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[TYCDTN] Chapter 138 Part 2

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Edited by: Lynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞妙琪(yú miào qí)- Yu Miao Qi, YPY’s biological sister.

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi, Yu Pin Yan’s mother

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞国公(yú guó gōng)- Duke Yu, referring to Yu Pin Yan.

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

Note: This chapter contain hints of rape, which might cause discomfort.

In the midst of all hopelessness, Yu Miao Qi finally walked into the city, which stood towering in the middle of a desolate dirt slope. 

However, she was lucky enough to be chosen as a maidservant by the City Lord’s housekeeper because of her quiet beauty and freshness. Lin Shi was also chosen to be a pozi,[1] who was responsible for washing their master’s clothes every day. 

On this day, Yu Miao Qi bought a box of rogue with the monthly allowance, and put it on in front of the mirror. Normally, she was already not a cheerful person. Presently, her eyes were drooping making her look even more gloomy. Her countenance seemed to be cloaked with a layer of perpetual darkness. The more Lin Shi saw her scary looking appearance, the more she did not want to approach her. When she saw Yu Miao Qi change into a rather dusty and seductive outfit after putting on her make-up, she became wary and asked, “What are you cooking up?”  

“Doing things that will give us a good life.” 

“Don’t fool around! Madam is a powerful one. If she catches you, you will be finished!” 

“As long as I have the City Lord’s favour and am pregnant with his heir, what can she, a hen who can’t lay eggs, do to me?” Yu Miao Qi dismissed it and sashayed as she left. She lost her innocence, so she was willing to do anything as long as she could live a wealthy and comfortable life again. 

Lin Shi stared at her back for a long time without saying anything. Finally, she could only let out a long sigh. 

Yu Miao Qi had a few tricks up her sleeve. In the end, the City Lord was charmed after two or three visits, and  she was able to conceive an heir six months later. The City Lord’s wife was so anxious that her mouth was full of blisters and she was racking her brains to get rid of this vixen. Her maternal elder male cousin, a merchant, was well-informed and soon found out about Yu Miao Qi and Lin Shi. He sent someone to report to her cousin. 

The City Lord’s wife was overjoyed and went to the study to report to the City Lord, “How dare you get such an ungrateful and unscrupulous thing into your bed? Aren’t you afraid that if she gives birth to a child, she will secretly poison you and then take over your hard-earned family fortune? Don’t think that because you treat her well, Lord Yu would appreciate your sentiments. And why don’t you think about Duke Yu, a cold-blooded creature, sending Yu Miao Qi here for the sole purpose of making her suffer and die? Instead, you granted her riches and honor. Although Shuo City is desolate, it is still a frontier town. Every three years, the Emperor sends the Duke to patrol the border. If he finds out what you have done, he will definitely not spare you!” 

The City Lord was drenched in cold sweat and hurriedly begged for her forgiveness. He also begged her to quietly dispose of Yu Miao Qi and Lin Shi. The City Lord’s wife was waiting for these words, so she sold the mother and daughter into one of the biggest low-grade brothels in Shuo City. 


As a result of the constant exhausting labor, Lin Shi’s face aged rapidly. A woman in her thirties looks like an old woman who was in her sixties. This was her greatest fortune. As she joined a low-grade brothel, she was still responsible for washing the girls’ clothes, just as she had been in the City Lord’s manor. 

On the other hand, Yu Miao Qi was forced by the City Lord’s wife to lose her baby and was forced by the Laobao[2] to take on clients as soon as she recovered. Every time she thought she was about to make it, fate dealt her a fatal blow, leaving her repeatedly on the brink of despair.  

She wanted to escape, but she would be caught every time and tortured inhumanely. After being tormented a few times, she learnt her lesson and laid flat on her back, and allowed others to toss and turn her around. Over time, she wore her shame to the bone and became the most sought-after prostitute in the city. 

Three years later, her value had long since multiplied, and even Lin Shi was sent to attend to her. She was no longer required to wash a large tub of clothes on a cold day. 

“Hurry up and get dressed, there is a noble guest visiting tonight!” The Laobao opened the door bringing a fragrance that assailed one’s nose. 

“Who is it?” Yu Miao Qi raised her eyebrows. 

“It is the Lord that was sent by an official decree to patrol the city. Even the City Lord says that he is very powerful. If you roped him in, you will be able to enjoy abundant wealth and prosperity in the future. It’s almost time, so comb your hair, change your clothes and leave.” The pimp came and went in a hurry. 

The intention of seeking connection immediately appeared in Yu Miao Qi’s mind. She urged Lin Shi to help her comb her hair. Which mother in the world would stand by and watch her daughter being sold? Which mother would frame her own son? Lin Shi felt that she was no longer worthy of being a human being and was living to seek forgiveness for her sins. 

She picked up the comb and dressed her daughter’s hair. Her old face wears the usual stoic expression. 

When Yu Miao Qi arrived at the banquet hall with graceful little steps, she saw the handsome and cold man in the main seat. It was as if she was struck by a thunderbolt and her soul had been split. 

“Big Brother?!” She exclaimed. 

Only then did the City Lord recall Yu Miao Qi’s origins. Duke Yu’s younger sister became a prostitute in Shuo City, which was a clear slap in the other person’s face. If Lord Yu was angry, then he didn’t need to live. 

The City Lord was in cold sweat and racked his brains to figure out how to respond. However, he saw Duke Yu put his wine glass down and spoke indifferently, “Impersonating a bureaucrat is a capital offence of immense disrespect, do you not want to live?” 

Only then did Yu Miao Qi remember that she had long since severed her ties with the Yu family and hastily knelt down to beg for forgiveness. Her head hung extremely low, not daring to cast the slightest look at Yu Pin Yan. 

“Leave.” Yu Pin Yan flicked his sleeve and said to the City Lord, “This official does not need to be attended to. I just need a pot of wine to drink by myself. Make yourselves comfortable.” 

When the City Lord saw how indifferent he acted, his anger at his wife’s mishandling of things instantly subsided. He wanted to persuade him to use one or two more beauties, but he heard Duke Yu’s trusted aide and general tease, “You are unaware, right? The Duke fears his wife. Even when he is far away from the border, he doesn’t dare to do anything rash. He has made up his mind to stay true to his wife.” 

Yu Pin Yan smiled faintly and admitted in front of all of the officials of Shuo City. “Indeed,” the fear of his wife was also a symbol of his love for his wife. 

Of course, he would never say this to these vulgar people, nor did he need others to understand. He would just hold fast to his own bottom line. 

The City Lord did not dare to say anymore. When he saw that Duke Yu’s followers had called the prostitutes to drink and have fun, he slowly let it go. Yu Miao Qi stood frozen for a long time after she exited the room. She only staggered away when the guards came to the passageway to chase her away. 

“I saw Big Brother in the banquet hall. Aren’t you going to have a look?” She tugged Lin Shi. Her eyes burst with hopeful rays. Yu Pin Yan could ignore her, but how could he still ignore his own mother? 

Lin Shi stared blankly for a long time before slowly coming back to her senses. She gave a miserable smile and said, “Look for what? I have long since severed my ties with him. You can stay here obediently and not think about anything else. We are here to atone for our sins. We definitely would not be able to leave Shuo City for the rest of our lives!” 

She grabbed her daughter by the shoulders and pinned her to the embroidery round stool with the greatest strength she could muster. Her eyes were clouded with determination. Yu Miao QI struggled a few times, but finally hung her head in despair. Her heart filled with endless remorse. If only I did not want to compete with Yu Xiang… If only I had complied with Old Madam’s arrangement and married… If only… 

However, she would never be able to turn back time.

[1] 婆子 (pó zi) – old woman / old maidservant

[2] 老鸨(lǎobǎo)- Laobao refers to a female brothel keeper. 

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