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Twin Sword – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Tang Sanzang

“Eggplant, work so hard?” Young Master saw Tang Hua rushed back to the door to replenish food, greeted him. Angels was stilll leveling, but she prefered to go to the nearby town to go shopping. One Smile was desperately doing quests for level 14 Sticky Rice. The busiest one in whole mountain was Tang Hua.

“I won’t tell you!” Tang Hua went to the mountain gate, “poof”, and disappeared.

Young Master sent him a middle finger: You think I can’t figure it out? Your Thunder Spell has been level 2 for a long time, you must have a fun time, one hand casts fire, the other casts thunder.

This time Young Master was wrong, the reason Tang Hua was busy because he has already stocked more than 900,000 Spiritual Power, and now he’s waiting for the upgrade.

He has always been wondering why Angel’s Red Armillary Sash only needed 50,000 Spiritual Power, but his ruler needed a super scary number 1 million. After upgrading, he finally understands why.

The most painful thing was the change in cooldown and usage time. The usage time has become 9 minutes, and the cooldown time has increased to 11 minutes. This obviously violates the conventional upgrade hit Tang Hua’s fragile heart hard.

Of course, the system didn’t troll him. The red dot’s speed has changed from the original 500 kmph to 300 kmph. And the red line’s thickness has increased from a strain of hair’s size to a toothpick’s size. In this way, Tang Hua did not have to always rely on luck to activate the Sky-Measuring Ruler, but could operate according to experience and skill. Although the difficulty was also very high, but his chance to success increased 10-20%. Once the artifact was activated, the power of True Samadhi Flame soared, and even Tang Hua, who was 100 meters high, felt the heat. Of course, this may be the psychological effect.

There was also a very bad news: the amount of spiritual power needed for the next upgrade was 10 millions, according to this the estimated amount would quickly need to be calculated in billions.

Finally, there was a news that’s neither good nor bad: the artifact has changed its name.

Sky-Measuring Ruler, Level 2 (non-fightable), how high is the Heaven, how wide is the Earth, this ruler can measure it all. This is the ruler that Jade Emperor used to masure the land of Twin Swords. Note: After using the exact method, this ruler enhances the user’s magic attack power, duration 9 minutes, cooldown 11 minutes. Additional skills: None. The next level needs proficiency degree full, 10.000.000 Spiritual Power points.

At this time, Tang Hua was level 19 exp 50%, and the Thunder Spell reached level 3. He comprehend a spell: Sky-Breaking Thunder, single-target offensive spell, deal Thunder-element damage, has a certain chance to make the target fall into Crazy state for 5 seconds. He has tested, the damage was definitely higher than True Samadhi Flame. But for killing the monster to level up, the efficiency was really sorrowful…

As for the True Samadhi Flame, it also upgraded to level 2, cooldown time was 4 seconds, activation time was 4 seconds, gained an effect: the target would get burn, continue to receive DoT after the spell ended. Although not much, it’s still better than nothing.

At level 20, Tang Hua first learned a spell from Shu Mountain. After completed the quest of killing an elite monster, he learned the spell “Thunder Wall”, which he desired for a long time. Then he got an opportunity of closed door cultivation for one day.

Closed Door Cultivation wasn’t a comfort experience, because the player had to stay inside a small room… but it’s nothing for Tang Hua, because he had a similar experience not long ago. Besides, the game was also more humane, it still allowed the player to play mini-games like poker or mahjong. At the end of the day, cooldown of all of Tang Hua’s spells were reduced by one second.


“I’ll go to Xianyang!” Tang Hua said the farewell. Others were busy turning back their hands, for fear that they would be dragged down by Tang Hua with the previous agreement. After all, the speed of 40 kilometers per hour now was a terrible, snail speed in Twin Swords. Young Master has already planned, he would explore in Chengdu, where was a hundred miles away. At the very least, he should find a few flying swords first. Angel is going to go around the famous mountain to see if she could find any flying sword. One Smile didn’t have to think: where did Sticky Rice go, he went there.

Tang Hua himslef did not want to take them to Xianyang, after all, he couldn’t bear to fly at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.


Xianyang was a big city. Although there were not many players coming and going, it had incomparable development potentials.
Although there was no big Sect in Shaanxi, in the vicinity of it there was a sect called Great Mercy Temple. Many people didn’t know about this temple, but talking about its founder, even a three-year-old child knew. He’s the famous Monkey King, the Great Sage Who’s Equal To The Heaven, the legendary Sun Wukong’s… teacher – Tang Sanzang.

Although it’s a male-only Sect, it’s extremely popular, because it’s the only Sect with a famous founder.

Great Mercy Temple mainly used Zen staffs and cultivated the Dharma. It’s very prestige. Why? Because the Zen staff was bigger than the flying sword. Of course, they also used flying sword, but the sword they use was very rare. Most of flying swords in the game were Taoist sword, while monks could only use Buddha sword. In addition, the Dharma usually had effects which Taoist spells didn’t have, so its value couldn’t be underestimated. According to the statistics of the Twin Swords Daily Newspaper, the Great Mercy Temple was the fourth largest Sect in Twin Swords after Penglai, Emei and Qingcheng.

However, if players wanted to cultivate the Dharma, they must shaved their head, thus there were very few people who choose the Dharma. At the glance of the Sect, there was an embarrassing situation that everyone was half-shaved.


“Baldy!” Tang Hua shouted.

On the left and right sides of the street, there were hundreds of killings intents aimed at him.

Tang Hua looked around: You all still have hair, so why so sensitive? However, in order to avoid public anger, Tang Hua explained: “I call him.”

“Him” here was Tang Hua’s best friend, Sun Ming. Tang Hua’s currently standing just behind him. He recoginized a familiar figure from three hundred meters away. Walking the first 100 meters was to confirm whether the other party was Sun Ming. After all, there was a big gap between having hair and no hair. Like Tang Sanzang in the Journey to the West, in the Lady Kingdom arc, the audience originally felt that the queen of the Lady Kingdom liked him because he’s handsome. But after he took his hat off, the audience screamed: You don’t deserve for such a beautiful girl.

Walking the second 100 meters, Tang Hus confused about what what should he call him. Sun Ming? Not good, it belonged to leaking personal information. The Monk? Both sides of the road were monks. So in the third 100 meters distance, Tang Hua thought of a word: Baldy. He did not expect to attract a lot of murder.

“Tang Hua?” Sun Ming turned around, rejoiced and embraced Tang Hua: “Stinky boy, you still have a little conscience, knowing to come to visit me.”

“…” Tang Hua fell silent: from his childhood this guy is self-satisfied. He should know that I won’t fly from Sichuan to Shaanxi for a bald head.

“Drink two cups first!” Sun Mingyi grabbed Tang Hua’s shoulder and went toward a restaurant… no, they didn’t enter the restaurant, but the tea shop next to it. The restaurant was still a luxury for the players in this stage.


After some conversation, the two understood each other’s situation. Sun Ming was a monk in Great Mercy Temple. His in-game nickname was Unlimited Buddha Works. According to his own words, he was ranked in the top 30 experts of the Sect, and he vowed with his life that Great Mercy Temple definitely had more than 30 monks.

After chatting, Sun Ming said: “I can’t find a reliable helper. You come just in time, the two of us will make a fortune together.”

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