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[VHBF] 43. The Pauper and the Little Fool

Translator : Shi Xiao Ling (LemonSquash)

Proofreader: @lynn

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The little dumpling woke up due to a sense of suffocation.

She was confused to see a ferocious and terrible aunty strangled her neck. Suddenly, she felt the pressure lifted and her heart calmed down. She could breathe again. She gasped and started to cough uncontrollably.

The woman suddenly came back to her senses.

She looked at the child who was coughing violently in front of her. Her eyes narrowed. One couldn’t predict what she was thinking. After a while, she said nothing.

The little dumpling’s throat was a little sore, and she didn’t dare to cry in front of this woman. She started to look for the system with a crying voice: “Uncle system, uncle system…”

“Didn’t you say we are here to find dad? Who is this evil aunty?”

The system was silent for a while, then said: “She will take you to your Daddy later. But right now, don’t make any noise. Just follow her.”

The timing the system chose to bring the little dumpling here was not too good. The Villain, Movie Emperor, who was originally a very well-educated, modest and gentle person, had been pushed to the extreme. The villain intended to quit the entertainment circle when he had lost everything, but some people still grabbed onto him and stabbed him when he was down, which made  the villain’s life very difficult. After finding out the truth, he designed a plan to kill the man responsible for his downfallt and commit suicide later.

It was true that that little dumpling was possessing the body of a real child, rather than a body provided by the system like in the first two worlds.

This child was the daughter of Yao Li, the star who ranked 18th on the celebrity list, who drugged the Movie Emperor Zhu Ji at the celebration banquet four years ago.

Yao Li had originally planned to have a one night stand with the Movie Emperor, so as to surpass him later by spreading rumors. Unfortunately, when she woke up that morning, the King called her and asked her to go out to sea together. Yao Li dared not delay any further, but hurriedly packed up and left.

Yao Li was not willing to see the Movie Emperor who was still sleeping beside her without any feelings, but this uncertain relationship was far less important to her than the Gold Lord who was already near her.

Who could have known that a month later, Yao Li found herself pregnant.

Later, when she thought about it, she was not sure whether it was King’s or the Movie Emperor’s baby. Yao Li’s first thought was to find the King to put the responsibility on him, but she didn’t expect that the king would be so rich. He had inherited a fortune from his wife’s family. His wife was like a tiger. After learning about the pregnancy, he asked Yao Li to abort the baby and threatened to kill her if she didn’t comply.

Yao Li was scared. After she had given birth to the child, the King seemed to be thinking of abandoning her. In order to make money and save her own life, Yao Li thought of the Movie Emperor.

The Movie Emperor was young, handsome, clean, and a famous bachelor in the entertainment circle. If she could get the Movie Emperor to marry her, she could later live a happy life and everything would be alright.

But what should Yao Li do if the first reaction of the Movie Emperor was to make her have the baby aborted like the King?

She had already learned a lesson once. Without daring to trade for her future, she went to the Movie Emperor and said that she was pregnant with his child. On the one hand, she told the King that she had an abortion and gave him a forged medical record. She got a large amount of compensation from the King. After receiving the money, Yao Li went back to her hometown to raise the baby.

When she left her hometown, the child was already two years old. It was the most lovely time for a child. Of course, she didn’t have the patience to raise the child. The child was brought up by her mother. Those old people would always feed the child and she became fair and chubby. When she had just brought the child out of her hometown, she looked like a small, chubby and lovely girl. Now, she was hungry and skinny.

Another reason why Yao Li disliked this child was maybe it was because she had drugged the Movie Emperor before having her. Even when she was two years old, she couldn’t speak a word or even shout. She was timid and stupid, just like a mentally retarded child.

It was still better than nothing. Yao Li thought that it was still all right. If the Movie Emperor didn’t marry her, it was still OK, as it would give her at least three large sources for money and fame. Two advertising resources, and then compensation for two years of lost work and the spiritual loss of giving birth to a child. The Movie Emperor was rich, just a single movie could earn him ten million yuan. So, it was not too much to ask for ten million yuan?

Who knew, by the time she appeared with her baby in her arms and threw caution to the wind,  Zhu Ji had picked up a literary and arts blockbuster. She had no idea which corner of the deep mountains or old forest he went to make a film. And after he came back, he was engaged in promotional work and tours and other matters for the later half of the year. He also took two big brand advertising shoots and flew around the world all day long. There were so many bodyguards and assistants around the Movie Emperor, and Yao Li, who had retired since in the  last two or three years, could not even get close to him, how could she let him know of her plight?

Moreover, Zhu Ji’s Weibo also didn’t receive the personal messages from strangers, and Yao Li couldn’t find the right opportunity to break the news to him.

Then the movie was released and went on to win several important awards at the Venice Film Festival. It was said that Zhu Ji won the Movie Emperor Award. Yao Li was very happy. She didn’t want to take his money anymore. She wanted to marry Zhu Ji and be his wife.

As a result, this woman was waiting for the return of the Movie Emperor. Who could have predicted again that something would have happened. She did not expect that by the time Zhu Ji returned home, the next day when she woke up, there were numerous posts related to scandals on the Internet.

Yao Li paid close attention to the whole thing, and saw Zhu Ji being taken away by the police when he landed. The matter was also related to smoking and drug use. She nearly broke the nails she carefully had done, and almost killed her child whom she had raised painstakingly for more than three years. She couldn’t believe that all of her efforts were gone in an instant?!

Now, everyone wanted to keep their distance from Zhu Ji. Zhu Ji had sold all his assets and usd up all his savings. Have you ever seen such a poor guy on the Internet? Yao Li was not so stupid.

But the plan she had brewed for three or four years, turned out to be a failure of her mind. She had no logic left in her at all. The little child was frightened by her, and cried twice like a small chick. Yao Li angrily grabbed the child’s neck.

In the original world, Yao Li strangled the child to death. The system brought the little dumpling into the body of this child at this time.

YinYin with this body’s instinctive fear towards this woman, subconsciously choose to stand far away.

She looked at the woman timidly and fearfully, and her eyes brightened when she saw the man on the sofa.

However, due to the fierce and bad aunty standing beside her, she did not dare to move or speak.

Yao Li sneered and played with her fingernails and said, “That’s what happened. Anyway, you’re in such bad luck already. I don’t have as many of them.”

“When I was pregnant, I went back home to give birth to her. After I came back, I bribed your makeup artist to give me a few of your hair for a DNA test.”

Yao Li threw the paper towards him and the papers fell on the table.

“It cost me two thousand yuan to take a DNA test. I thought it was worth it at that time, but tut…” She scornfully looked at the man from head toe and thought to herself, how good-looking he was! She couldn’t do anything without money. She looked unlucky even from a distance. She was stupid from the start. She must have gotten the bad luck from her last eight lifetimes to spend so much time on such a doomed person!

“Well, I won’t say anything else. Anyway, this little brat is your seed. Don’t try to be a rascal. I won’t keep it. Keep it yourself!”

“Look at your now depressed appearance. Since I have already tested, at least I saved some money for you!”

“What’s with that look in your eyes? Even if you don’t believe me, I have proof to identify her as your child! Anyway, if you don’t leave with this little retard today, I won’t go either!”

Zhu Ji looked at the opposite side of the room and blinking her eyes at him was a child standing in the corner. The child’s eyes were bright and clear. She was full of intimacy and admiration towards him. His voice was gentle but a little hoarse. At this time, he said in a gentle but hoarse voice, “Stay.”

Worried that the woman might have misunderstood, Zhu Ji added, “The child stays.”

“If you had said no, it would have been over!” Yao Li was about to leave after clapping her hands. It was not easy to get rid of such a big burden.

But the man behind her said, “You know I’m poor now. As the biological mother, you have to be responsible for child support.”

The Movie Emperor, who was as warm as jade and as bright as moon, seemed to be embarrassed as he showed a shy smile, “I heard that the law stipulates that parents are obliged to raise their children till they are 18 years old and mature?”

When Yao Li heard this, she was shocked silly. She was a vain woman with only money in her eyes. Otherwise, she would not be willing to spend three or four years to plan a bright future for herself. She thought that even if she couldn’t get money at least she didn’t lose much.

Not only had she not received any money now, but he was also making her pay???!

The little dumpling stood still in her corner and watched for a long time. She was frightened by the woman who had come back. She ran to her father subconsciously and plunged her head into her father’s arms. Her small body trembled slightly.

Zhu Ji was slightly stunned, and then put his hand on the back of the dumpling and gently patted to comfort her.

Yao Li raised her eyebrows and said, “Oh, I didn’t see it before. This little rascal is so close to you even when she has just met you? What an incredible father and daughter pair!” That little fool, she gave birth to and raised for three years. She usually hid far away from her. Now she knew how to go and latch onto someone she has just met?

Yao Li was not jealous, just unwilling. She was full of anxiety. She won’t be able get out of the alimony! She won’t pay up, not even until death!

“Tell me, what do you want?”

Zhu Ji smiled and let her wait.

He picked up the laptop beside him and turned it on. Because of the nature of his work, Zhu Ji usually had to sign various contracts or copy scripts and so on. He used printers and a laptop all the time, so the living room was equipped with a printer.

Zhu Ji took out the printed paper and handed it over to her. “After signing it, you will have no obligation to raise the child after she is separated from you.”

The Movie Emperor smiled gently, one could not detect any big change in his expression since the beginning at all. His facial expression was placid. The 30-year-old man still had a sense of youth between his eyebrows. Yao Li was in a trance, remembering the first time she saw this man.

At that time, he was the biggest black horse in the entertainment circle. He was the No. 1 in the college entrance examination, the youngest Movie Emperor, the treasure of all directors.

Yao Li was so envious. She had been at the bottom for so many years. She admired such people and couldn’t help being envious.

It was useless to think about it anymore. Yao Li had once heard that it was better to have a black-and-white agreement instead of raising the child herself. She could legally get rid of her relationship with this little retard. It was the best course of action.

Let this pair of father and daughter, a despondent movie emperor, a pauper and a little fool sweep the street together!

Yao Li glanced at Zhu Yinyin casually. The agreement on the paper said that, “ I, Yao Li, voluntarily terminate my parent-child relationship with Zhu Yinyin. Yao Li will not be held responsible for any expenses of Zhu Yinyin. When Zhu Yinyin grows up, she will not be responsible for Yao Li’s support either.

Because of the idea of letting Zhu Ji take responsibility, Yao Li named her child after her father’s surname. And since she was unmarried, her child didn’t have a registered permanent address yet, which happened to make things easier. These procedures didn’t need to be handled. One copy of the agreement would cut off the relation between them, and Yao Li left gleefully with the agreement.

Outside the  gates of the Movie Emperor’s house, she suddenly felt that her heart was empty, as if she had lost something precious.

Later, Yao Li couldn’t help but think of this day. She thought that she had lost a big package and a little girl. In fact, she had lost the golden doll that would make money. She could only watch the father and daughter fly higher and higher, so high that she could not afford to and was no longer qualified to look.  

The living room was quiet again after the high heeled woman left.

One big one small, looked at each other.

Yinyin wriggled shyly as she looked at her father’s face. She blushed red like a tomato and opened her arms wide open as if she wanted a hug. Little YinYin whispered in a very shy voice: “Daddy.”


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