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Undying Patient C4.1

Translator: ImmoralShan

Proofreader: Lynn

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Qin Luo saw him come out and smiled at him, walking beside him to guide him, “Mr. Su, this way, please.”

Su Jinzhi studied the smile that he directed at him. Something seemed off about it. Remembering that No.1 had reminded him to stay in character, Su Jinzhi hastened to reply shyly in a nasal tone. “Mister Qin-Qin Luo, you can just call me Jinzhi…” 

Qin Luo smiled again and said, “You are a person next to Mr. Qin (T/N: SJZ is his person). Only Mr. Qin can call your name.” After saying this, he turned his head away, as if he didn’t want to speak to Su Jinzhi again.

Su Jinzhi did not go up to get rebuffed. (T/N: I think he means that he didn’t expect to be rejected by QL)

He asked No.1, “Why do I feel like this Qin Lou, doesn’t seem to like me?”

No.1 said, “Maybe it’s because the you in this world isn’t very well-liked.”

Su Jinzhi was very unhappy. “Didn’t you say I had the little white lotus setting? You guys found the boy for me, you have to take full responsibility ah.”

No. 1 said, “From the bottom of our hearts, we AI cannot control this.”

Su Jinzhi: “……” 

He followed Qin Luo and soon arrived at the dining hall downstairs of the suite. Qin Yezhou had been waiting for him at the table long ago.

Seeing the young man’s figure appearing at the door, The gray-eyed man’s cold and serious face melted like winter ice in the spring. He waved at him with a smile, “Jinzhi, come here.”

Qin Yezhou is Su Jinzhi’s life now. How could he ignore his words? Even if the man’s actions were as if he was calling a puppy, Su Jinzhi quickly walked over and sat down beside him, lowered his head and whispered, “Mr. Qin…”

“Is your body better?” Qin Yizhou raised his hand to touch his hair and then held his cool fingers that were resting his (SJZ) knee. “Do you have a heart disease? I knew I shouldn’t have done you so tired last night.” (T/N: Done as in fcked)

Done tired?

Su Jin’s forehead twitched, while speculating about whether or not Qin Yezhou had used the wrong words, he had an alarmed and confused innocent expression on his face. “Mr. Qin, I didn’t mean to hide——”

Before he had finished speaking, Qin Yizhou smiled. “Do you like me?”

“I like…” He murmured hesitantly. 

Qin Yezhou’s smile deepened. He looked at Su Jinzhi as if he was staring at a little rabbit in a trap. He said with a low laugh, “Then that’s enough.”

“Eat first. I’ll take you to play later.” Qin Yizhou rang the bell on the table, signaling the chef to start serving.

Su Jinzhi was stunned, “But I have to work later…”

“You don’t have to anymore.” Qin Yezhou turned around and kissed him on the corner of his lips. “I bought the Atlantis. Now I’m your boss.”

My god, people with money were just different.

On one hand, Su Jinzhi was being kissed by Qin Yezhou, and on the other, he was letting out heavy sighs in his heart.

However, as soon as Qin Yezhou finished speaking, there was the sound of a “bang” from a distance.

Su Jinzhi hurriedly pushed away Qin Yezhou and sat upright. He looked towards the source of the sound that had revealed an old acquaintance——Kong Shifei, who had a ghastly expression, was picking up the tableware that had fallen on the ground in a hurry.

Qin Luo immediately raised his hand and whispered to the other waiter, asking him to bring two new sets of tableware.

Then Qin Yezhou took Su Jinzhi’s waist in his arms and spoke in his ear: “Why does Jinzhi keep looking at her, an acquaintance?”

“En……” Su Jinzhi responded, thinking about whether or not he should greet her. “She is my friend.”