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[TYCDTN] – Chapter 11

Translated by: oinkoink

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞府( )- the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-于文濤 (yú wén tāo) – Ministry of Revenue

-來順 (Lái shùn)- The Crown Prince’s personal attendant

-樸神醫(Pǔ shényī)- Divine Doctor Pu

Yu Pin Yan strode into the Crown Prince’s small courtyard and saw Yu Wen Tao kneeling at the door entrance with a group of old ministers, looking pallid and weeping plaintively. The sun was evidently scorching but the air inside the courtyard was suffused with a melancholy frigidness.

The Crown Prince having both the integrity and talent was the eldest Di son of the reigning Empress. Should there be no mishap, he would succeed the throne as the next Emperor, but he was now infected with the epidemic on his first trip of managing an official mission. Based on the Emperor’s fondness towards this Crown Prince, he would definitely reprimanded and buried everyone alive should the Crown Prince die from this illness.

Under the scorching sun the wind breezed through and those old ministers shivered slightly, seemingly felt chilled to their bones. They turned their heads back as they heard some approaching footsteps and their bleary eyes unexpectedly turned radiant at once.

Marquis Yongle! How could they have forgotten Marquis Yongle who had gone to locate the Divine Doctor for his younger sister! This was indeed a blessing from Heaven!

“Marquis, the Divine Doctor….” Yu Wen Tao totteringly stood up. Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the indifference youth leading an old man into the room and closed the door tightly, obstructing the vision of all those expectant eyes.

As the Crown Prince couldn’t be exposed to any wind, all the windows in the room were dead-bolted and covered with a layer of curtains causing extreme dimness in the room. As soon as one drew near the bed, a noticeable strong fouling odor could be detected that even a healthy person would feel unwell exposing to this smell.

Yu Pin Yan seemingly unaware strode over for a closer look.

The Crown Prince was emaciated to just skin and bones in just merely half a month. Both his tightly closed eyes were glued shut with thick yellowish filth and the air he breathed out bore the smell of a putrefied odor. As Yu Pin Yan could still feel the weak pulse on the Crown Prince’s neck else by the look of him, one would believe he might have already died. 

“Divine Doctor Pu, please treat the Crown Prince.”  Yu Pin Yan profoundly bowed with both hands clasped towards the hale and hearty old man.

Lai Shun had guessed that this old man was the Divine Doctor who was invited by the Marquis. Seeing this, he dropped to his knees, repeatedly kow-towing and entreating. He was smart as he knew that such a distinguished person could not be forced. Using power and influence to stifle him into treating the Crown Prince would have triggered a life and death struggle.

The old man was unstirred, stroking his beard and spoke with a smile, “Yu Pin Yan, you have better consider this carefully. I have only agreed to diagnose and treat one person. Once I save the Crown Prince, I will certainly not be concerned about your younger sister!”

Lai Shun looked at the Marquis with tears in his eyes.

Yu Pin Yan was expressionless but both his hands were tightly clenched inside the sleeves. Who was more important, the Crown Prince or Xiang’er? The choice would naturally be saving the Crown Prince first as he was now critically ill but Xiang’er treatment must also not be delayed anymore…..

Yu Pin Yan closed his eyes then cupped his hands, “Requesting Divine Doctor Pu to treat the Crown Prince.”

The old man laughed tauntingly, “I thought how sentimental and righteous you are, but in the end you still abandon your family yielding to power, as such I might just treat the Crown Prince instead.”

Yu Pin Yan twitched his lips and he coldly remarked, “Divine Doctor Pu doesn’t need to be provocative. By right, the Crown Prince is the monarch while I am the subject and it’s the subject’s duty to pledge his loyalty to the monarch thus it’s unjust to state about yielding to power. With regards to righteousness, the Crown Prince and I have a very profound friendship that is none lesser than a family member. I would naturally choose to save the Crown Prince as he is now in a critical condition while my younger sister is not in any life-threatening situation. As it’s not urgent, I can still seek treatment from Divine Doctor Wang or Divine Doctor Zhao in the future even without Divine Doctor Pu’s.

The old man was so furious with his remarks that his moustache pointed up and he snorted coldly, “You can just talk back now. In this world only Great Master Ku Hui and I can cure your younger sister’s legs. Great Master Ku Hui had gone across the sea to Siam (former name of Thailand) ten years ago and till now nobody knows if he is still alive. When you can’t find anyone to cure your younger sister, don’t come wailing and begging me!”

The old man felt very pleased with himself after he retorted and laughed. He picked up his medical chest, walked towards the bedside and took the pulse of the Crown Prince before he shouted loudly, “Open the windows! If you don’t want to stifle the Crown Prince to death, hastily open all the windows!”

Divine Doctor Pu’s distinguished name was well-known that even Lai Shun who resided in the inner of the imperial palace had heard about him. Lai Shun immediately went to open up all the windows in the room letting in the sunlight that instantly brightened up the whole room. The unpleasant odor was also slowly dissipated and everyone started to feel invigorated.

Divine Doctor Pu took out a set of gold needles and lightly twisted the needles into the Crown Prince’s various meridian points. He also extracted droplets of impure blood from the Crown Prince’s fingertip, ear tips, ear lobes and various other body parts.The Crown Prince who was on the verge of death a moment ago, made a light cough and eventually regained consciousness at once. 

His vision was rather blurred but it did not hinder him from identifying the handsome carved-like face of Yu Pin Yan. With a weak smile, the Crown Prince composedly spoke, “Yi Feng (Yu Pin Yan’s courtesy name), you save my life again.”

Divine Doctor Pu was dissatisfied and reminded while wiping the bloodstain off the Crown Prince’s fingertip with a piece of cloth, “Your Highness, Marquis Yongle does not have any medical skill.”

The Crown Prince smiled and tenderly said, “Many thanks to Divine Doctor for saving my life.” The contented expression on his face diminished when he recalled something and dejectedly cried out, “I assumed I must have caught this plague in Luoyang. You must immediately procure medicinal herbs and gather the medical personnel to Luoyang in order to avoid the spread of this epidemic without delay! Go quickly!”

The Crown Prince started having high fever the second day after he parted with Yu Pin Yan. At that moment, he thought he had merely caught a chill and took several doses of medicine. Hence when he realised he was actually infected with the plague, it was already too late as he had succumbed into a deep coma and the last thought he had in mind was to hastily gather the medical personnel to treat and cure the victims of the disaster. 

It was unfortunate that Yu Wen Tao and the other ministers could not read minds. They were also not in the state of mind to think of other matters once the Crown Prince fell seriously ill, thus this delayed the crucial time for the containment of spreading for almost half a month and no one knew the extent of the epidemic infestation in the disaster area now.

Yu Pin Yan briefly cupped his hands and immediately went to take charge of this official mission. Divine Doctor Pu could see the benevolence and righteousness of the Crown Prince who also loved the people as his own children. Though he did not say it out, he was more conscientious when he administered the needles. 

Yu Wen Tao together with the other ministers were still kneeling outside the courtyard and they were choked with tears when they received the Crown Prince’s word of command. The Crown Prince was already this sick but he was still worrying about people in the disaster area. His benevolence and righteousness was not a pretence but was truly rooted in his bones and the Great Han Dynasty was truly fortunate to have such a talented and virtuous Crown Prince.

The group of old ministers repeated three loud kowtows and left to partake in the official mission with restored vitalities. The Crown Prince’s words and deeds would be depicted in full details on the memorial that would be presented for the Emperor’s perusal once they returned to the Capital, not a shred of exaggeration would be imparted yet it would still be enough to please His Majesty. Yu Pin Yan’s performance was also an enlightenment that would determine his decision to nurture this adolescent young Marquis to be the Crown Prince’s right-hand man.

This part of the story would be recounted later hence it would not be mentioned for the time being.

Divine Doctor Pu put forth his talent by using a set of soul-stabilising acupuncture that saved the Crown Prince from the verge of death. He also prescribed a dosage of potent medicine for the Crown Prince’s consumption and red flushes could rapidly be seen on his complexion while both his eyes were also getting clearer. The Divine Doctor was finally able to relent as he waved his hands and went out to get some sleep.

The Crown Prince lied in bed for a full ten days. As he was now unable to stay in bed anymore, he interrogated Lai Shun about matters that happened while he was in coma. Lai Shun answered all in detail then hesitated a while before eventually confessed everything, “Your Highness, it was really thankful to the little Marquis that you are able to wake up again…..” He then repeated the conversation between Marquis Yongle and Divine Doctor Pu.

The Crown Prince was extremely moved and heaved a deep sigh looking at the canopy top, “My life is actually traded with the legs of Yi Feng’s younger sister. I am indeed very ashamed.” 

Lai Shun promptly appeased, “Your Highness doesn’t need to overthink. Let’s just look for another famous doctor for Miss Yu someday.” He inwardly muttered to himself; the legs of Miss Yu were truly valuable as they had been used to trade the lives of both the Marquis and the Crown Prince. This moment of delay might bring unspeakable good fortune in the future and just solely based on the favors from these two persons, she would already be sufficiently benefited for her lifetime.

Resuming the story-line: Yu Pin Yan sent people to purchase large quantities of medicinal ingredients and also gathered many medical personnel. He then intended to rush over to the disaster area early next morning. When the carriages and horses were about to leave the post station, he saw an imperial guard quibbling with a little girl.

The little girl looked absolutely pretty and adorable revealing two deep dimples on both sides of her cheeks when she smiled which seemed filled with honey that aroused pleasantly sweet emotion and none the least maliciousness. As she looked extremely lovable, the imperial guard did not barred her, instead only gently urged her to leave. 

“My medicinal herbs are really very useful. You will get well the next day after consuming it. You could give it a try tentatively!” The little girl lifted a bundle of paper up.

The imperial guard could not persuade the little girl to leave and was obliged to accept the medicinal herbs thinking that there were many who were still infected with the plague inside the compound and this might be useful to them. He would definitely not dare to present the Crown Prince anything of dubious origin.

The little girl seemed to sense his thoughts and continued with a smile, “The decoction of this medicine is absolutely complicated.  The efficacy of the medicine will be completely lost if it was not handled properly. You could let me in and I will help you decoct it.”

Before the imperial guard could open his mouth, a cold piercing voice came from behind, “Is this the way you stand post? Letting questionable people approach the post station and even accepting unknown drugs. If this is a package of poison, even if you die ten thousand times is not even enough to fulfill the punishment!”

The imperial guard’s legs turned jelly and knelt down instantly. He kowtowed to the Marquis who was striding towards him. Although this master was only sixteen, he was known to be ruthless that even his kins were not spared. Offenders caught by him would rather be dead than being alive. Every sentence that Marquis said was reasonable and true that none could even refute. This little girl was excessively lovely and sweet looking which completely made him involuntarily let his vigilance down. If she was indeed an assassin that was sent by someone, a disaster would have been imminent!

The more he pondered about it the more fearful he felt. The imperial guard threw down his sword and desperately kowtowed.

The little girl was severely frightened too. Her former sweet smiling expression was now filled with horror and anxiety. Her moist eyes widely opened and glancing pitiably at the ice-cold youth.

The youth ignored her and mounted the fine horse outside the front door and commanded nonchalantly, “Seize her and interrogate thoroughly. Report to his excellency and let him handle should there be any suspicion. Do not disturb the Crown Prince as he is still sick.”  Before he hardly finished the order, he was already a distance away.

The imperial guard repeatedly agreed and stood up. There was none of the least bit genial expression on his face when he grabbed the little girl who tried to run away and tossed her into the post station’s dungeon.

The little girl shouted at the top of her voice and struggled violently. In the midst of her struggles, her sleeves rolled up revealing the orchid-shaped birthmark on her wrist.

She was merely imprisoned for four hours before her parents came forward for entreatment. As their background was taintless and also happened to be acquainted with one of the convoy’s officials, they managed to redeem the little girl’s freedom after dispensing about seventy to eighty percent of their properties. They then hastily returned to their old home in Ling’an on the same night. 

The originally super wealthy family gradually headed for decline as a result of this incident.

The Crown Prince was fully recovered three days later and instead of heading back to the Capital, he returned to the severely affected city, Luoyang, pledging to prevail together with the common people there. The epidemic situation was thoroughly eliminated by early August and the city, Luoyang resumed its former prosperity. When it was time for the Crown Prince to leave, tens of thousands of the common people brimming with tears lined the street to send him off. The benevolence and righteousness of the Crown Prince was widely spread among the land which also accentuated the love and respect of the common people for the Imperial family.  

The Emperor was extremely pleased with the performance of the Crown Prince and granted unbridled praise as well as recognition to the convoy of officials, particularly the little Marquis. The sixteen years old Yu Pin Yan also received a commendation of ‘Timeless Genius’ and the Marquis Yongle manor also ‘rises with the tide’.

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