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Undying Patient c8.3

Translator: TheLonerLion

Proofreader: Lynn

Su Jinzhi looked up at him after putting on his clothes, only to find that his dark eyes kept watching him, but the two were too far apart. The gray eyes were hidden in the shadow, and Su Jinzhi couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes.

“No.” Qin Yezhou smiled and answered his question, “It’s just that someone wants to invite you for a meal.”

Su Jinzhi puzzledly pointed at himself, “Me?”

Qin Yezhou raised his eyebrows and said, “En. You.” 

 Su Jinzhi laughed then lowered his head as he whispered, “Mr. Qin is joking with me, how could I possibly have…” He didn’t finish his sentence, but he didn’t need to.  After all, the people he knew on this cruise ship were just those colleagues from earlier, but they would never invite him for a meal.

After Qin Yezhou heard what was said, he beckoned him (SJZ) to come over and pulled him to his wheelchair. Dropping his eyes almost reverently, he dropped a kiss on the youth’s fingertips. His voice was graceful, elegant, and low, just like a Cello’s deep and low fourth-string sound, “Jinzhi is like an angel, everyone yearns to look at you.  Why wouldn’t they?”

When Su Jinzhii got close to Qin Ye Zhou, he could smell a hint of something like ebony agarwood on his body, mixed with the strong smell of silk tobacco leaves. Sexy, mysterious and reserved, like a beast hibernating in the depth of the ocean. In the dark’s deepest part waving at you, luring you to fall into the bottom of the abyss. So even though the man’s lips that touched his fingertips were warm and soft, gently grazing at the corner of his heart, Su Jinzhi still felt as if he was being scalded. Like a kitten whose juices burned the tip of its tongue, he drew back his hand abruptly.

The young man’s movements were too abrupt/rough, Qin Yezhou kept up the kiss on his fingertips, and raised his head. Su Jinzhi couldn’t help but take a step back when he saw the dark color within his pupils.  But when he took another look, that dark color unexpectedly  disappeared. The man continued to smile.  Thedeep, mysterious, and beautiful face was full of drowning love, “Let’s go, Jinzhi.”

Su Jinzhi hung his head, dared not to meet the man’s eyes. He stepped forward with a soft “en” and pushed Qin Yezhou’s wheelchair out.

  Along the way, Su Jinzhi was thinking about how to explain the matter that had just happened with o Qin Yezhou, “Mr. Qin…”

“What is it?”

  Su Jinzhi hesitated, “Just now, I…”

  Qin Yezhou smiled, “Does Jinzhi not like me?”

 Su Jinzhi quickly replied, “Of course that’s not it!” 

“That’s enough.” Qin Yezhou’s finger on the wheelchair gently tapped the armrest. “The rest is not important.”

 Su Jinzhi’s emotions became even more complicated when he heard those words.

 Qin Yezhou was his first man. Before him, he had never been this close to anyone before. The future interstellar people were very open, it didn’t matter how many times you slept with someone. Some people would even go to the Star Alliance to have sex with people from other planets with different forms in order to pursue excitement.

He had been alone on the earth for a long time, and it was not that he hadn’t thought to find someone to accompany him.  But he gave up the idea for many reasons.

The reason he had agreed to bind himself with the system, number zero in the first place wasn’t just because he didn’t want to die and still wanted to live a little longer.  It also wasn’t just to take another glance at this prosperous and diverse world.

He was just afraid of being alone and he wanted someone who could be there for him.

And Qin Yezhou seemed to be good all-around, except for this face that looked exactly like an alien.

He hadn’t given any real affection anyway, so if Qin Yezhou kept treating him well like this,  when the mission was done, should he try to…. continue to live with him?

 Regardless of whether Qin Yezhou’s love for him was true or false; whether or not he would suddenly change his mind one day in the future, just please don’t let him die alone.

Thinking of this, Su Jinzhi’s heart had a sudden burst of pain, which forced him to stop his step.

“5 points of love value detected.” No. 1 cold mechanical voice came, “Host, please control your emotions.”