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Twin Sword – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Palace of Hell’s King

“Hello, I am Raging Storm of Emei.” A man dressed in elegant clothes flew out of the eyebrows and asked: “I don’t know how my sisters have offended you. If they are really wrong, I will apologize to them, if not, I also hope that a few can come up with a charter.”

Pretender! This was the conclusion that the four people. If Tang Hua or One Smile was in the case of more people bullying less people, directly attcking would be their choice. Even Young Master would only say a bit when he is in a good mood. Unlike this guy, tried to show his benevolence, placing himself in the position of justice before killing.

“The famous Raging Storm…” Young Master learned to say a fan: “We’re sorry… all blame us for a moment of fascination, the result… we were killed by the Boss too. We are going to go to Emei to apologize, I did not expect everyone is coming down. Do whatever you want, this is the atonement for our sins.”

“This…” Young Master said in a sincere tone, that made Raging Storm confused. The so-called “not slapping the smiling face”, he did not expect Young Master to pull such a trick, thus he really didn’t know what to do now.

“When you kill us, you say that ‘we are Kunlun’. Now where is your arrogance?” A woman angrily said: “Pretending to be pitiful… see my sword.”

“Come on! We will not fight back…” Young Master looked up and closed his eyes: fighting back is useless, there are too many of them. Not mention that I have a broken sword with a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, so even escaping is impossible.

“I am really embarrassed to everyone.” Raging Storm said: “‘An eye for an eye’, but I also hope you not to blame anyone. After this, if you have time, you can come to Emei, I ‘ll traet you for a to drink.”

“Thank you for being a hero…”

One Smile angrily chatted in the team channel: “Why are you so low, you’re making all of us lose face.”

“Stupid, I am lying to him. Anyway, we want to be killed, dead by monster or dead by player is no difference. It is better to let him think that he is awesome. Then he won’t trouble us anymore.”

Tang Hua said: “You are really insidious.”

Angel asked: “Young Master, what do you do in real life?”

“The Municipal Demolition Office.”

“No wonder.”


This was the first time Tang Hua came to the Palace of Hell’s King, all his skills turned gray, meant it’s in an unusable state. The ones who were facing him was a judge and two little devils. In his view, they were not terrible. On the contrary, they were a little bit fat and cute.

The judge routinely turned over and said: “Eastern Eggplant, died by malicious PK. Judgement: be imprisoned into the second layer of Hell, and was held for one hour. Immediately executed, not released on bail, and no appeal was allowed.”


The second floor was quite lively, but because cells were personal rooms, players could only shout to communicate. This was to avoid the situation where two enemies were locked together. The skills could not be used, using the fists was too weak, it would be arkward.

Tang Hua shouted a few words on all sides, and the chaotic players unanimously stated that they were all killed by malicious PK. It seemed that it has not reached level 20, yet PK has become very common.

“Hey, which Sect are you from? Why do you die?”

“Qingcheng, was killed by One Sword Desires Defeat that bastard.”

“Haha, don’t pity him, he was killed because keeping gaze at the girlfriends of others. If someone is pitiful, that should be me. I was killed because having a friend keeping gaze at the girlfriends of others. Buddy, which Sect are you from? Why do you die?”

“Shu Mountain, was killed by Raging Storm.”

“Raging Storm? I knew him, he called himself one of the three experts of Twin Swords, it seemed that he is really a trash person. Do you know The Resplendence of Kunlun?”

A buddy next to Tang Hua shouted: “Also a trash, I was killed by him. Shu Mountain brothers, how many people are in your Sect?”

“Five, what about Kunlun?”

“Twenty mouths.”

“Haha, our Qingcheng has twenty thousand.”

“Wow, how can such many people fit in a place?”

“The system can expand the space. Like our Penglai, nowadays even a hall is bigger than the original island. the system explained that this is Space-Time magic.” A girl next to Tang Hua said.

Normally there was very few female players in online games, but in this semi-mandatory game, there are still more female players, maintaining a ratio of 10:8 for men and women on Earth. So everyone is not surprised or stunned. They are all interested in chatting. Having a same fate, they feel that they can always be less separated.

“Everyone, I will take a step first. I’m Juniper of Qingcheng, I can’t add friends here, if you have time, go to Qingcheng to find me to play.”

“Sure, goodbye.”


When the time came, the system prompted Tang Hua: choose to resurrect at the most recent resurrection point or the resurrection point of Shu Mountain. Of course he chose the latter. This could also be counted as a minor loophole, but it’s only effective in the early stage. In later stages, the improvement of the flying sword grade and the 5% EXP penalty would render it useless.

The four people almost came out from the resurrection point at the same time, and looked at each other. Apart from One Smile who was a bit angry, the others felt no hatred. This was a game, you couldn’t just kill others but not let others kill you. As for One Smile, his anger wasn’t long, because when he saw Sticky Rice, he immediately brushed out a humble, sloppy smile.

Because they are teamed up, everyone got 8,000 points each. The first layer of Sword Skillfulness needed 2000 Sect Contribution points, the second layer needed 4000, the third needed 8000 and so on.

The choice has come again. Sword Skillfulness had five types: Power, Speed, Agility, Bullseye, Intelligence.

Power increased attack damage. Speed increased attack speed. Agility increased the flying speed of the flying sword. Bullseye increased the chance and the multiple of critical hit. Intelligence reduced the requirements of equipping flying swords.

It’s so hard to choose… Since Tang Hua has firmly adhered to the direction of using spells, Power, Speed, and Bullseye had nothing to do with him. He thought about only choosing Agility, but currently in his bag there was a flying sword, which he couldn’t equip because the level wasn’t enough…

After thinking hard, Tang Hua took the most incompetent approach – choose it all.

Sword Skillfulness – Agility (Level 1): Increase the speed of flying swords by 20%.

Sword Skillfulness – Intelligence (Level 1): Reduce the required level of equipping flying swords by 2.

A few days ago, he has reached level 18. So now it’s enough to equip a level 20 flying sword.

“Wow, haha…” Tang Hua flew circles around Shu Mountain. The group below bit their teeth. What was the speed 120kmph? Even on most highways in China, it’s called overspeeding. Young Master knew that now Tang Hua was three times faster than himself.

Having Sword Nascent Soul, One Smile and Angel naturally chose among Power, Speed, Bullseye, and Intelligence. The choice of the two was also very different. One Smile focused on Bullseye, Angel focused on Speed. Neither of them would be willing to waste such a precious sword on Intelligence. They’re aware that although earning Sect Contribution points wasn’t hard, the required amount of each layer was calculated by multiplication.

The most confused of the four was Young Master. This guy almost madly pulled his heart and soul out. Everyone else had a clear goal, but he was a jack-of-all-trades. It’s like an old saying “you can’t have fish and bear’s paw at the same time”. In the end he made the most painful and modest choice: Power and Speed. And even this choice was still the result of a lottery from the other three.

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