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Undying Patient C7.1

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Chapter 7.1

When Su Jinzhi woke up, he found that he had been sleeping in a different room.

This cabin room was not the same as the Superior Suite he used to sleep in.

This was a fully transparent glass room, except for the ground, all the glass around him completely concave like a dome, enshrouding him who was lying underneath the dark red bedding like a bloody red wild rose that bloomed in the starry night sky. One would only need to wait for him to lift his eyes and open those tender rose petals to see the brilliant stars reflecting in his eyes. Compared to the sea beneath, they were more vast and magnificent, but also more brilliant.

It was just that he had seen such beautiful scenes in the interstellar time so many times, just like how rice chewed for countless times in his mouth. Although it was still sweet, it was not enough to amaze people.

Su Jinzhi turned his head slightly and saw that there was an IV needle inserted in his right hand.

The cold fluid slowly intruded his body by following his dark blood vessels, beating along with his weak heartbeat, and irresistibly seized every inch of his flesh and blood, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

Su Jinzhi even hated it.

Because it made him feel that he was back in the past – he was still lying on the bed of West Port Hospital of β68 people’s star. Every day, he could only watch the ever-changing cosmic tides, nebular mists. They also seemed as if they were never changing, like a lonely boat caught in the sea of sand, unable to move forward or backward, and could only wait for death quietly.

Su Jinzhi’s body felt very uncomfortable, his heart was also aching faintly, and his tone was fierce, “No. 1, can you explain the meaning of that dirty deal to me?”

The system lets out a “beep-” and then a robotic voice sounded and said indifferently, “It’s just as how it sounds literally, host.”

Su Jinzhi asked it, “What is the literal meaning? Could it be that I have to marry Qin Yezhou? Me having sex with him was considered a dirty physical transaction?”

No. 1 said, “It can be understood that way.”

Su Jinzhi said, “But my current nationality does not support marriage between men.”

No 1 said, “Host, you just need to put on an act1 in front of us systems.” What it actually meant was, it was you who did not even think of acting but only think of making a deal. You were the one who made the deal first, so it was not my fault.

Su Jinzhi, “……”

“It’s easy for people to sink in physical pleasure.” No. 1 suddenly said something quite philosophical, but still continued to persuade him to give up the improper deal to get progress value, “Host, please do the mission seriously, cherish life, keep away from such a deal.”

Su Jinzhi was also very desperate. What else could he say? Qin Yezhou, that stuck up wild devil, would only increase his progress value by relying on papapa-ing. At present, it seemed that only this human primitive creation of life exercise could awaken the love of life in his heart.

“You are up?” Su Jinzhi wanted to scold two more times, but Qin Yezhou came at this moment while holding a bowl of porridge in a wheelchair.

Su Jinzhi wrapped himself in the quilt and turned his body over with his butt facing him(QYZ).

Qin Yezhou looked at the bundle on top of the big soft bed and smiled gently. He put the porridge on the bedside table, reached over with his hand to tuck the young man’s scattered hair behind his ear, kissed him gently on the temple and asked, “Is your body better?”

Su Jinzhi still didn’t speak, he wrapped himself in the quilt and didn’t utter a word- he thought that he had indulged Qin Yezhou too much before, and he should let him, the initiator of the dirty deal, have a taste of abstinence.

Qin Yezhou saw that the person on the bed was still quiet. He raised the tip of his brow and slowly smiled from his eyes. In a soft voice, he said, “That person is Yun Feifei…”

As soon as he spoke, he saw the youth’s body wrapped in soft blankets suddenly stiffen as expected.

[ 1 ]I think it means they just need to become married in front of the systems only, not need proper verification.

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