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Undying Patient C3.1

Translator: ImmoralShan

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Su Jinzhi scolded himself immediately after drinking that glass of wine.

The body that No.1 gave him had a heart disease, and he was forbidden to smoke and drink. It can be said that he could barely drink any amount of alcohol. Although the glass of red wine Qin Yezhou asked him to drink did not have a high alcohol percentage, Su Jinzhi’s nerves were completely paralyzed by alcohol. He felt as if his blood was mixed with fire, burning from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head, and his heart beat faster and faster, banging against his ribs.

“Su-Su Jinzhi…” Su Jinzhi tried to answer Qin Yezhou’s question; shaking his head and barely speaking properly. However, just as he finished answering this question, his hand hanging by his side was suddenly grasped.

Su Jinzhi subconsciously tried to pull out his hand but discovered that he couldn’t get rid of the shackles of that man. The man used his fingers to gently caress the back of his hand and then moved to the soft skin on his wrist. He then heard the man ask him with a smile, “So tender… Are you eighteen?”

“I’m already twenty years old…” Su Jinzhi looked up and stared into a pair of dark gray eyes. He became distracted for a second. In the next moment, the skies and earth turned.  When he came to, Su Jinzhi found himself sitting on Qin Yezhou’s thigh and hugged firmly by him.

Su Jinzhi tried to escape and found that the arms which trapped him were firm and strong. Because he held him tighter, his strength caused his massive muscles to bulge, which was not in line with the fact that he was a disabled person in a wheelchair.

“Mr. Qin!” Su Jinzhi feigned an exclamation.

“En?” The man responded with a low nasal sound, but he didn’t loosen the hands around his waist and rubbed against his neck with the high bridge of his nose, his lips kissing there again and again. His hot breath almost made Su Jinzhi jump off his leg.

Qin Yezhou sensed his nervousness and laughed lightly, holding him down, “The wheelchair is okay.”

But Su Jin didn’t really want to ask Qin Yezhou this question.

What he really wanted to ask was what did this man mean by that stiff and hard thing between his legs? Was he so charming and handsome that Qin Yezhou got hard with one glance? But he had just laid on the bathroom floor for more than an hour before……

However, Qin Ye Zhou had already kissed his clavicle at this time and noticed that the young man’s body was still stiff. He raised his head and held Su Jinzhi’s chin, then looked down at him. His round pupils were dark as night, and his deep voice was like the enchanting siren in the sea, extremely seductive, “First time?”

Su Jinzhi looked up into his eyes and was gripped by the gray and black fog around his pupils. He felt that he couldn’t escape from that abyss at all and could only gasp with his mouth open.

Qin Yezhou gazed at the scarlet tip of the young man’s tongue rubbing his snow-white teeth as he spoke softly; they were much more tantalizing than the expensive red wine just now.

“Yes, Qin Xianwu- “Su Jinzhi only said three words with a trembling voice and was then kissed by Qin Yezhou. His fiery lips were pressed down, sensually moving over on his lips. The man was like a monk who had been abstinent for hundreds of years. Once his precepts were broken, he kissed him with much intensity, as if he wanted to eat him whole. Su Jinzhi couldn’t help but join him in that intense fiery lust.

The moment the tip of that man’s tongue touched him, his desire suddenly poured down like a floodgate, engulfing him and dragging him into a bottomless abyss. It was too late for Su Jinzhi. He couldn’t even remember to call No.1 to activate the welfare “One half-hour of a night in spring is worth a thousand taels.”

In his mind, the last remnant memory he had was of him tearing off Qin Yezhou’s clothes and riding him.


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the skies and earth turned = he was very dizzy