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Transmigrated Into The President’s Stepmother – Ch4

Translated by Aytise on foxaholic.com

Chapter 4 – The will (1)

In the quiet lobby, there was only the sound of people breathing and the paper being flipped.

Apart from the people benefiting from the will and the lawyer, all the other unrelated people had already left the old house. Jiang Rao lazily sat on a single sofa while leisurely leaning aside with half squinted eyes, as if she didn’t care about all the events unraveling in front of her.

He Lan glimpsed at Jiang Rao, but she disdained looking at her too long and quickly shifted her sight. It seemed like that woman at least had some self-knowledge, and she knew that this matter had clearly nothing to do with her. More likely, the words she had just said were merely her unwillingness. Since eldest brother wrote a will, she, as the so-called bed partner, is doomed to get very little inheritance.

Therefore, even if she had married into the He family, and although her eldest brother’s personality was somewhat unpredictable, He Lan thought that she had it all figured. Even if her brother had married this woman, it didn’t really mean anything. At most, he would leave her some inheritance money, a little more than those women kept outside.

The people sitting on the different sofas around the lobby all had different thoughts, but their eyes were all consciously or unconsciously staring at the will in Qin Hai’s hands. Before today, except for him, nobody else knew what the contents of the will were.

“I have been entrusted by Mister He Shaojun to handles the matters following his death. After He Shaojun died of illness… ” Qin Hai pushed up his glasses and calmly read the documents.

As he read, everyone wore an expression of shock as the content of the will were beyond their expectations. Naturally, Jiang Rao was an exception as she already knew the plot.

All the real estate under He Shaojun’s name, the stores as well as other real estate he owned and all the money in his bank account add up to a hefty sum. The money in the bank account was distributed to around 50 million yuan by everyone present on the scene, as for the real estate, it was distributed between Jiang Rao and he Yu.

Those properties were conservatively estimated to be more than a billion. In other words, Jiang Rao had become a billionaire overnight!

The distribution of real estate quickly made the other beneficiaries frown. Their hearts couldn’t help but start feeling restless, and their eyes were full of doubts and dissatisfaction as they glared at Jiang Rao. After all, no matter how calm and self-controlling they were as people with rigorous schemes and deep foresight, when they learned that, unexpectedly, hundreds of millions of property would suddenly all belong to an “outsider”, they couldn’t simply keep their calm anymore.

But at this time, even if most people could still barely maintain their composure, that didn’t stop them from coldly glaring at Jiang Rao as if wishing they could kill her with their stares.

At the moment, the He company’s shares have not been distributed yet. So although the real estate was very valuable, as long as one had enough shares of He company in hand, each month’s dividend was many folds more than the money they had previously received.

Money and properties could be acquired again, but there was only a limited number of shares in the company, and most of them were in the hands of He Shaojun. In other circumstances, it isn’t the easy in the least to get shares of the company. Therefore, the shares were the most important as their distribution would determine the new person who would have the most power to speak at the company. And now that the woman had gained so much money and property, she must have nothing left to do with the rest of the shares that are to be distributed.

After figuring out these facts, all the people present finally somewhat recovered from their dissatisfaction and resentment.

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