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[TYCDTN] – Chapter 2 Part 2

Translated by: oinkoink

Edited by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi

-虞思雨( )- Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-虞府( )- the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

While wallowing in self-pity, a maidservant in pink came in and softly spoke, “Young Miss, Elder Young Miss is here to see you.”

The Yu manor was known as Marquis Yongle manor. After Marquis Yongle had passed away from a bandit attack, ‘Yu Xiang’s’ elder brother, Yu Pin Yan, had surpassed the group of over-ambitious paternal uncles and risen to the seat of Marquis Yongle, retaining the Di’s[1]position. ‘Yu Xiang’ was the second daughter, as there was an elder Shu[2] sister who had been borne by Lin Shi’s bed climbing maidservant[3].

As Lin Shi was not fond of them, both girls formed a harmonious relationship as fellow sufferers commiserate to each other.

Of course, this was the knowledge of ‘Yu Xiang’, it was not Yu Xiang’s. Yu Xiang didn’t dared to be on intimate terms with this Shu sister after reading through the first two chapters of the novel.

As Yu Xiang was still bedridden from a serious injury, Yu Si Yu could not wait to stab ‘Yu Xiang’ and aggravate ‘Yu Xiang’ misery. Since Yu Xiang had known about the storyline, she naturally would not let that happen according to her wishes. If she responded appropriately, it would mean that her future livelihood in the Marquis Yongle manor would be comfortable. Presently, it would not help her survive regardless of the amount of shock and resentment she has. She had to face reality.

“Hurry and invite elder sister in,” Yu Xiang swiftly regained her composure. With great difficulty and pain, she inched her body to lean on the soft pillow.

“Is younger sister feeling better today? Have you taken your medicine? Yu Si Yu eagerly asked as she entered the room. She softly caressed Yu Xiang’s blood-soaked bandages. Her eyes gradually turned red, and big droplets of tears rolled down soon after that. Yu Si Yu was twelve years old. She was considered tall in height compared to her peers. Her appearance was quite beautiful. When she cried, it bore an amorous feeling of a lovely and delicate weeping beauty.

“Don’t cry, elder sister. I am getting much better, and the physician said I will be fully recovered in a fortnight. When the time comes, we can fly the two kites that we made last time to disperse the bad luck,” Yu Xiang said, narrating the original words that ‘Yu Xiang’ had said as she sized her up.

“Alright. Elder sister will wait for you.” Despite this, not only didn’t Yu Si Yu’s tears stop, but she began weeping uncontrollably. She laid on the edge of the bed and whimpered sorrowfully. She repeatedly opened her mouth as if she had countless words to say, but she didn’t know where to begin.

Yu Xiang took a deep breath and abruptly turned to face the unlatched door. She seemingly sensed a familiar person approaching. An unmistakable sensation of awareness tugged at her heart and soul. But this was a different world, an imaginary world. How was it possible for him to appear? She forcefully quelled her state of mind and worriedly asked, “Elder sister, why are you crying so sadly? Did something happen?”

Yu Si Yu did not immediately reply. She gripped tightly to Yu Xiang’s hand. After Yu Xiang pressed for answers several times, she replied, hoarsely and choked with tears, “Younger sister, I vaguely heard the physician saying that your legs, your legs cannot be healed.

Yu Xiang blanked out.

Yu Si Yu continued weeping and mumbled mournfully, “Elder brother is highly skilled in martial arts, and he has so many imperial bodyguards escorting him. A feeble girl, like you, wouldn’t be required to rush forward to defend him! Haven’t you always been timid? How were you so brave this time! Both your legs are maimed now, what’s to be of your future!

Her weeping sounded incredibly aggrieved. However, the words seemed inappropriate presently, almost as though they were meant to stimulate provocation on purpose.

Yu Pin Yan had only been five years old when Marquis Yongle died. He wasn’t able to sustain being the family head. As such, the Old Madam had then decided to send him to the Imperial Palace for the selection as the prince’s study companion. He did live up to her expectation, as the crown prince took a liking to him and therefore helped him retain the marquis title. Ever since he was young, he spent more time in the Imperial Palace than he did in his own home. Due to the big age gap and lack of interaction, there was no affection or bond between the brother and sister. As both their mother and paternal grandmother were excessively biased, Yu Xiang had grown to resent Yu Pin Yan. As such, Yu Si Yu would definitely not believe that Yu Xiang would risk her life in a time of danger to save her older brother.

In the original plot, after ‘Yu Xiang’ had calmed down, she didn’t think through and screamed a truth that was likely more on par with Yu Si Yu’s expectations: “I have never thought of saving him. I merely stumbled on the hem of my skirt and fell onto his body, and then the knife slashed down. It was all his fault. If he did not insist on taking me to the countryside to play, I wouldn’t have met this unexpected mishap. He has ruined me…” She had blurted all kinds of curses and resentment.

Coincidentally, Yu Pin Yan had arrived at this moment to visit her and overheard every single word she spouted while lingering outside the door. Then, he left silently. At that moment, all the tender affection and guilty conscience he had felt towards ‘Yu Xiang’ had been thoroughly wiped away by her increasingly incriminating nature. Though he still protected her, he never truly cared for her. As such, without even investigating, he allowed her to marry an ungrateful and evil man.

Now that Yu Xiang had transmigrated here, she obviously wouldn’t push the only backer away. Her face was ashen as large teardrops kept streaming down her cheeks. The tears clung for a moment on her pointed chin. Even an iron-hearted person couldn’t help but pity her with such a blatantly fragile and helpless appearance.

Yu Pin Yan stared fixedly at his younger sister through the chink of the door as a burst of stabbing pain pricked his long cold heart.

As Yu Si Yu saw that she didn’t respond, she leaned forward to wipe away her tears and whispered worriedly, “Younger sister, are you alright? Say something. Don’t frighten your elder sister, please?”

Yu Xiang pushed her away, then covered her face and wailed so inconsolably that the two maidservants started sniffling as well. Suddenly, she vigorously wiped off her tears and faintly chuckled. Her behaviour, of crying and laughing, was extremely abnormal and jarring.

With glistening eyes, Yu Si Yu lunged forward to grab her shoulders, imploring: “Younger sister, could it be that you are possessed? Wake up, it’s too late for regret now. You must look ahead. You still have your elder sister and elder sister will always take care of you! Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!”

Yu Xiang shoved her away and spoke her words clearly: “Regret? Why would I feel regret? He is my biological elder brother, the pillar of the Marquis Yongle manor, who absolutely cannot be impaired by any mishap. I am sad that I am paralysed, but I am happy as long as our elder brother is safe and sound. Without our elder brother, we would have been trampled to death by paternal uncles. Our livelihoods would not be as glorious and full of splendour as it is now. I used to provoke him only because I wanted him to notice me more and speak a few words to me. Now that elder brother is fine, I ought to be overjoyed…”

Despite the heartening speech, tears still continued to gush down her face, dampening her lapels. She was evidently frail yet pretending to look strong, invoking all the more tender affection.

Yu Si Yu was somewhat dumbfounded. How could the cowardly and selfish Yu Xiang suddenly become so strong-hearted and sensible in just a short three days? This was entirely beyond her expectations.

[1] 嫡 (dí) – Legitimate. In this context, it would mean children of formal wife as distinguished from concubines

[2] 庶(shù)- children born from a concubine

[3] Slept with the master to elevate her status

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