Transmigrated into the president’s stepmother – Ch2

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Chapter 2 – I became a stepmother (2)

The female lead Luo Shiyao was born to a single parent family, as her father passed away when she was 5 years old. Afterwards, her family mainly relied on her mother’s work to earn enough money for daily necessities. Her life was far from being rich and luxurious, but she was still happy.

Unfortunately, her happiness didn’t last long. In her freshman year, her mother suddenly fell ill and had to be hospitalized. Luo Shiyao then started attending classes in the daytime while working as a waitress in a bar in the evening. On the weekends, she also worked two additional odd jobs to make ends meet. However, her salary was still far from enough for covering her mother’s high medical bill which quickly made her suffocated. The 300 000 yuan needed for the operation were an astronomical figure for someone like her!

When the hospital once again issued a critical payment notice, the female lead had no choice but to turn to He Yu, the male lead, who had accidentally saved her once. He Yu asked Luo Shiyao to sign a contract to sell herself in exchange of paying her 500 000 yuan a year. In order to save her hospitalized mother, the female lead could only accept his conditions and sigh the contract.

After Luo Shiyao became He Yu’s girlfriend, his family, his first love, his enemies and every other cannon fodder came over to make trouble for her. The final result was that the male lead got a new lover, and the female lead was so heartbroken she sunk into depression, and finally committed suicide by cutting her wrist.

At that time, when Jiang Rao finished reading the tragic ending of the novel, she could barely hold the tablet stably.

Fortunately, in order to increase the audience rating, the TV version had changed the ‘Bad Ending’ to a ‘Happy Ending’. In the IP drama, the producers not only cut off more than half of the heart-breaking storyline, they also made the male and female leads happily end up together.

Therefore, she had suddenly transmigrated into a novel, became the ruthless stepmother of the male lead, and had to fight for the property of the He family, only to end up being defeated by the male lead?!

“Since I came here, those things are naturally invalid.” Jiang Rao looked at her reflection in the mirror with great satisfaction. This face looked 8 points liker her original ones. Just by smiling a little, her eyes instantly brightened, and her already beautiful face became increasingly gorgeous. “I’d like to see if He Yu can drag me down this time.”



At the He family’s old house.

In the huge reception room on the first floor, there were about ten people sitting dispersedly. Both men and women in the crowd were dressed in outstanding clothes. They were all called over by Qin Hai, the private lawyer hired by He Shaojun, and all of them were here today to divide He Shaojun’s inheritance.

The He group involved the hotel and restaurant business, real estate, entertainment industry and many others. As the head of one of China’s biggest and wealthiest companies, even a little bit of money leaked through He Shaojun’s fingers would be enough for an ordinary family to live without worrying about food and clothing for a lifetime!

“Ha, some people are really unruly. A pheasant will always be a pheasant. Even if it flies on a high branch, it will never become a Phoenix. I don’t know what kind of fox charming means she used to hook up with eldest brother, but what qualification does such a woman have to let so many of us wait for her here.”

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