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[TYCDTN] Chapter 38 Part 1

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞思雨(yú sī yù)- Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

-邱氏(qiū shì)- Qiu Shi, Yu Si Yu’s Momo

-青芽(qīng yá)- Qing Ya, Yu Si Yu’s maidservant

-方志晨(fāng zhì chén)- Fang Zhi Chen, Pei Shi’s son

Yu Si Yu was scared out of her mind, she had no choice but to use all her willpower to feign an imposing manner and scolded boisterously, “Yu Xiang, how dare you join forces with this old dog to harm me! You are so vicious!!” 

Qiu Shi disdainfully pouted.

Yu Xiang raised her eyebrows and chuckled, “If I wanted to harm you, would I dismiss all the servants in the courtyard? Now, all I have to do is clap my hands and shout and such a  shameless girl like you,  with evil morals, would be tied up, locked in a ‘Pig Cage’, and drowned in the river[1].”

After hearing this, Yu Si Yu’s state of mind broke down, and she hid behind Fang Zhi Chen unconsciously. 

Fang Zhi Chen had no choice but to brace himself and stepped forward, cupped his hands in front[2] and made a bow, then said, “Second Young Miss has misunderstood. This subject has no love affair with Eldest Young Miss, nor are we exchanging heartfelt confessions. Instead, we are discussing canceling the engagement.” 

He paused and continued to speak with a flushed face, “The person this subject genuinely likes is the Second young miss, and I have already discussed it with my mother. Soon, I will send a matchmaker to visit the manor and propose marriage. This time, this subject came without careful considerations. It was really my thoughtlessness, and I seek Second Young Miss forgiveness. This subject doesn’t have the slightest affection for Eldest Young Miss, and only felt that she was pitiful.” 

Deep down he thought that Yu Xiang was young and would have an inferiority complex because she was disabled, so there was no reason why her heart wouldn’t waver when she saw such a handsome and talented man who fell in love with her. Therefore, the scandal of breaking into a lady’s chamber could be passed over.  

No matter how intelligent Yu Xiang was, she never would have thought that Fang Zhi Chen would say such things. One moment, he was caught in a secret meeting with Yu Si Yu, and the next moment he confessed to her. The day before, he was thinking of marrying a shu[3] daughter. The next day, he took a fancy to the di[4] daughter. He really thinks he has such a big face[5]! Who does he think he is? Pan An’s[6] reincarnation? 

Yu Si Yu stared at Fang Zhi Chen in astonishment. She simply couldn’t believe her own ears. 

Tao Hong exploded in anger. She pointed to him and scolded, “You lecher! You and my master have never met, so who are you admiring? Don’t just randomly splash dirty water on my master!” 

Fang Zhi Chen even used gestures when explaining, and was at least able to explain clearly about the affinity to meet at the Taoist temple. 

Yu Xiang squinted her eyes and asked, “Why do you want to marry me when I can’t walk? Who will manage your household finances, food and wine, and management of servants, food, accounts?” 

When Fang Zhi Chen saw that she asked so seriously, he unconsciously gave a relieved smile, “This subject would marry my cousin first and she will take care of the household finances, food and wine, and inner affairs. Even if it’s difficult for Young Miss to conceive, the children my cousin gives birth to will be under Young Miss’ name and you would be recognized as the mother of the child. Even when you join the Fang family, you would still be able to continue the lifestyle you are having now in the Yu manor, and would not need to worry about anything at all. This subject will definitely take good care of Young Miss, and wouldn’t let Young Miss suffer the slightest bit of grievance. My cousin is sweet-tempered and docile. She grew up in the Fang family, so if Young Miss has any difficulties, she will be able to help handle them for you and serve you with all her heart.” 

Yu Xiang gently rubbed her lips with her fingertips. When he finished talking, she couldn’t help but smile. The originally delicate face in the candlelight was especially mesmerizing, the small cinnabar in between her eyebrows faintly shone red rays which would directly draw one’s soul into her Violet Palace[7].

Fang Zhi Chen was gawking at her foolishly for a moment, his heart was pounding madly. 

However, he saw her face immediately turned cold as she scoffed, “Your cousin will be in charge of the household affairs, management of wine and food, inner affairs. Will she have the title of a concubine or a di wife? Not only are you humiliating me by treating me as a concubine instead of a wife, but you also want me to help you raise your shu sons and daughters.  So when they grow up, they can divide my dowry. Do you take me for a fool? Even a fool would not be as stupid to suffer a loss!” 

With a sneer, she continued, “Don’t mention that I’m just a cripple, I’d never take a fancy to you even if my whole body is completely paralyzed! In terms of appearance, talent, family background, and moral character, which part of you is worthy of me? What gives you the right to talk to me like you are doing me a favor? If you don’t stick yourself onto my Marquis manor, your Fang family will crumble and degenerate into mud within two months. You will no longer be a third-place candidate in the Han Dynasty, but a homeless dog that isn’t even worthy to carry my shoes.” 

She took out her whip and whipped the armrest of the wheelchair and chided, “Quickly get out of here, or this lady will have someone to break that pair of dog’s legs of yours! 

Fang Zhi Chen was stupefied by what she had said. He simply couldn’t believe that the cold-as-ice woman right now was the beautiful woman who was smiling brightly in the day. The words that came out of her mouth were not words but a sharp knife that cut him into pieces and drenched him in blood. Immense humiliation and anger made him feel out of breath. 

He stood still and his face suddenly turned blue and white. 

Yu Xiang waved her hands to Liu Lu, “Go, call all the patrol guards over, even if he is beaten to death. My elder brother will help me clean up the mess.” 

Only then did Fang Zhi Chen remember that Yu Pin Yan was the only person in the Han Dynasty who could kill imperial officials without needing any reason. With his means, even if the Fang family was exterminated, no one would dare to say a word, not to mention the fact that the Fang family had so much information that could be used against them and drove them to their death.  

He covered his face and left. The fond memories of the girl smiling under the sun that he kept in his heart had all turned into the hateful and frightening cold face. The Second Young Miss of Yu manor was a rebel with poisonous thorns all over her body… He hadn’t believed this until now. 

[1] 浸猪笼(jìnzhūlóng)- In ancient China, a woman’s chastity is considered a very important virtue. If one committed such a crime, it will be an embarrassment for the particular household. A kind of punishment in ancient China where one (a female) is accused of committing adultery or immoral acts that tarnishes the woman’s chastity, the offender (and her partner that she had adultery with) would be tied up and locked into a ‘pig cage’ and drowned in the nearby river. They will be bound with rope to limit their mobility and be placed into strong bamboo woven cages. These cages are cylindrical cages that were used to transport pigs thus it is known as “Pig Cages”. Credit: Hello World CIV   


[3] 庶(shù)- children born from a concubine

[4] 嫡 (dí) – Legitimate. 

[5] 面子(miàn zi)- Face. It would refer to dignity as well.

[6] 潘安(pān ān)- Pan An is one of the top four beautiful men in ancient China. His real name is Pan Yue and his courtesy name is An Ren. He was a prominent Chinese fu poet in the Western Jin dynasty. He is popularly referred to as Pan An and was well known for his good looks from a young age. “Pan An” has become the Chinese byword for handsome men. Credit: Wikipedia 

[7] 紫府(zǐ fǔ)- Violet Palace is a place where celesting being/Daoist immortal lives in. 

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