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Undying Patient C2.3

Translator: ImmoralShan

His expression was cold, his features were as sharp as a knife, his eyes were dark gray, his dark pupils were as small as needles, and he went straight into Su Jinzhi’s heart, determining the weight of his soul from high above. Because with his head on one side, the afterglow of the sun laid upon his other eye and placed a layer of reddish-brown color on the ash-gray pupils. It was like the sunset in front of him, and also like the gray blood mist interwoven by flesh and blood on the battlefield with the smoke of gunpowder, ceaselessly wavering in the chasm of his pupils.

In the moment when their eyes collided, Su Jinzhi almost thought he saw that creepy alien again.

Su Jinzhi tried to keep his figure steady and smiled at him.

After he smiled, Qin Yezhou took his eyes away from him and stopped looking at him with those gray eyes that could eat people. Su Jinzhi watched him lift the goblet with red wine and rotate it gently, until the brilliant liquid rolled on the wall of the goblet, leaving behind a layer of brick red wine tears, and then took a small sip—— it really was a SMALL sip, to the extent of just lips touching.

Su Jinzhi did not continue to look at him. He lowered his head and carefully placed the food on the cart on the table.

“Can you drink?”

A deep male voice suddenly went through his eardrum. Su Jinzhi stopped his actions for a few seconds, then reacted to the man who was speaking just now, who was Qin Yezhou. He quickly replied, “Yes!”

The young man replied quickly, then he seemed to want to cover it up and so he hung his head as he had seen him do during their first meeting, and said “A little bit… ” with a small voice.

Qin Yezhou glanced at him. He saw the hair whorl of the young man’s soft hair and suddenly raised his lips. He pointed to a chair beside him, “Come and sit.”

Su Jinzhi suddenly looked up at him in disbelief. Qin Yezhou kept smiling, but also raised his hand to pick up the bottle of red wine he had just opened and poured him a glass.

“Relax a bit.” Qin Yezhou’s voice was soft and low, sounding approachable.

Su Jinzhi sat on the chair, holding the glass of red wine in a trance.

When Qin Yezhou saw him like this, the curve of his lips grew deeper. Like the vicious queen who lured snow white to bite the apple, he urged him in a hoarse voice, “Take a sip.”

The man’s voice was low and deep, like the sound when the bass string of a cello is pressed. Bewildering, but it seemed very familiar.

Su Jinzhi found that he was different from the alien. The alien certainly didn’t have such a nice voice—— though he’s never heard him talk before.

Like the sailor bewitched by the beautiful siren in the vast ocean, Su Jinzhi listened to his words and raised the glass of red wine. He took a deep breath above the glass, causing a delicate fragrance to linger, making Su Jinzhi not help but take a sip first, and then take a second sip. After he finally placed the glass down completely, the glass was empty.

The young man’s side view was delicate and beautiful. When drinking, his eyes were half-closed. His long eyelashes gently gathered the watery shine of the bottom of his eyes. His soft red lips stick to the transparent wall of the cup. He gently sucked the liquid in the cup into the mouth.

Qin Yezhou stared at him with deep eyes. When he saw that the youth had drunk all the red wine in the cup, his gray eyes became as deep as the velvet night at the moment.

“What is your name?”

He opened his mouth gently and crossed his fingers, putting his hands on his legs, then gazed into the array of stars on the dark horizon.

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