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What the fuck? Although he had planned to seduce Qin Yezhou, he did not plan on using such a dirty method. How common were spring medicines! How LOW! And will even leave evidence! He wouldn’t fool around like this.

“No. 1, then do you know who put in the medicine?” Su Jinzhi asked No. 1.

No. 1 replied, “It was your colleague, Kong Shifei.”

Kong Shifei? Su Jinzhi knew that this woman was pretty good-looking. She would greet everyone with a sweet smiling face and was very popular in the waiters’ circle on their ship; completely different from his ostracized pure and cheap reputation. But Su Jinzhi didn’t know why Kong Shifei would harm him like this. There were obviously no head-on confrontations between the two. A few days ago, she even gave him a bag of sesame biscuits.

Su Jinzhi’s face was full of doubts, “Why did she do this?”

“She heard the conversation between you and the vice-captain.” No. 1 let out a sigh then replied, “Discovered you guys’ scheme.”

Su Jinzhi: “……”

Okay, when No. 1 said it like that he was enlightened.

Since Kong Shifei knew that he wanted to seduce—— no, it was the plan to save Qin Yezhou, then her actions were reasonable.

The reason why she put a large dose of spring medicine in the liquor he sent Qin Yezhou was that she calculated that he would not pass the bodyguard’s security check—— the bodyguard would find something wrong in the red wine he sent, and so even if he used his toes to think he would still know how he (SJZ) will end up.

And then she might be able to take his place and serve Qin Yezhou?

But I’m afraid that Kong Shifei didn’t expect…… that the bodyguard at the door actually knew him. Without much inspection, he was allowed in and climbed onto Qin Yezhou’s bed smoothly.

“It’s not scientific!” Su Jinzhi called out, “How did none of them check if there was anything wrong with the wine? And where did Kong Shifei get a high concentration aphrodisiac from?”

No. 1 replied, “This is the plug-in I gave you.”

Su Jinzhi doesn’t believe it.

“This is part of life.” No. 1 reminded him, “Qin Yezhou didn’t figure out that there was a problem with drinking that wine?”

When Su Jinzhi heard this, he was astonished. On the other hand, he thought that Qin Yezhou was a bitch. I’m afraid he already knew that something was wrong when he took his first sip of wine. As a result, he made me drink a whole glass of red wine. Was it reasonable for somebody who’s a human to do this?

But last night was really refreshing ah……. No wonder why so many people in the future liked to hook up. Even with various species from different planets. After all, once you’ve tasted “meat” it’s seriously too hard to return to being vegetarian (T/N: being abstinent). Although it felt good, his butt still hurts.

However Su Jinzhi felt that he couldn’t indulge in the heavenly goodness of Qin Yezhou’s body like this. After all, he could still act during the day, but if he had to play with Qin Yezhou at night, then he would have to act 24 hours a day without stopping. Su Jinzhi was afraid that he would break the character’s settings and would be punished to death by No. 1.

If Qin Yezhou still wanted to go at it with him tonight, he would use that “One half-hour of a night in spring is worth a thousand taels” skill benefit to deal with him.

Thinking of this, Su Jinzhi pulled up the quilt again and took a nap on this luxurious big bed.

At noon, Su Jinzhi was awakened by someone.

“Mr. Su.” A man stood by the cabinet respectfully holding a set of exquisite clothes and bowed to him with a smile.

Su Jinzhi didn’t know him, but out of politeness, he smiled at him.

Qin Luo looked at the youth sitting on the bed who smiled timidly at him. The blush on both sides of his cheek spreaded all the way down to the white skin of his neck. He glanced once before looking away and lowered his eyes to put the clothes Qin Yezhou prepared for the youth on the bedside table. He smiled and said, “Mr. Su, I am Qin Luo. These are the clothes prepared for you by Mr. Qin. He is waiting for you downstairs. I will be at the door. You can call me if there is a problem.” (T/N: he’s using the formal ‘you’ in chinese)

After saying these words, Qin Luo bowed again before leaving.

Looking at the clothes on the bedside table, Su Jinzhi reached out and touched them. He felt the soft texture. He was amazed since most of the clothes in the future were made of biological fiber, they didn’t have such a comfortable and soft feeling. Although he would’ve liked to feel it a few more times, Su Jinzhi put on the clothes quickly.

Not knowing whether or not Qin Yezhou intentionally did this, he had prepared a milk-tea colored cashmere shirt with a round collar for him, which made him seem more harmless to human beings and animals. However, his neck was full of kiss marks of different sizes, which could not be covered at all.

Su Jinzhi looked at the mirror for a long time, and resisted the idea of taking the white towel off the shelf to use it as a scarf, and pushed open the door of the suite.

Qin Luo was waiting for him outside.

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Welfare has been changed to Skill Benefit.

spring medicines = aphrodisiacs

LOW : was originally in English in the raws