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Undying Patient C2.1

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No. 1 is very serious about messing with him, giving a heart diseased patient like him the most painful way to get sick.

The body provided to him by the system is not only extremely seasick but he is also a natural heart disease patient. Originally, the vice-captain didn’t agree to let him on board. However, he promised to bring him many benefits from Mr. Qin after he was with him, so the vice-captain agreed to let him on board.

But Su Jinzhi was not sure of whether or not he would be able to get close to Qin Yezhou. However, his face seemed very good in the vice-captain’s eyes, so he agreed.

Su Jinzhi thought this was very unscientific but No. 0 told him that this was after his golden finger was activated so Su Jinzhi knew that there was nothing scientific about it.

However, in order to prevent Su Jinzhi’s illness from causing him trouble, the work the vice-captain arranged for him was relatively leisure. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is the “little goblin who seduced the vice-captain”, so he has always been ostracized and treated indifferently. His colleagues always scolded him as a bitch who bribed the vice-captain with his body, but they didn’t know that he bribed the vice-captain with only money and empty promises.

The person Su Jinzhi actually had to seduce was the Qin Yezhou who boarded Atlantis today.

As soon as Qin Yezhou got on board, he went to the observation platform on the 15th deck. What did he say – wait for the sun to set in order to see the stars? It’s said that he bought the top three floors of the ship to see a dazzling star on the silent night sea, far away from the city with continuous lights all night.

If it was not for this reason, Su Jinzhi wouldn’t have spent 50000 yuan to buy the vice-captain for the sake of serving Qin Yezhou.

But it was also because of this that the vice-captain especially ordered their leader not to make him do heavy work or do more. Just pretending to wipe cups every day was fine.

Although his body had a congenital heart disease, the operating system before today was No. 0 so despite the fact that he wasn’t around the main target to rescue in three months, he hadn’t been sick – this part was also abnormal.

Logically, it was impossible for No.1 to go easy on him in order to urge him to do the task actively.

And now, it seems like No. 1 was trying to gather all the punishments he missed in those three months together and put pressure on his heart.

Su Jinzhi curled up on the ground and gasped for breath, but he felt that his heart was hurting more and more. He tried to stabilize his shaking and numbing hands as he took out his heart medicine from the pocket of his trousers.

But in the next moment, the medicine bottle fell down because his hands were shaking too much and it rolled to the corner of the wall which he could not reach at all, in his current condition.

Listening to Su Jinzhi’s painful gasp, No. 1 said in a cold mechatronic voice, “because the host has been slacking for three months and just 25 minutes ago, it was detected that five points of hatred appeared towards the main target of rescue. A level three punishment is hereby implemented as a warning.”

Su Jinzhi’s body was suffering, but No. 1 kept him sane to prevent him from fainting due to illness.

Su Jinzhi scolded No.1 in his mind, “Slack off? Qin Yezhou was still overseas at that time. Even if he wasn’t, how could I approach him as an ordinary person?”

No matter how good Su Jinzhi’s temper was, he really wanted to scold people right now. The body that the system brought to him has a general education background. His parents died and so he grew up in an orphanage. After two years of working as an adult, he (SJZ) took the 50000 yuan he (original owner) made from doing odd jobs to bribe the vice-captain, which gave him a chance to get close to Qin Yezhou.

When he first arrived in the world, he was very serious in preparing the plan to save the main target of rescue. In the beginning, he was going to apply as Qin Yezhou’s little leg massager.

But who the fuck knew that if Qin Yezhou wanted to find a massager, he wanted a massager with a senior certificate. Where can Su Jinzhi find the time to spend seven or eight years of studying to get a certificate? What if Qin Yezhou wasn’t in the right mindset and killed himself in this period of time?

Besides, there are nine levels of punishment in total. No.1 had given him the third level punishment. Although Su Jinzhi was sick all his life, he was in the interstellar age. The hospital he lived in was not too backward, it was even very advanced, so he didn’t feel much pain during the treatment.

“No.1, No.1…” Su Jinzhi’s voice softened as he called out to the system. “I was wrong. I’ll seduce him right away. No, I’ll save Qin Yezhou. I promise I won’t hate him anymore. There won’t be any hatred at all…”

No. 1 didn’t speak but Su Jinzhi could feel that he could breathe, and the pain from his heart’s angina was gradually decreasing.

——The cold tiles reminded him of the fact that he was still alive.

Su Jinzhi stood up from the ground with his hand on the washing table while drenched in cold sweat and picked up his medicine bottle as he walked out of the toilet. As soon as he went out, he was caught by the vice-captain. “Where have you been? They’ve already started to deliver food to Mr. Qin. I’ve been looking for you for a long time. Hurry up!”

After the vice-captain said all that, Su Jinzhi just found out that he had been lying down in the bathroom for more than an hour… 

He really wants to go back for a bath now.

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