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Undying Patient C2.2

Translator: ImmoralShan

But the vice-captain didn’t give him the chance. He directly dragged him to the dining car, put the handle in his hand, and lowered his voice. His pupils, brown with age, were full of silent warnings, “Don’t let me down with this good opportunity I gave you.”

It’s only their vice-captain who would let a man who laid on the toilet floor for more than an hour, deliver food to people. Although their toilet is mopped once every three hours and is very clean, Su Jinzhi still feels like he’s dirty.

Su Jinzhi pushes the dining car forward slowly. In heart, he was debating on whether or not to take a bath first or the heaven shattering, earth breaking fight of seducing Qin Yezhou. (T/N: basically saying that seducing QYZ is a REALLY difficult task.) When he got to the deck door, the bodyguard who pushed him away from before saw him. He immediately went forward and said, “Hey, why is it you again?”

As soon as Su Jinzhi heard this, he immediately lowered his head and shrunk his neck in fear that the bodyguard might smell something that he shouldn’t have.

When the bodyguard saw that the young man was yelled at by him, he was shaking the whole time. His fingertips on the handle were slightly purple. The back of his hands was white and almost transparent. Even the dark blood vessels buried in the flesh could be clearly seen. He could see the protruding thin bones together. He couldn’t help thinking, was he so terrible?

The bodyguard sighed helplessly and went to Su Jinzhi’s side to help him push the dining car forward. He whispered to him, “Don’t knock it over this time. Be careful.”

After saying this, he closed the door and left the viewing platform on the top of the cruise ship to Su Jinzhi and Qin Yezhou.

Su Jinzhi was surprised. He thought the bodyguard would ask for a replacement. If so, he would go back to take a bath first. After this bodyguard changed shifts, he would come and save Qin Yezhou. But he didn’t expect to come in so easily.

Su Jin took back his disordered thoughts and looked at the person who made him feel extremely complicated.

At this time, just after the sunset, the sea and the sky still had a full and thick red glow. Looking from afar, you can see a few snow colored seagulls, breaking the “人” shaped character in the sky, and gradually fly away. On the other side of the sky, where the blue is deeper, several stars have already appeared, like the diamond broken by God, constantly reflecting the dazzling light.

He was in a wheelchair, covered with a soft indigo blanket on his leg, and looked at the vast blue sky—— this man was obviously here to see the stars, now he had his back against the very stars he had come here for.

Qin Yezhou hasn’t said a word since he boarded the boat. Su Jinzhi couldn’t figure out his mind either. He could only open a bottle of red wine, pouring the red liquid that arouses people’s hearts into a goblet, and gently put it beside Qin Yezhou, “Mr. Qin.”

This time, Qin Yizhou finally turned to look at him.

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