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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing – Ch 9

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Transmigrated Female Support: Male God, Addicted to Teasing

Arc 1, Chapter 9: Disabled Little Miss (9)

Da Yuan’s Royal Palace was covered with glazed golden tiles. Hidden behind the vermillion walls of the palace were an unknown amount of layers, stacked one after another.

Su Kui was rocked by the carriage until she was about to fall asleep. It was then that Gu Momo, who was outside the carriage, opened the curtain, “Miss, we have arrived.”

According to the rules, Xiu Nu had to enter the palace by walking. Even if Su Kui had difficulties walking, it was still not possible for her to take a carriage into the palace.

Although Su Kui also wanted to complain about this bug, exactly how badly was Emperor Yuan Yang needing a woman to the extent that even someone like the original owner was also listed among the candidates.

Su Kui got off the carriage with the help of Gu Momo and then sat in a wheelchair.

It was then that she felt a fierce gaze shot towards her. It was extremely aggressive, almost burning her from head to toe until nothing was left.

Su Kui raised her head and looked back in that direction. Her sight immediately met with a pair of black eyes that were as deep and bottomless as an ancient well.

The man who had just got off the carriage had fierce brows, icy-cold eyes, facial features that were sharp as a knife, and thin lips that were gently pressed.

Currently, he stood with his hands clasped behind his back, tall and upright within the crowd of maids and Xiu Nu. The contrast made him stand out all the much more.

His pair of icy cold eyes fell on Su Kui.

Su Kui was stunned for a second. Within just fractions of a second, she suddenly looked straight at him and raised a big smile towards him. The dimples on the side of her cheeks deeply sunk inwards.

That bright smile was like the scorching sun of a day in March, like wildfire, stunning not only him alone.

It was enough to see just how destructive Su Kui’s smile was, just based on how the other Xiu Nu looked at Su Kui, like they were itching to just materialize an icy dagger and stab her with it a couple of times.

The man narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, he walked a step towards her, his long narrow phoenix eyes seeping out a boundless evil.

His pace was firm and powerful, like a warrior holding a sword, bringing along an atmosphere that was powerful enough to crush the world.

This attitude was one that could annihilate everything!

Su Kui quietly leaned on the wheelchair with a light smile. That bright little face of hers reflected an insufferable arrogance.

Inwardly, she was nervous and excited, but these were no more than the kind of tremors that emanated from her soul.

Excitement outweighed fear—

It was just a few dozen meters or so but it felt like a hundred years of walking.

The man just looked at her, passed through the silent crowd step by step, and came alone to her side.

Lowering his eyes to look down at her, “What’s your name?”

Su Kui hooked her lips into a willful smile and said with a little provocation, “What about you? What is your name?”

There had yet to be anyone who had ever dared to be so unscrupulous in front of him. Not only ignoring his question but also daring to ask his name so directly.


The man frowned, should probably be a young girl?

Yes, a young girl. An arrogant and obstinate young girl that seeped with cunningness even all the way into her bones.

After a while, he lightly chuckled, “Heh, my name is Jun Mo, remember it.”

Sure enough, it was him!

Su Kui looked up at him. Jun Mo was too tall, and it was really strenuous for her to observe him in her current position.

Thus, Su Kui did something that left everyone stunned. She stretched out her small tender white hand, grabbed Jun Mo’s cold big hand, and slowly, bit by bit, pulled it downwards.

What was even more shocking for everyone was that Jun Mo actually lowered his body very cooperatively. In the end, he stood at the same eye-level as her, half crouched in front of her.

This was just great! Su Kui withdrew her small hand. The moment her hand had left, Jun Mo felt an inexplicable feeling of unwillingness.

As for Su Kui, she seemed to have done something particularly remarkable as she smiled extremely joyfully, “I’m called A-Kui.”

“A-Kui?” Jun Mo kept feeling like honey was seeping out as he rolled this name between his lips and teeth repeatedly.

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