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[TYCDTN] – Chapter 41 Part 1

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng) – Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán )- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-老太太 (Lǎo tàitài) Old Madam, the grandmother

-馬嬤嬤 (mǎ mó mo)- Old Madam’s personal maidservant

-柳绿 (Liǔ lǜ) – Female lead’s main maidservant

-桃红 (Táo hóng) Female lead’s main maidservant

-虞府( ) – the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-方志晨 (Fāng zhì chén) – Pei Shi’s son

-裴氏 / 裴逆鳞  (Péi shì / Péi nì lín) – Old Madam’s good friend daughter in law / current guest in Yu manor

“What did your son do last night, say it again.” He mouthed each word slowly, rubbing the scabbard lightly with his thumb, his movements appeared extremely gentle yet it concealed a chilling killing intent.

Pei Shi’s tongue seemed to have been severed, her mouth opened and closed soundlessly.

Yu Pin Yan turned to look at Fang Zhi Chen. His gaze moved over to the bulging blood vessels between his neck like an invisible sharp blade that could ruthlessly slice his flesh slowly and if he dared to say the word ‘yes’, awaiting him would be a decapitated scene of splattering blood.

Cold sweat instantly broke out. Fang Zhi Chen covered his neck and stammeringly stated, “I, I went to the boudoir of the Eldest Young Miss, not the Second Young Miss’. My mother was indeed talking nonsense. It was the Eldest Young Miss who pleaded with me repeatedly that I  have to meet her with reluctance. Asking Commander-in-chief Yu to spare my life for my grandmother’s sake!”

He wasn’t even able to stand as both his legs were trembling that he almost fell on his knees.

Yu Pin Yan glanced at Ma Momo who nodded her head slightly indicating he was telling the truth.

It was not one or two days Yu Si Yu was brainless. She had never realized who she should and shouldn’t be associated with. Up until now, she was still equally muddled-headed about who she should and shouldn’t marry. Yu Pin Yan didn’t have any spare time to worry about her. He pushed the sword back into the scabbard, turned and strode away. As for Pei Shi’s malicious slander, he would naturally make it up from Master Fang.

Once he walked away, the clingy killing intent gradually dissipated. Only then did the mother and son gasp for breath and reveal the expression of an aftermath’s survivor.

“Madam Fang, Young Master Fang, please. The carriage has been waiting outside the door for a long time.” Ma Momo pushed and shoved them as she mocked, “Yo, still don’t want to leave? Should I ask the Marquis to send you off?”

Pei Shi’s mother and son turned pale with fright. They hastily supported each other and walked towards the side door.

Facing their backs, Ma Momo assertively warned, “Don’t spread rumors and slander our Yu manor’s young misses’ reputation. You should know what my Marquis does. The eyes and ears of the Dragon Scaled guards are everywhere. If you say a word that is unpleasant to the ear, beware of having your tongue cut off.”

Pei Shi’s mother and son walked faster and faster away, as if there was a demon chasing after them.

Ma Momo spat a mouthful before going back to report.


Due to the friction of cloth against the large blisters patch on the back, she felt extremely painful and itchy hence Yu Xiang ordered the fire tunnel[1] to be burned up. Once the temperature in the room risen up, she took off the outer clothes and merely dressed in a little pink dudou[2] and a pair of loose smoky-green bloomers that almost dropped to her hip then languidly laid prone on the soft divan, counting a box of golden pigs.

As her hair wasn’t bunched up, the beautiful black ankle-length hair was like the most magnificent silk and satin, spreading fully across the bed with a few strands twining around her slender arms that emphasized the jet-black hair against the snowy-white skin. The contrast of these strong colors were utterly dazzling.

Even Liu Lu who held the salve box in her hand was secretly gulping her saliva down when she gently daubed the salve on the affected area. After enduring it for a while, she finally couldn’t bear when she stretched her hand out and pulled up the bloomers which had slipped below her master’s hipbone exposing half of the butt-crack.

Yet at this moment, the door curtain was being lifted up. The imposing silhouette of the Marquis blocked out all the sunlight which somewhat dimmed the room a little.

Liu Lu was taken aback. She promptly picked up the hazel gauze overall which was randomly thrown on the soft divan earlier and covered her master’s back before she immediately bowed then said hesitatingly, “Marquis, it’s time for Young Miss to change the dressing.” So, aren’t you supposed to withdraw?

Though the thin layer of hazel gauze was overlaid on the body, it not only didn’t conceal anything contrarily, it served as a foil for the soft white body to be faintly discernible which was absolutely misleading. Yu Pin Yan’s eyes dimmed slightly. He took the salve from Liu Lu’s hand and ordered, “You go out.”

“Ah?” Liu Lu was dumbfounded. How did the person that should have taken leave became her?

“Go out. Elder Brother will apply the medicine for me.” Yu Xiang waved her hand unconcernedly.

Liu Lu went out in a trance. She only regained her senses after standing woodenly under the veranda for a long time. Seeing Tao Hong skipping and hopping back with Ah Lu on her shoulders, she reprimanded her unhappily, “Silly girl, you brought Ah Lu to play outside again. How many times have I told you that Ah Lu must be chained on Young Miss’ entrance. At least there is astir when the Marquis arrives, but you never listen!”

[1] 地龙(dì lóng)- Dilong/Ground heating system is ancient ground heating system that was used indoors. It is built by concreting circular flue underground. The charcoal fire smoke would flow through channels to the whole room and raise the temperature indoors. The ground heating system enabled the room to heat up evenly and mildly. As the fiery pit and smoke jack was set outdoors, the heating method was safe, clean and practical. Credit: China Travel Page

[2]肚兜(dùdōu)- Dudou is a traditional chinese form of the bodice, originally worn as an undershirt with medicinal properties. Its early use was to flatten the breasts and preserve stomach qi in traditional Chinese medicine. Credits: Wikipedia

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