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Undying Patient c8.2

Translator: TheLonerLion

Proofreader: Lynn

She said, “Jinzhi, you must keep living well because there is someone waiting for you in this universe. When you meet him1, you should run headlong to him2 then hold/take that person into your arms/your love and tell him, life is too short, you don’t know when you will suddenly leave this world so don’t wait for true love.”  

Human life’s expectancy on earth was only about one hundred years. . For him, it was even more unfortunate. He couldn’t even live pass a quarter of that in his last life.

But he used this to answer Qin Yezhou, as if he was looking for an alien to spend his life together.

When Qin Yezhou heard what he said, he turned around with a smile and gazed at the youth who was carefully casted/made by God.

The man’s black eyes that were exposed under the starlight were still as dark and gloomy as before. They were like a huge black hole in the center of our galaxy. Although it attracted thousands of light debris nebula to rotate around him forever, they forever remained as dark as yesterday.

But he slowly moved his fiery/red-hot lips to Su Jinzhi’s ears, his voice was deep and low. It was like one of those rare occurrences during Su Jinzhi’s stay on Earth; where the ground responded to the warm breeze blowing gently across the valley with a low and deep sound, he murmured in question: “Is Jinzhi still waiting for that person?”

When Su Jinzhi heard his words, his eyes suddenly widened, but his pupils shrank slightly. It was obvious that Qin Yezhou didn’t intend to rush him to answer quickly. He still smiled then raised his hand to hold the slender and flexible waist of the person beside him, leaned his head gently on the young man’s shoulder.  He sighed, “I think I have to wait for that person because there is no sea of stars in my world.”

Su Jinzhi was puzzled as he murmured, “Why…”

 Qin Yezhou closed his eyes and dropped a kiss on his temples, “The moment I met you, all the stars will be dust because of you.”

As soon as Qin Yezhou’s voice fell, his total rescue progress immediately skyrocketed by 15 points, adding to the previous total of 47 points, he was still 3 points away from being halfway through.

 Su Jinzhi was blindsided by the sudden rise of the progress value and instead ignored what Qin Yezhou had just said.

 “Asleep?” When Qin Yezhou saw that the youth had no reaction to his words, he looked down and saw the beloved angel of God lying quietly in his arms. The long, fan-like eyelashes covered those eyes of brilliant lights infused with vibrant colors.  The beautiful, delicate face softly glowed with a white jade color under the starlight, attracting people who couldn’t resist to reach out a hand.

Qin Yezhou caressed his fine and smooth like a satin face.  Seeing that the youth still had no reaction, the pair of scarlet lips pursed.  Holding to his warm body that was gently undulating due to breathing, Qin Yezhou pulled the corners of his lips and laughed, “You bad boy…”

However, ‘bad boy’ Su Jinzhi wasn’t actually sleeping at all.  He was having a heated discussion with Number One about this newly increased of 15 points progress value.

 “Number One look! It’s fifteen points ah!

Number One was also a bit stunned, “That’s… not right ah…”

Su Jinzhi didn’t care, he was so happy right now that he was going crazy,  Healso didn’t care at all about what Qin Yezhou had said: “Actually, this mission is still very easy to do!”

Number One said “ha ha” twice then stopped talking.

That night, both Qin Yezhou and Su Jinzhi did nothing but the rare pure sleep under the covers. The next day Qin Yezhou woke up early and called a doctor to examine Su Jinzhi’s body. Only after the doctor had repeatedly ensured that he was ok, he allowed Su Jinzhi out of bed.

“Mr. Qin, is this a special day?” Su Jinzhi asked as he pulled at his exquisite gray suit vest over his shirt.

Qin Yezhou sat in his wheelchair, his snow-white shirt buttoned up to the topmost button, his lower body covered with a dark blue cashmere blanket, slender fingers casually and elegantly interlocked on his lap.  The gray and black suit he wore was the same shade as Su Jinzhi’s, making people know at a glance that they were wearing a couple’s style.

1 the s/he (他) used here is gender-neutral. So I translate it as ‘him’ because using ‘them’ is weird with 5 gender-neutral 他.

2 奋不顾身 an idiom which means ‘to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety’


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