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[TYCDTN] Chapter 21 Part 1

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Edited by: AL13N

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng )- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-马嬷嬷(mǎ mómo)- Ma Mo Mo

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

-老祖宗(lǎo zǔzōng)- Grandmother

-桃红(táo hóng)- Tao Hong, one of the female lead’s little maidservant

-柳绿(liǔ lǜ)- Liu Lu, one of the female lead’s little maidservant

-翠喜(cuì xǐ)- Cui Xi, one of the female lead’s main maidservant

-翠屏(cuì píng)- Cui Ping, one of the female lead’s main maidservant

-常雅芙(cháng yǎ fú)- Chang Ya Fu, the male lead’s fiancee

-老靖国公(lǎo jìng guó gōng)- Old Duke Jingguo

-靖国公府 (jìng guó gōng fǔ)- Duke Jingguo manor

After several days of deliberation, in the end the Old Madam couldn’t make up her mind, so she had to ask her grandson about the marriage alliance with the Duke Jingguo manor. 

Yu Pin Yan fiddled with the teacup, and his attitude was indifferent. “Grandmother isn’t aware that Grandson was once young and impulsive where I had asked Chang Ya Fu privately if she was willing to marry me.” 

The Old Madam leaned forward and asked, “What was her reply?”

“She said to ask her once more after I have become the Marquis of Yong Le.” Yu Pinyan chuckled as he seemingly found that intriguing. 

The Old Madam wasn’t able to laugh at all. Hearing such selfish and merciless words, how did her grandson feel back then? When his father died, his mother was indifferent, and even his relatives wanted to take his life secretly. His fiancee, who was supposed to go through thick and thin with him, looked coldly at him as he struggled bitterly in the deep sea. 

For him to be in this current position, what kind of price did he pay? 

The Old Madam felt that there was a knife gouging out her heart continuously, and the pain was overwhelming. 

“What’s with that expression, Grandmother? I’m fine.” Yu Pin Yan put his teacup down. He patted his grandmother’s trembling shoulder and smiled. “Now, I’m Marquis Yong Le. I don’t wish to be asked about such things anymore. Grandmother, you do as you please.” 

“Alright. I’ll settle it in three days.” The old madam nodded with a displeased expression. 

However, no one expected that the old Duke Jingguo would be in critical condition the next day, and the Duke Jingguo manor was in a mess. At the moment, the Old Madam had to hold back breaking off the marital engagement as it gave others the suspicion that they were adding to the misfortunes of those who are unfortunate and taking advantage of their difficulties.   

After several days, the old Duke Jingguo’s health did not recover and instead became more serious. On one particular night, he stopped breathing. There were white flags hung on the Duke Jingguo manor. Now, it was harder to mention about breaking off the engagement. 

Chang Ya Fu had to be filial for three years, and their engagement had not been broken off. Three years later, her grandson would be 19 years old. In other families, their great-grandson would be running about and would be able to talk. This merely was holding back her grandson! The Old Madam held her breath and couldn’t let it out. She felt very uncomfortable. She immediately sought a concubine for her grandson. 

Yu Pin Yan was stabbed in the back by a maidservant in the early days, and then he was deceived by his fiancee. He abhorred women. The women sent by the Old Madam were indifferently thrown into the yard. Later, he received an official mission, went to the other province and did not return home for half a month. 

On that day, Yu Xiang woke up early. She hummed a short song and applied a cosmetic powder on her forehead using the bronze mirror. ‘Yu Xiang’ was originally pretty. After a few months, her features had grown, and her appearance became more and more beautiful by the day. Her looks gradually coincided with those of Yu Xiang in her last life. She felt that this kind of change was good since anyone would be horrified to see a completely unfamiliar face when one looked at the mirror. 

Tao Hong came in with breakfast. She asked, “You are in a good mood today, Miss?” Ever since the Little Marquis left, her master has not smiled much. 

“En, I dreamt that my older brother is back.” Yu Xiang beckoned Liu Lu to push her wheelchair for her to eat. She happily said, “I’ll give both of you a day off today. Head home. Oh right, also, ask Xi Qiu, who is in charge of sweeping, Rong Ma, who is in charge of washing, and Pang Fu, who is in charge of carrying water and firewood, to go home as well and come back before Youshi[1] (5 pm-7 pm).” 

Tao Hong was not delighted at all when she heard her Master. Instead, she asked worriedly, “Miss, who’s going to serve you after we leave?” These are the only servants who performed their tasks. The rest of them, instigated by Cui Ping and Cui Xi, would leave behind their daily chores, disappear and would only show up when they receive their monthly salary. 

Over the past few months, they have become more and more rampant. Even if they pass by Young Miss, they will pretend not to see her. This often made Tao Hong and Liu Lu furious, but Miss would never care about it. 

Yu Xiang responded as she was eating the porridge, “You can push me outside later. I have made arrangements today. When all of you come back, the yard will be tranquil.” 

Tao Hong wanted to persuade her again but was gently tugged by Liu Lu. She unwillingly agreed. 

After breakfast, they pushed Yu Xiang to the courtyard. 

“Here will do. It’s windy.” Yu Xiang removed her cloak and said with a smile, “I don’t need this. Put this away.” 

Currently, it has entered the late autumn, where there would be a wisp of white fog when breathing out. For her not to wear a cloak and sit in the cold wind, how could she not fall ill from the cold? Tao Hong panicked and wanted to force Yu Xiang to put it on. 

Liu Lu had known about the plans. She folded her cloak and placed it in the room. Then she took out a medicine bottle, crouched down and said, “Young Miss, please take one of these cold dispelling pills. We’re leaving now. Please take it easy.” 

Yu Xiang took out a pill and placed it into her mouth. She pointed it at her with her fingertips and smiled, “Don’t forget to tell Ma Momo what I’ve instructed you.” Since Tao Hong has everything written on her face, she didn’t entrust this matter to her. On the contrary, Liu Lu was reliable. 

Liu Lu pursed her lips and nodded. Tao Hong did not understand the situation. Both of them sluggishly left. 

[1] 酉时(yǒushí)- 5-7pm (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)

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