shut up and continued towards Fuzhen Courtyard with a cold face.

When he passed by her side, the hem of his clothes was suddenly grasped by a tender white hand.

“Release me!”

“I won’t!” Su Kui was stubborn. “If brother won’t answer me truthfully today, I will never let go!”

The servant girls and old maids beside her wailed in their hearts together, the eldest young lady and the young master were at odds again!

Feng Zheng was so annoyed at Feng Yanran’s unreasonableness that he ripped off the hem of his clothes and spat out coldly, “Yes! I hate you!”

Then he left without looking back, leaving Su Kui stunned with a small piece of clothing held in her hand.

Suddenly she turned her head and yelled in the direction Feng Zheng had gone to, “Yes yes yes, I’m hateful, I cause people to hate me, my mother is gone! My father detests me! Now even my brother hates me! What am I still living for?! I might as well die and get it over with!”

There was a small lotus pond not far from Fuzhen Courtyard. It was now early in the summer, the pond’s lotus flowers were white and tender, gracefully in full bloom.

Su Kui already glanced at this pond long ago. Now that she had said such ruthless words, she didn’t need the servant girls to do anything as she pushed the wheels with both hands and moved bit by bit towards the lotus pond.

The servant girls and elderly maids were all horrified.

Gu Momo was so scared that her old face grew pale. She quickly reached out to stop her in reflex, tears covering her old face, “Eldest Miss! My Eldest Miss, what are you doing, don’t take it too hard, the Eldest Young Master just said that in a moment of anger, you……”

Su Kui interrupted her, crying until she was out of breath, her tears streaming down like pearls from a broken pearl necklace, “Gu Momo, don’t stop me, in fact, I know clearly inside my heart, the eldest miss of the Grand Tutor’s Residence is but a waste that can’t walk. I don’t know how many outsiders see my father and my brother as a joke. I might as well just die, at least it’ll lift the Grand Tutor Residence’s reputation!”

Su Kui pushed the wheel hard and moved towards the lotus pond. Gu Momo was desperately pulling in the back. All the other girls were dumbfounded. How did this fuss come about?

“Let me die, Gu Momo, let go!”

Seeing how they were at the edge of the pond, Su Kui made a motion of wanting to jump. Gu Momo grabbed and hugged her, crying as shrill as a pig being slaughtered, “Eldest Young Master, please! Come quickly, Eldest Miss is looking to commit suicide!”

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