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Trying Something New – Akiha (Solace)’s Experiment~

Hey, it me~ your resident disappeared translator and the one that likes to flaunt the food she eats in Discord~

Today I tried something new as eating the same thing for one month (and possibly more in the near future) in loop is making me feel bored… And so here it is, a dinner that I have not named and it can also be made quite healthily~

Sorry for the bad image quality and ligting… I suck at this :’)

I did not take any images of the process it’s done so I can only post the pics of it after it’s done. Boy, am I glad it turned out to be successful…..

And now after talking for a lot, I’m gonna begin the very summarized (not) recipe of this (cuz all the spices and seasonings are inserted based on my predictions… ahaha)

Do note that this one is only a portion for one person~


  • Rice
  • Half a potato
  • 1 Egg
  • Milk
  • Salt
  • Seasoning (MSG, optional)
  • Pepper
  • Butter (if you don’t want it to be buttered rice, you can take this out. Do tell me how does it go without the butter since this is my first attempt~)
  • 1 slice of Cheese (optional)
  • Other things you have in mind that will make this dish more vibrant or your liking (which you think can go well with it~)


Since things might be different for everyone, I’m only listing how I did it (with my very small rice cooker that is meant for one person’s use)

  1. Ensure that the butter are at a state where it’s easy to scoop portion of it out. Why I’m saying this? In my country, the temperature is high, so the butter are placed within the cooler part of the fridge to ensure that it stays solid and not liquid.
  2. First up first, you cut the potato into slices and wash it. After washing it, just leave it soaked in water. The reason why the potato needs to be soaked, according to something I read somewhere, it’s to rinse away the excessive starch on potato (well that’s what it says).
  3. Leave the potato aside and begin to prepare your rice. Note: You might consider having the portion decreased from your normal consumption because as I’m typing this my stomach feels bloated from underestimating the portion… Back to the topic, my usual portion is a quarter of the rice cooker above (the rice are not cooked).
  4. Once the switch of the cooker is on, (Note: this is my portion so do take note) insert one spoonful of butter. Depending on how heavy you prefer them, for this case one spoonful is actually adequate. Why butter in so early? Because later on, you won’t have any other chance to insert the butter, unless you don’t want it to be buttered rice.
  5. After the butter is mixed with the water, put in the potato slices. Make sure it is covering the rice.
  6. Once (5) is settled, you insert salt and seasoning. Do take note, as the rice has yet to be cooked and the water is not boiling, you might consider inserting a small extra portion more than usual of salt and seasoning as it might make the rice taste bland if you do not do so (or if you’re health conscious, just the amount you think it’s fine will be good). In my case, the salt and seasoning (which is MSG) is around a small quarter of a spoon.
  7. Now, you can prepare the eggs. I only used 1 egg, so as mentioned, you might need to experiment how much you want. Mix the egg with some milk (around 10-15% of the egg’s portion, this is so that your egg won’t taste like the milk, and no HL milk; it will completely change the taste of your egg. Yes. I tried that before, putting too much milk, and HL milk no less) and a little salt. You can ignore the salt since I only have it in to ensure that in the end, the whole thing is salty enough, eggs included.
  8. Now you just wait for the rice to get cooked, but don’t wait for it to be cooked to the point of the switch flipping off. When you can’t see the water on the surface of the rice, you can place the cheese slice on top of the rice. As mentioned in the “Ingredients” part, cheese is optional. And no, it’s not melting or cheese pull cuz this will have the cheese cooked to the point you can’t pull them.
  9. If you don’t want to insert cheese, as left from the part where you can’t see the water on the surface, carefully insert the egg mixture. Once that’s done, cover the rice cooker and leave it be until the switch flip by itself.
  10. Leave the rice as it is until you want to eat it. My suggestion is that it’s better to leave it for at least 30 mins to maximum 2 hrs. I’ve tried 2 hrs and the rice is not that cold, but only slightly warm. The reason I suggest you to elave it for at least 30 mins is because….. The egg on the top will rise like when you steam cakes. So better to leave it and have it settle down.
  11. Are we ending yet? Well there’s on final thing. Since the egg are steamed together with the rice, you may choose to either remove the whole egg perfectly (by scratching the sides and scoop it all up. Of course, it’s not possible with the rice) or to crush it as it is as you scoop the rice up. Once the rice is in your bowl, put sufficient amount of peppers. For me, the pepper only slightly covers the top surface of the rice. After that, you just mix them all together and this will be how it looks like~

Yup, potato and eggs are all crushed in this pile of rice.

Now you can guess why I say it’s “healthy”. 0 frying, 0 oil (if without butter), low amount of salt (depending on how much you insert anyways). But high carbs cuz it’s a rice after all~

This is a new attempt by me (both writing this and cooking this dish). So depending on the situation, I might or might not update things like this in the future (yes, situation – time, reactions, and so forth).

Do also give some suggestions in this page’s comment and your own opinions as well~ Who knows, maybe I will try to make the recipes you shared but with some alterations on my side so that it will fit my palate or gaining some inspirations to make something new from it~ And yup, just about time the food in my stomach gets digested and so, I shall end it here!~

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