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[TYCDTN] – Chapter 6 Part 1

Translated by: oinkoink

Edited by: Averalllisa

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary)

-虞襄( xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞思雨( )- Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-虞府( )- the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ))- Marquis Yongle manor

The doctor came in with a medicine chest and took her pulse, then once again wrote out another painkillers prescription. 

The two main maidservants dared not express even a shred of delinquency and personally boiled the decoction. With utmost deference, they carried the bowl to their master’s bedside and ladled spoonfuls to cool it, softly spoke, “Young miss, please drink the medicine.” 

Yu Pin Yan fetched a soft pillow and placed it behind her back, then unfolded a piece of handkerchief and draped it over her chest.  

Yu Xiang turned her head aside and tightly creased her brows.

The maidservant was slightly startled and anxiously began ladling another spoonful of medicine. 

Yu Xiang shook her head from side to side, stubbornly refusing to comply. The maidservant felt a twinge of annoyance and was itched to pinch her jaw to forcibly feed her the concoction. Taking into consideration that the Young Marquis was watching by the side, they dared not display such an act of open insolence.. 

“Xiang’er, don’t fret. After consuming the medicine, your legs will not ache anymore.” Yu Pin Yan stopped her head from shaking, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“I will drink only if elder brother feeds me.” Yu Xiang pitifully implored while gripping his large palm.

Yu Pin Yan smiled helplessly and took the bowl. Mimicking the maidservant, he blew to cool the medicine and then fed it to those pale lips. 

This time the little girl did not dodge but obediently drank the concoction. Her face became distorted, visibly showing her apprehension to the bitterness. Despite this, she continued taking big mouthfuls of the medicine. 

Suppressed tears started pooling around the rim of her eyes again. Her appearance was rather pitiful, but those dark eyes glowed with determination. 

Even with such injuries, she had yet to show any sign of resentment or hatred, nor lapsed into emotional breakdowns or despair. There had merely been some flare-ups of temper and the throwing of childish tantrums. This younger sister seemed to be stronger and more courageous than he had initially thought. 

The youth’s cold eyes gradually softened. Once all the medicine had been consumed, he picked up a candied fruit from the side plate and stuffed it into his younger sister’s mouth. Catching sight of how her brows instantly smoothened, the corner of his mouth raised unconsciously. 

“Elder brother, my legs are not aching anymore.” Yu Xiang asserted.

The amusement in his eyes became more distinct. How could the medicine effectiveness work so quickly? The little girl was obviously trying to placate him. 

“Elder brother, can you come and feed me medicine every day? Nobody chats with me when you are not here.” Yu Xiang’s radiant face turned gloomy. 

“Sure.” Yu Pin Yan tucked a lock of her disheveled hair from her forehead behind her ear, his mind churning with complicated thoughts. From this moment onward, Yu Xiang could only depend on him in this large manor. 

“Pinky promise.” Yu Xiang extended her little pinky and shook it slightly. Even if they did not share any blood relationship, feelings could still be fostered after a prolonged period. It would be essential to get along well as Yu Pin Yan would be the only one to protect her in the Marquis Yongle manor. 

“Pinky promise.” Yu Pin Yan also extended his little pinky.

Yu Xiang hooked her finger through his and did not let it go. A moment later, she fell back to sleep as she could not hold off her exhaustion. Yu Pin Yan waited by her side quietly. Seeing that she was deeply asleep, he then carefully retracted his finger. However, she immediately began to quiver and open her eyes, the round pupils wide with alarm and terror. Seeing his figure still lingering beside her bed, she quickly calmed down. 

After all, having gone through such a frightening calamity, an indelible shadow would definitely still remain. Yu Pin Yan hastily bent his body and stepped forward to pat and console her, murmuring, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. Elder brother is here. It’s alright. Everything is over.”

Yu Xiang lightly hummed, then slowly closed her eyes before forcing them open again. “Elder brother, help me get all my things back,” she mumbled.She is too vicious.  I would rather throw them all away than give them to her.” She was unsure when the female lead would return; for all she knew, it could be in several years or even several days. As such, Yu Xiang would have to start accumulating funds for her future plans. The money and goods that had been gifted to Yu Si Yu were very valuable, and pairing that with the monthly allowance of five silver liang each month for a total of six years, that would add up to a huge final sum of three hundred and sixty silver liang. Although she did not share any blood relationship with the Marquis and these valuables would not have healed her legs, she did not have any qualms for taking them. 

At the moment, Yu Pin Yan was unable to understand what she was mumbling. Seeing that she had forcibly opened her eyes and was awaiting his reply, he had no choice but to nod his head repeatedly. He then coaxed her to sleep, he pondered for a moment before shaking his head and bursting into laughter. 

Gently he went out the door and glanced at the two main maidservants standing at the corridor. “What belongings did Yu Si Yu take? Can you still recall?” He asked.

These two maidservants were also not someone who were easy to deal with. Those monthly allowances were spent on themselves, with nothing saved for ‘Yu Xiang’. Whatever they fancied, they would take for themselves and had practically emptied out ‘Yu Xiang’ personal treasury. From their viewpoint, whenever Yu Si Yu took advantage of ‘Yu Xiang’ was equivalent to taking advantage of them as well. Unfortunately, ‘Yu Xiang’ had always been muddle-headed and would accede to every request. Yu Si Yu’s wet nurse also had a way of dealing with people, and she was holding something against them that they feared would be told to Old Madam. With no alternative, they had to feign generosity, while in reality they were extremely incensed. 

How could they have forgotten whatever Yu Si Yu had taken away? Hastily they reported all the items out while at the same time feeling restless and troubled, fearing that the Young Marquis might look into Yu Xiang’s personal treasury. 

Yu Pin Yan did not care about the manor’s inner affairs. After noting down the detailed list, he ordered someone to go and claim it all back. Soon after, he returned to the study room. Xiang’er maimed her legs for him that ruined the rest of her life. He would certainly do his utmost best to make it up to her. As for Yu Si Yu, she would have little choice but to receive what she was entitled to, without hoping for more. Even if the real Yu Xiang’s life and death situation was unknown, Yu Si Yu would never take the place as Marquis Yongle manor’s Di daughter. 

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