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[VHBF] Chapter 4: This Child is Really From Bai?

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling (LemonSquash)

Proofreader: @lynn

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Luo Sheng removed his shoes. He paused slightly when saw pink shoes kept snugly besides his blue slippers. 

Just before entering the living room, he saw a small pink shadow moving quickly towards him. Her pair of short legs moved like a racing cars wheels, she rushed up and hugged his thighs tightly.

Now, there was a little dumpling clinging to his thigh, her small face flushed with excitement. She raised her head and cried out in excitement: “Daddy!!! You’re finally back!”

The young girl was very happy, and her little mouth kept on chattering, saying that she had been waiting at the door of her father’s house since the morning, and that it was uncle who picked her up.

Luo Sheng listened, and he was not a very patient man, let alone a soft, doughy little boy.

His huge hand grabbed the girl, wanting to tear this annoyingly energetic little girl away from his thigh, YinYin’s held on tight without any care for the world. Then she started to pour out her grievances:: “Daddy is so bad, I had been waiting for you for a long time!”

It  took a long time for him to free her hands from her Daddy’s thighs, she then circled him and said,’It’s been so long!’

Luo Sheng : “…”

The little girl was way too excited, she let go of her hand accidentally and let daddy shake her off. She chased after him hurriedly, “Daddy, wait for me!”

Luo Sheng was sitting in front of his parents with his ears open, but Mr. Luo and Ms. Yao sat on the sofa watching him for the rest of the day. Their eyes had the looks as if they are looking at some heinous sinner.

Ms. Yao took the lead: “What did you do since yesterday till now?”

Luo Sheng shrugged his shoulders, and sat down on the single-seat sofa on the far side. His legs swaying freely, lazily without a hint of suffocation, seeing Mrs. Luo not paying any heed to her!

The little pudding on the side looked left and right, tangled up,and thinking about how to lend a helping hand to her father to explain: “I know, Dad went to my house yesterday!”

She closed her little mouth and shook her little paws anxiously. “Daddy’s so sweet, he didn’t do anything bad!”

Mr. and Mrs. Luo: “…”

They saw that little YinYin was really anxious. So much that her little chubby face was red. Her pair of big round eyes pitifully looking at people, trying to convince them. How pitiful but lovely, one can’t not help but to tease her intentionally: “Is that so?”

She bobbed her little head fast, “Daddy is very good, very good! He won’t do anything bad!”

Uncle and aunty doesn’t believe her, even the system uncle doesn’t believe her father. It said that her father will do bad things. Just this thought was enough to make YinYin sad, she is such a good girl, why doesn’t anyone believe her?!

At the sight of the girl who was about to cry, Mrs. Luo cleared her throat and said, “I Believe you, I believe you!” She looked at her heartless son, as if about to swallow the brat down, and coaxed the little girl with much difficulty, “Of course, YinYin’s father, is a good child, just as good as YinYin”. 

Mr. Luo got goosebumps just listening to that, he couldn’t help but rub his hands. His son behaving lawfully was as much of a possibility as the sun rising from the west!

Luo Sheng made himself comfortable and put his hand on the armrest of the sofa.

The little girl was very satisfied with Mrs Luo’s reply and smiled sweetly : “Daddy is the best.”

Mrs. Luo asked the servant to take the girl away. She coaxed her by telling her to visit her father’s room. Hearing that, her eyes lit up, as she rushed to her father’s room!

Now, the living room was quiet without YinYin.

Mr. Luo glared at his son. “What’s this matter with YinYin ?”

“Since when did you have a child ?”

Luo Sheng was completely immune to his father’s glare. He smirked as if saying such small matters were none of his concern. These things had nothing to do with him, inadvertently  his mind shook as he recalled the face of the little girl hugging his thigh while shouting father,  her eyes wide open, filled with admiration.

He paused and said,’That’s not mine.’ 

Mr. Luo and Mrs. Luo did not believe that, YinYin’s closeness to their son was not an act, they could see that for themselves. If there was no blood relationship, how can they be so close?  However, his son’s attitude towards the girl was really cold, and he was not a bit like a dad.

Mrs. Luo condemned him: “I don’t care how you mess around outside, but if YinYin is really your child, we will recognize her without much resistance. Our family is pretty easy going, we won’t care even if that child is yours, we don’t mind it. Let mom help you.”

“And, be kind to YinYin, what kind of daddy is that?”

With that, Mrs. Luo thought a little bit and said, “The child is here, then what about the mother?” Take me and your father to her someday.

Luo Sheng: “…”

He massaged his brows and said, “Not mine!”

Mrs. Luo was trying to think for her son, who else would if not her? Anybody could see that YinYin depended on him? More dearly than his own family?!

Before he could refute to anything, the servant led a middle-aged woman in.

“Sir and Madam, this is Aunt Zhang from Bai family in our neighborhood. She said that their lady is here with us and wants to take her home for lunch.”

 Zhang Yue greeted everybody one by one, “Mr. Luo, Mrs. Luo, Master Luo, is Miss Yin of our family here?”

She was embarrassed as she continued, “In the morning, Miss Yinyin came to see Master Luo to have fun. I was not allowed to follow her. Now it’s time to go back for lunch!” She looked around, but did not find the her young lady  and asked: “Is she not here?”

Zhang Yue’s heart skipped a beat, she shouldn’t have fallen for the young lady’s coquettish begging with the attack of sprouting tears and agreed to her, letting her go. Zhang Yue was now full of regret, she couldn’t resist a small child crying in front of her, her heart was too weak.

Bai family was 56 households away from Luo family in this high-end residential area, every household had a large area and a big yard. 56 households distance was neither too close nor too far,especially for a little child. 

Looking at the anxious nanny who was about to cry out, Mrs. Luo smiled and said, “Don’t worry, YinYin is upstairs.

“Playing in her dad’s room at our house.”

She turned to the servant and told her to go up and call the girl.

Luo Sheng stood up and said, “I’ll go.”

The gray and white bedroom was very spacious and bright, inside there were very few things, it had a minimalistic and cool style. Very much unlike the owners arrogant personality , but the YinYin only needed a glance to recognize that this must be Dad’s room!

She sniffed around, and groaned excitedly, she entered the room leaving the servant leading her. She ran to the big bed with squealing with joy and threw herself on it. As she was too short to get on the bed, she could only bury her face in it, even that was enough to the satisfaction of the little girl. 

YinYin buried her face in her father’s quilt, his face was intoxicated with happiness and she screamed, “System uncle, father is still father!”

The system hums lazily and ignores her, since ancient times till now, this was the first time it was seeing such a father daughter pair,  to treat her like a little dog, and that intoxicated look on her face was really blinding!

YinYin waited for her father for a long time, she searched for her father everywhere, she was famished. Then the system uncle fell from the sky, and told her that she could help her find her father. But, only one condition. To prevent her father from doing bad things.

There was a long argument whether Dad would do something bad with the system or not, and even if the system uncle saved her, she still would not back down.

Now she could finally find her father and play in his room full. The little girl felt that the reunion was finally complete.

After a while, she raised her head, looked left and right. Dad’s room was on the third floor. There was no one on this floor, no one living, and it was empty.

She closed her mouth and snickered, with her hands and feet together, carefully she climbed onto Dad’s bed..

When Luo Sheng came in, a small moving bulge on the bed, rolling back and forth, jumping up and down, and he even heard the childish singing. 

Without formal instruction, the girls singing is not standard and somewhat out of tune. She was singing a. song she heard on TV, of a popular group square dance divine.

The young girl’s voice hummed the song, happy to tweak to the lyrics of the song a little , “You are my daddy, how much I love you? not too much!” The little red face was cute enough to warm people’s hearts. 

Luo Sheng :”…”

His eyelids twitched as he walked over and pulled the little ball out of the bed.

She was pulled out by her collar from behind her neck. When she was pulled out with the man’s hand, her little dumpling face was blank, her small face was red, kowtow to her daddy : “Daddy, Dad, I did not intentionally mess up your quilt…”

The dumpling was carried by the man in his arms and all the way downstairs.

Mr. and Mrs. Luo watched at their son carried the girl and threw her to the anxious nanny coldly : “Take her back.”

No one could see that the man’s ears were red. They could only see that his face was impatient and the girl was frightened. She was feeling very wronged, and was about to start crying.

Dad was angry at her, Dad was too bad!

Zhang Yue was distressed and embarrassed at the same time. She looked at Luo Sheng and started apologizing: “Sorry, Master Luo, our family’s young miss encountered such a big tragedy at an early age, for a moment please be kind to her. I am really sorry for disturbing you.”

Watching the little girl crying loudly, she was really heartbroken!

Mr. and Mrs. Bai were modest and generous when they were alive. They were polite even to their servants. They had no feeling of being above the others.

Zhang Yue was divorced, she also had a school going daughter. She was being driven out of her husband’s family, with only a few hundred dollars in cash in her hands, and did not even have a place to live.

Her Daughter just entered college, she did not even have enough money for the school tuition out, and then luckily she met Mrs Bai, and she was the one who gave her the job along with food and accommodation. She even provided for her daughter to continue her studies. Zhang Yue was grateful from her heart to the Bai couple.

When she went to work at Bai House , Mrs. Bai was pregnant and soon gave birth to Miss Yin by the end of the year.

It could be said that she watched the young lady grow up. She watched as a wee babe grew up to a small child, as she learnt to talk smartly with a lovely gaze. 

Therefore, even if other Bai family servants left with the money, she would never leave, because she loved young Miss, and was worried about the future life of Miss.

Afraid of offending the Luo family, she carefully explained. She looked at the girl and coaxed her, “Miss Yin, we should go home, Aunt Zhang made you a delicious lunch.” 

The little dumplings nose was red because of all the crying, she looked at Zhang Yue and nodded in agreement. Zhang Yue nodded at Mr.and Mrs. Luo, picked up the child and left.

Luo Sheng subconsciously looked over and saw that the girl’s face was buried in the nanny’s shoulder, whimpering, without raising her head. Unlike yesterday at the Bai House,when he was about to leave, she had sweetly said good-bye.

When the two of them left, the Luo family was quiet again. Mr. and Mrs. Luo sat side by side, looking at their son. They didn’t know what he was thinking and said, “Where is YinYin from?” 

“That child… Is it really Bai Family?

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