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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing – Ch 7

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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing

Arc 1, Chapter 7: Disabled Little Miss (7)

Su Kui was frightened by this horrifying shriek and broke into cold sweat. She hadn’t planned to really jump alright?

But since Gu Momo was being so cooperative, if she didn’t take advantage of this then something must’ve been wrong with her brain.

Silently feeling guilty for deceiving an elderly for a second, Su Kui struggled more and more, “Gu Momo, don’t call brother, just let me die!”

Feng Zheng originally wanted to just ignore it, thinking that Feng Yanran was acting like she always did. Unexpectedly, the more he ignored it, the more things became a mess behind him.

He scrunched his beautiful brows, turned around, and strode back. He lifted Su Kui up while suppressing his chest full of anger, “Enough! Do you still find this not shameful enough?!”

Su Kui was picked up by him like a little chick, feeling extremely sulky inside. She tilted her mouth and said, “Let me go! What does it matter to you what I do? Don’t you hate me? Then why did you come back!”

Feng Zheng was angered into amusement, his laughter crisp and clear, “I don’t care. No one is allowed to stop this today, I’m going to be right on the side and watch you jump!”

Hearing this, Gu Momo was shocked, and quickly persuaded beside him, “Eldest Young Master, don’t irritate the young miss, she also has her unvoiced troubles!”

This was true. Feng Yanran was born with weak legs. Although she bore the name of the Di daughter, she had no mother to protect her, and her father was disgusted with her. Even though the residence’s servants were respectful to her on the surface, who knows what kind of arrangements they had made behind her back.

Therefore, Feng Yanran was just using this rude and unreasonable behavior to garner the attention of her father and brother, covering up that feeling of insecurity and inferiority within her.

When Su Kui heard this her face changed, a small pale face glowed red from suffocation, peeking here and there at Feng Zheng with that pair of clear bright cat pupils.

Seeing his disregard, she felt so aggrieved that she wanted to cry.

Ashamed to the point of death, she wished to plunge into the lotus pond and not have to face all the chaos of this mortal world again.

Just as she was fully immersed in her thoughts, her body suddenly grew light as she fell into a clean and broad chest.

The big dry hand rubbed her hair, and sighed softly on top of it, “Sigh, I really don’t know what this girl is up to. Hurry up and put away your crocodile tears!”

Then Feng Zheng flicked his sleeve, “Go back.”

Since that day, when Feng Zheng ushered Su Kui back to her room and was pestered by Su Kui to make him coax her to sleep, something seemed to have changed between the two siblings.

At first, Feng Zheng was always wary of what Su Kui would do, and refused to pay any attention to her. Even if Su Kui went to find him, she would still be turned away outside the door.

Later on, although it became better, it was not much better. However from outside the room, she was allowed indoors. Then Feng Zheng would push her to a distance that would not cause him any disturbance, and then-

Ignored her!

But for Su Kui, this was already great progress.

Su Kui spent a month and three days, going from glaring at Feng Yanran, regarding her as air, to entering his room.

Added all together, Su Kui has been in the Yuan Dynasty for three full months already.


The plot had also officially kicked off.

In the seventh year of Da Yuan, in August, Emperor Yuan Yang held the first general selection after ascending the throne.

From the civil and military officials to the civilian population, all women of appropriate age had to enter the selection. After the primary election, they would be screened from the county, then prefecture, state upwards round by round. Those who passed the final reviews were all rare beauties of the world.

Of course, there were exceptions to rules.

For example, the three sisters Feng Yanran, Feng Qing Qing and Feng Ruoyu.

Their father was still the Grand Tutor of the dynasty. If the emperor wanted to secure his power, he had to take several daughters of ministers into his harem to appease their hearts.

Su Kui knew of the plot. Today was the beginning of Feng Yanran’s tragic life but also the beginning of her changing fate.

Facing the dazzling sunlight from the sky, Su Kui’s cat eyes narrowed into a slit.

As for a certain someone, who was in the study reading over the memorandums, he suddenly felt a chill all over his body with a feeling of being spied on by someone for a long time.

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