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[VHBF] Chapter 42: The Rise and Fall Of a Star


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Zhu Ji was a legend in the entertainment circle.

Born into a poor family, his parents passed away when he was a child. Due to studying hard, he was admitted to Imperial University as the top student in the college entrance examination. In his freshman year, he was discovered by a famous film director to take part in the production of a literary and art film, playing a minor, but extremely important, supporting role and he became popular this way.

They wished that the starting point was closer to get inside the entertainment circle. Also, it was not easy for poor students with no connections and power to stay in the circle for a long time, even if they had gone through bad luck for a while.

But the next development blinded the eyes of all people. Zhu Ji, like the hero in the movie, was born with the acting skills and perfect appearance of Qingjun, which made him quickly become a favorite with directors.

This man seemed to belong to the acting world since birth. No matter what kind of role, movie or TV series, the character seemed to come alive in his hands.

Zhu Ji won the first award of his life during his sophomore year. This brilliant student from the capital’s university, despite not being part of the acting class, overstepped a crowd of newcomers and veterans alike with his skills and got the country’s biggest film award as the best supporting male actor.

In his junior year, Zhu Ji won his first movie emperor trophy of his life and became the youngest movie emperor in China. After that, he brought all kinds of honors to his home without money. It seemed that he was born for great fortune. Others may not be able to reach these heights in their entire lifetime, which he attained within a few years in the industry.

He had won the Film Emperor Cup and twice won the International Film Emperor Award. This time, he once again won the honor for the Chinese people, defeated the all time winners at the Venice Film Festival, and once again won a trophy.

This year, Zhu Ji, 30, one of the most renowned male stars in China.

But something unexpected happened. He wished to win the award this time too, people were still abroad, and wished that the film emperor would win the honor for the country again. The news was hot on the internet, and then a scandal broke out.

#Zhu Ji King Of Silverscreen Reigns Again#

#Zhu Ji acts like a Diva#

Two searches made the headlines in succession,  quickly overwhelming the search engine by the hot search for Zhu Ji and then the movie emperor.

Ever since Zhu Ji  had entered the circle, nobody has heard anything about him other than things related to acting and gossip. He liked high-grade food, which he clearly streamed on social media.

He was nothing less than an eye candy. He stood out even among the newcomers in the industry. He had a clear temperament like the bright moon, he especially had a gentle and polite disposition. He was considered the white moonlight and cinnabar nevus in the hearts of fans. Even those who were not his fans had a good impression of him. When the scandal broke out this time, the fans exploded in an instant, and the micro blog was paralyzed for several hours

Coincidentally, due to the poor weather, the plane from Venice to China was unable to take off and was delayed.

By the time Zhu Ji returned to China, the netizens who had been disbelieving from the beginning had already turned from disbelieving and then doubting then completely believing. Everything seemed to have settled and this became the black spot on Zhu Ji’s reputation that he could not wash away.

In the face of “evidence” such as videos and photos thrown out by marketing companies, as well as some members of the staff and victims in the circle who  stood out blaming  him, the scandal about him seemed to have become a fact.

If it was just a stain on any other actor with some bad reputation, it would not have mattered much in the circle. But the problem was that the Silver Screen Emperor was way too clean before, and hence the fans were much agitated.

Even so, it was not impossible for him to come back after a period of silence. Zhu Ji had been in the circle for the last 12 years. He had been continuously winning honors and awards, and such a solid foundation was not so easy to crush.

But the fatal blow to him was that just as he came back from Venice, and got off the plane. As soon as he set his foot on the ground he was taken away by the police. This news quickly exploded on the Internet. The pictures clearly showed that Zhu Ji was taken away by the police.

Half an hour after Zhu Jiwas taken away by the police, Weibo crashed again, and it was not easy to restore it successfully. News of Zhu Jiwas hot again.

Netizens finally found out the reason why Movie Emperor Zhu, who had always been clean, had been taken away by the police? It turned out to be a reported drug use!

It was fine if an artist couldn’t  perform well, or didn’t  have a good character. But once it was related to drugs, it was almost over for them.

People who didn’t understand this matter were stunned after reading the Science Popularization Post. The reputation, which the Movie Emperor Zhu Ji had built over 12 years, was toppled overnight. The one who used to be praised by everyone had become the one who everyone talked about as being a bad example.

There were many people on the Internet who only cared to vent their anger whenever and wherever they wanted. The comments below the post, each comment was more terrible than the last. Those who called for Zhu Ji to get out of the entertainment circle were the mildest of the comments.

In the dark living room, the curtains were drawn, and the man was sitting on the carpet, with his back against the sofa.

Entertainment news was being broadcasted on the TV, “It is understood that Zhu Ji has sold the garage to compensate for the huge damages of major advertisers and crew. The person in charge of Jinyuan entertainment, Zhu Ji brokerage company said that Zhu Ji’s contract has expired, and he is no longer an artist of the company. Before the accident, Zhu Ji had decided to work alone. The company respected his decision, but in any case, sincerely wished him well and helped him as much as they could. It was enough to make a new start… “

The man bowed his head and smiled, which was a heartfelt blessing. His boss for the last ten years  backstabbed him when he was down. This was just affirming the authenticity of the news on the Internet.

The man on the floor raised his head, his face that the fans rated as “bright moon, light and quiet in the world”. He was pale and his lips were dry. He drank a cup of water, stood up, cleaned up the living room, and then he would hand over the house to the broker.

This house was Zhu Ji’s last one, the first one he had ever brought after the first payment he earned. After some of his assets were transferred by his broker, he spent all his savings, including real estate, to sell everything out, so as to fill the huge hole of damages to the companies and crew.

There seemed to be no difference between when he was a newcomer in the industry and now, as  the former high spirited movie emperor. Only the red blood vessels in his eyes and the pallor on his face proved that he was not as calm these days as he appeared to others.

Zhu Ji turned off the TV and the door was left wide open, waiting for the broker to hand over the house to the buyer.

This was the only place that the paparazzi didn’t know as his residence. The security of the community was also good. He didn’t have to worry about someone breaking in.

Half an hour later, the broker still had not come. But a gorgeous woman wearing a sexy outfit came with a child.

The woman slammed the door open with her foot, looking angry. When she saw the man on the sofa, she pulled the child’s hand and went inside. “Hello, Long time no see, Movie Emperor Zhu Ji.”

She pushed the child, who was about three years old in a pink skirt next to him, and said, “You don’t remember me. This is your daughter. Now, this bottle is for you!”

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