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[TYCDTN] – Chapter 12 Part 1

Translated by: oinkoink

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞思雨( )- Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-虞府( )- the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-馬嬤嬤 (mǎ mó mo)- Old Madam’s personal maidservant

-桃紅 (táo hóng)- Female lead’s little maidservant

-柳綠 (liǔ lǜ)- Female lead’s little maidservant

-秦芳(Qín fāng)- Female lead’s vicious boudoir friend

Yu Pin Yan did not have time to go home as he had to enter the Imperial Palace to report himself, thus he merely had his personal attendant deliver a verbal message back to the manor.

Old Madam grabbed and interrogated the personal attendant for almost half an hour before letting him go. She turned towards the statue of Buddha, knelt down and kowtowed.  Buddha’s blessing and protection. This official assignment was considered a daunting experience without mishap. She couldn’t even shut her eyes for a couple of nights when the news about the emerging epidemic situation in Luoyang arrived.

Ma Momo was overjoyed and knelt down too, “Old Madam, Second Young Miss is someone with good fortune. The Marquis originally went seeking the Divine Doctor for Second Young Miss’ sake, but coincidentally saved the Crown Prince instead! This kind of fate is truly unspeakably good! Don’t know where Madam found that fake monk that obstinately asserted a lucky star as a jinx!”

Old Madam silently kept her eyes closed.

Ma MoMo recited several Buddhist scripture before she suddenly cried out in fear, ‘Aiya.

“The Buddha is right in front, why are you flustering about!” Old Madam opened her eyes and glared at her.

Ma Momo hastily covered her mouth with a varying greenish and pale complexion while her eyes became incessantly evasive.

Old Madam sensed something was amiss and softly asked, “What’s in your mind?”

“No.. nothing”, Ma Momo stiffly smiled.

“Just speak your mind!” Old Madam sternly berated.

Ma Momo  looked at the statue of Buddha which filled with mercy and twirled the rosary in her hand, stammeringly, “Old Madam, when Madam took Second Young Miss’ baizi to that monk for prediction, just think, that baizi, it’s.. it’s not Second Young Miss’ baizi!”

Ma Momo truly dared not continue her words anymore. Although both baby girls were born on the same day, it would be absolutely impossible to be born at the same moment, as there would at least be a slight disparity in timing. On the other hand, this sort of fate prediction was seriously unclear as a slightest discrepancy might lead to a huge error.

That baizi was not Yu Xiang’s but actually her biological Di granddaughter’s!  It would be nothing if the monk had miscalculated, but if he didn’t then wouldn’t it turned out that the jinx was actually her biological Di granddaughter? Yu Xiang was currently ten years old and the Marquis manor had not been the least subjected to any calamity in these past ten years; contrary it had been thriving with each passing day that even two calamities which happened this year were avoided because of Yu Xiang.

Lin Shi claimed that Old Madam’s son was jinxed to death by Yu Xiang but both the baby girls were not wrongly taken at that time and her son died under the sword of the ferocious bandit the moment her biological Di granddaughter was born. This was truly….

Old Madam alarmingly and nervously twirled the rosary while her fingers started to tremble violently. She believed in Buddhism thus would naturally believe in destiny. Saying that she had never hated Yu Xiang, just like Lin Shi would indeed be impossible. It was merely because she had more experiences and was broad-minded. Soon everything was going smoothly in the manor and her grandson also managed to uphold the family faction, hence she gradually slacken but now out of the blue she was told that her biological Di granddaughter was the jinx thus the forgotten resentment got stirred up again.

Ma Momo hurriedly withdrew to a corner when she saw this and dared not even take a deep breath.

稽首皈依蘇悉帝 Prostrating to take refuge in the Susiddei

頭面頂禮七俱胝 With heads and faces bowed to the seven Kotie

我今稱讚大准提 We now are praising the great Cundi

惟願慈悲垂加護 Only Wishing what we receive his merciful protection”

(Mantra Cundi) Namo sa to nan, san miao san pu to… Old Madam closed her eyes and repeatedly chanted several verses of the Tranquil Mind Mantra, to restore her serenity. 

After all she was still the Marquis manor’s lineage hence she should not be allowed to wander about in destitute not knowing of her life and death. That monk however might not even have any cultivation and could even possibly have miscalculated. No matter good or bad, further judgement would be observed upon her return. Old Madam devotedly kowtowed towards the Buddha and straightened her back while her eyes darkened.

Yu Xiang had been longing for days and nights, and her longings were finally over with Yu Pin Yan’s return. The youth had unconsciously turned into her spiritual sustenance as his existence gave her unparalleled comfort.

Yu Xiang was half reclined on the soft divan beside the window and was anxiously glancing outside after she dispatched Liu Lu to enquire about the homecoming of Yu Pin Yan. 

Flowers and plants filled the little courtyard. Violet datura climbed on the walls around the courtyard, the white jasmine was fluttering along with the wind at the bottom of the walls, several pomegranate trees were flourishing in full bloom while large heads of sunflowers were crammed along the corridor resembling little suns. The sight of those dazzling colours along with the wafting fragrance aroused one’s lingering enchantment.

A paradise was created by Yu Xiang in this open and spacious courtyard in just briefly two months time. She could only do gardening, read books, practiced calligraphy and played musical instruments to pass her time since she had limited mobility. She was an expert in growing flowers and plants in her previous life, however in this lifetime, unknowingly the seed would survive and grow beautifully regardless how fastidious it was as long as it was personally planted by her.

Looking at the sight, she was even more keen tending the flowers and plants. Old Madam came to visit her several times and would always be reluctant to leave the moment she stepped into the courtyard, hence soon after, she ordered people to search for many exotic flowers and rare herbs seeds for Yu Xiang.

Yu Xiang would also return the favours and send over the best plants or flowers to Old Madam’s courtyard. As such, their relationship gradually became closer that those past estrangement and misunderstanding slowly dissolved.

While she was pleasantly enjoying the fragrance of the flowers, Cui Xi lifted the door curtain and reported, “Young Miss, Miss Qin is here to see you.”

This Miss Qin was the Shu daughter of Earl Zhongyong and was twelve this year. She was not favored in the Earl manor. As ‘Yu Xiang’ was neglected by Lin Shi and lacked the guidance from the Old Madam all these years, she felt inferior compared to those young noble miss of equivalent family status thus unable to play together. On the contrary she liked to make friends with those insignificant girls from declined families as she enjoyed the feeling of being adulated.

Ms Qin was her only boudoir close friend.

Skimming through ‘Yu Xiang’ memory, she could not help but sneer. The little girl was rather pitiful as her only close friend was actually a bad person that she still happily clung onto. Few more years later, this character would have advanced into a vicious female supporting character that was dedicated to set off the kindness and beauty of the female lead.

What bad ending would ‘Yu Xiang’ have had she not transmigrated over? Yu Xiang’s expression turned gloomy when she thought of that and beckoned her hand, “Let her in.” 

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