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Twin Sword – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Daily Newspaper

“Thunder Horn, after being used, one can learn primary level spell: Thunder Spell. Who need this?” The Breaker looked at the reward and asked.

“Me!” Young Master and Tang Hua raised their hands at the same time.

Young Master glared at Tang Hua: “Hey! You already have Fire Keeper, why do you still want Thunder Horn?”

“In order to prepare for the future diving.” Tang Hua has considered carefully, he should learn a thunder or wind spell, so that once he met the fire or water attribute monster, he would have a way to deal with it.

“Who should I give it to…” The Breaker was also felt helpless. To tell the truth, Fire Keeper, Water Mirror, Thunder Horn, Wind Source, Earth Origin, Wood Spirit, and Metal Bell were rare, but they’re not precious, because the activation time 10 seconds was really too long. Many people have used it before, but when they joined a Sect, they would abandon it to learn spells of the Sect. For example, Young Master has learned Summoning Wind, the activation time was just 3 seconds.

Tang Hua was tempted, because he found that the level 2 spell and the Sect’s spell were equally powerful. Although the activation time was longer, it could be leveled up to level 3. As a result, he gained True Samadhi Flame. In addition, he still felt that things like Fire Keeper and Thunder Horn have always contained a mysterious secret.

“Give to him.” Angel, One Smile that does not consider Tang Hua. Young Master wasn’t a mage, he was better to use his fan than to use Summoning Wind. Tang Hua was different, he chose Immortal Nascent Soul, which specialized in spells. Angel and One Smile have fantasized about the thrill of EXP rocketing up.

However, the result made them vomit blood, since the efficiency not only hasn’t increased, but also greatly reduced. Tang Hua began to use the new spell. This meant that the original waiting time is 11 seconds of True Samadhi Flame, must be added with the 7 seconds of the Thunder Spell.

Although everyone was compelling, but Tang Hua’s will was firm, didn’t change his way no matter what. Because he was still the first efficiency bomber, so the other gave up.


“I heard that there is already a level 19 player.”

“How do you know?”

“Unlike your Shu Moutain, we Penglai have many people. You see…” The Breaker handed a piece of paper to Tang Hua.

Tang Hua took a look, it’s a newspaper: “Twin Sword Daily Newspaper. Editor-in-chief: Paparazzi. Editor-at-large: Paparazzi. Duty editor: Paparazzi. Printing and publishing: Paparazzi.
The front page: According to an unreliable source, the first on the expert list, One Sword Desires Defeat is the first one reached level 19. Also according to the unreliable intelligence, Emei’s Raging Storm, Kunlun’s The Resplendence has also reached the level 19. Who is one step ahead to reach level 20, we will follow up and report. ”

“Let me see!” Everyone came to the interest, stopped working, stepped on the flying sword and read the newspaper together. Not to mention, there is a lot of content here, although it was mainly Penglai’s news, but it can be seen that Paparazzi was a very professional editor. And there was also a content related to Shu Moutain.

” There is an old saying ‘Go to Shu land is as difficult as go to the sky’. According to the author’s guess, Shu Moutain has the least in number among the major Sects. Many people who have been to Mount Shu believe that how to overcome the Crescent Moon Pass is the most crucial step to enter Shu Mountain. However, we believes that there will be another shortcut. Since we have not interviewed any disciple of Shu Moutain, for the time being, we will not make specific speculation for the time being. We believe that in the near future, the truth will come out. We will continue to follow and report. P/S: According to inside stories, the second least in number is Kunlun.

Paparazzi also described one of the Forbidden Zones, the Snowy Mountain, which claimed to be stretched for thousands of miles. According to his own guess, the area of the Snowy Mountain was not less than the area of China’s land. As for the Ten Myriad Mountains, because the poision mist, reporters could not enter for progress analysis. According to the Paparazzi’s analysis, there may be four Forbidden Zones, waiting for the players to explore.

Turning pages, it’s an entertainment news: “The popular singer XuanXuan’s personal concert is held in Emei, and it’s expected that the gross of ticket sale will exceed 10 gold coins.

The ABC boy band will hold a charity performance in Penglai, and the gross will be donated to the players who died in the event.


“These stars all use their real names!” Angel screamed twice.

One Smile shook his head: “Unfortunately there are no porn star.”

“You know nothing…” Young Master despised him: “Every porn star, after becoming popular, will say that she was naive and didn’t understand things in the past… Start to work again, we just got 4000 Sect Contribution points, so we need 6000 more and everone can exchange two copies of sword skill.”


Finally, after The Evil Swordsman saw that he could not destroy Penglai, he and the demon had withdrawn. Players landed on Penglai to rest saw the devastation. Only two buildings were remain, even the formation of flying swords that protected the Sect were removed without a trace. However, the players soon stopped grief, or continue to pick up the Sect’s quests, or put a variety of goods to sell. Different from Shu Moutain, many Penglai’s disciples have reached level 15, and they mainly acted in the sea.

Regardless of Nascent Soul, Penglai’s disciples could only learn water spell, and most of them chose a support spell: Waterproof Spell – the user can freely move in the water for 30 minutes, but the speed is decresed by 50%. The Bohai Sea was rich in natural resources, and Penglai is located in the depths of the Bohai Sea, so it’s a natural leveling place. More players began to build a ship, ready to further expand the leveling area. After all, when flying with a flying sword, not only it consumed mana, but players also couldn’t rest.

As a landlord, The Breaker treated each of four people with a bowl of noodles. After the four people of Shu Moutain were grateful for the addition of minced meat, they added friends with each other. After all, the top priority was to return to the Sect to exchange sword skills.

Just as they were preparing to leave, Angel pointed her hand at the sky and shouted: “Not good, the enemy is coming.”

Other looked up and saw a light red dress over the sky. There were as many as a hundred people. The leading ones were the ground of girls who were killed by Shu Moutain Mountain before they grabbed the boss.

One Smile snorted: “They only dare to trouble us because of their number…”

Tang Hua said: “I think we should find a place to hide first.”

“Use your brain for once.” Young Master asked: “Do you want to lose 5% EXP, be held for 1 hour, or are you willing to fly 4 days back to Shu Moutain?”

“Of course we prefer the former.” Three other people said the same thing. They started preparing for the Flying Sword spell, killing a saved book and killing two people to earn one.

“I just said you must use your brain…” Young Master was very disappointed: “Always think of fight and kill, do you remember how many people our Sect have? We should avoid the conflict between Sects.”


“Hello, I’m Third Young Master of Shu Moutain.”

“It’s them! Raging Storm brother, they’re the ones who killed us and stole our Boss.” The woman was angry with Young Master and three people who seemed to be hiding behind him.

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