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[VHBF] Chapter 44: A New Life A New Beginning

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Chapter 44:

An hour later, the little dumpling came out of the house with her Daddy carrying two suitcases, one big and one small. But the little dumpling only had a small broken school bag on her back. That was the only belonging she possessed. There was a small skirt and a pair of shoes inside it, which were her only property.

Also the old and dirty little rabbit doll which she had been holding from the start.

Yinyin looked up at her Daddy standing beside her. Just now, an uncle and an aunty came to talk with him. The little dumpling couldn’t understand them. After a while, Dad packed their things up and took her out along with him as they left the house.

The uncle and aunty locked the door with the key given to them by Daddy and went away happily.

The little dumpling looked at the locked door behind her, and then at her Daddy who was standing beside her with two suitcases. She frowned and whispered, “Daddy, isn’t this our home?”

Zhu Ji touched the little dumpling’s head affectionately and said, “No. That’s someone else’s.”

Then a taxi arrived at the gate of the community. Zhu Ji said nothing more. He put on a black mask and put on another mask for the little dumpling. The mask for adults was a little big for the child, almost covering her whole face.

The driver didn’t recognize that this was Movie Emperor Zhu, who had been making a lot of ruckus on the Internet recently. He laughed and said, “It seems to be popular for parents and children to wear the same mask these days. Ha ha!”

Where was Zhu Ji going?

The man looked at the nearby dumpling and informed the destination to the taxidriver. That place was a famous slum in the city. Because of the geography, the surrounding buildings had been rebuilt, but there was no such place within the slum. It maintained the old house style of the □ □ decade (1), which is commonly known as the tube building (2).

Most of the people who lived there were old people or migrant workers who couldn’t afford to rent commercial houses somewhere better. The rent of a single house was only three to five hundred yuan a month, which was very cheap.

Also because the rental was cheap, this led to the place being more similar to a village in the middle of the city. The community has no property management, so the environment was relatively messy.

Zhu Ji has a house here, which was left to him by his deceased parents. He had never thought of selling the house even after he was successful in his career in recent years. He had not even given any thought to even renovating it, in order to keep his parents’ memories. Now it was his only shelter.

The driver was a chatterbox. Seeing that the young father in the car was in a bad mood, he said a few more words to adjust the atmosphere.

After a while, Mr. Boast said in an exaggerated voice, “Your daughter is so lovely! I’m sure when she grows up, she’ll look like you. After all, it’s not a bad thing to say that your daughter looks like you!”

The little dumpling blushed after hearing this, and quietly moved closer to her Daddy. She hugged his arm, and rubbed her little head against his arm. Her eyebrows and eyes, which were not covered by the mask, bent into a crescent in bliss.

The driver didn’t say anything anymore. Both father and daughter were wearing masks. Their eyes and eyebrows were similar. Yao Li had brought the little dumpling to Zhu Ji, but even she hadn’t noticed this.

At this moment, when Zhu Ji heard the driver’s words, he subconsciously turned to look at the restless girl. She looked back at him, and smiled sweetly, “Daddy!”

Movie Emperor Zhu’s lips were also subconsciously drawn into a smile, and then he felt that what the driver said was right. She really did look a little bit like him. Zhu Ji recalled the only picture of him he had as a child. This girl looked seven points out of ten similar to him from his childhood.

The little dumpling was a little three year old girl. Her cheeks are full of baby fat. If only Yao Li hadn’t taken her when she was leaving or at least taken care of her, her face would have been round and chubby. She looked so lovely in her pink skirt, like a jade carving.

But Zhu Ji was an adult man. Even if his facial features were exquisite and beautiful, the contours of his face were clear and well defined, hence, he never paid attention to the similarity between him and the little dumpling. The more he looked at her the more he felt like this was true. Especially after wearing a mask, it covered the little round face of the little dumpling and only showed a pair of eyebrows and eyes, which made her look more like him.

Zhu Ji didn’t think that the child was his daughter before. Even if that strange woman came to him blaming him, he was nothing more than a little shocked. He was afraid that the child didn’t live well with her mother.

Whenever that foolish woman looked at the little dumpling, he saw that she subconsciously flinched. Looking at her timid appearance,  he was sure that she surely abused this child.

In particular, Zhu Ji found bruises on the little dumpling’s neck, which looked like strangling marks. Children’s skin  is tender and sensitive, and it made the scars on this child’s neck even more shocking.

When she pounced on him, Zhu Ji felt soft for some reason. This well-educated man had compassion. The only thought he had was that rather than such a mother, having none would be better.

In order to not let the poor child be exploited by the obviously greedy mother in the future, Zhu Ji took the matters into his own hands to separate the child from such a mother.

Zhu Ji was now in a difficult situation. After selling his house and car, he had lost all his money. It was fine if he had to support himself, but it was hard for him to raise a child.

There was a popular post on the Internet he had seen some time ago when he was surfing through the net in the past. He knew that it was not easy to raise a child. Even though the age of the girl was no longer in diapers, but tuition for kindergarten was also a big headache. A slightly better kindergarten would have a tution of tens of thousands of dollars a year.

In addition, children would need good nutrition to grow up well. Also, he would need to buy them toys, clothes and milk powder. Nothing was free in this world.

Zhu Ji had entered the entertainment circle in order to pay for his tuitions at the beginning, but he later continued purely because of his love of acting. He had amazing talent in this industry, and also particularly enjoyed the process of acting.

It was just that, as a result of being addicted to acting, the trusted agent and the management company he used to work with backstabbed him.

When he had joined the circle, he had signed a ten-year contract with Jinyuan entertainment company, which was based on the B-level contract. Later, after he rose in prominence, it was converted into an A-level contract.

The contract had expired after the first ten years at the request of the company’s CEO. Zhu Ji continued the contract for another two years. Today was exactly the twelfth year.

After the contract expired, Zhu Ji was ready to set up his own studio according to what he had said at the beginning. There were few people like him who were willing to become famous but still work hard in the company, but Zhu Ji didn’t care much about these things. He was young and powerful, and didn’t care about those years he had spent working hard to rise to prominence.

Only one miscalculation from his part was that the management company and the agent made a fool of him when they saw that he was determined to do it alone.

Zhu Ji knew that there were others that were his haters. The agency was simply adding fuel to the fire, and agent Amy…these few years he has delved wholeheartedly into acting, leaving part of his assets for her to manage. As a result, it was all swept away (conned out of it, taken from him).

When entering the community, there were high-rise buildings all around. Only a few tube buildings in the middle looked out of place. Scraps of paper, empty alcohol bottles and delivery boxes were all piled up in the big tin buckets downstairs. Flies and mosquitoes were flying around everywhere. Occasionally, there were some empty bottles scattered on the ground that had not been thrown in.

Looking at the place as messy as in his memory, Zhu Ji looked down at the child holding his hand in silence. He was afraid the child hadn’t seen such a place before in her life and couldn’t adapt to it. He bent down a little to say something to the child.

But seeing the little dumpling’s eyes shining while looking at the empty bottles on the ground, he realised that those clear and beautiful big eyes were clearly filled with surprise.

The little dumpling was ready to move. She felt her hands itching. She wanted to pick up the bottles.

The little dumpling looked up and said, “This place is so nice! How rich! There are so many bottles! “

Zhu Ji was stunned. “Bottles…… bottles?”

Always having the ability to skillfully and easily accomplish tasks with ease, this was the few seldom times the humble and gentle Movie Emperor got stuck. He suddenly couldn’t understand the thought processes of kids nowadays.

The little dumpling was picked up by her father just like she had wished, but she was not very happy. She leaned over her father’s shoulder and looked at the bottle which was growing farther and farther away from her. She sighed with regret. Her little chubby fat face was full of visible pain. Now the bottle was not easy to pick up. Dad was being so headstrong, she was not being allowed to pick up the bottle!

Young dumpling had begun to worry about her life before she had learned how to walk. Picking up bottles was her only earning skill. It was hard to watch the bottles get away from her.

Listening to the sound of sighing in his ears. Zhu Ji had a headache for the first time in his life. What was this magical hobby? Other children liked toys. She liked to pick up bottles???

Another thought came to him was maybe the child had wanted to pick up the bottles when she saw that he didn’t have any money. After all, he didn’t avoid the child when he had sold the house and handed over the house keys. Now she had moved to such a place with him. The child was sensitive and didn’t know much.

Zhu Ji felt his heart melting. He had gotten along with a three-year-old for the first time in his life, he felt that it was not a bad feeling. It was not as painful and burdensome as rumored. .

The old house which nobody had lived in for a long time, was covered with dust. It was a small house with two rooms and one small corridor was about 30 square meters in total, located on the third floor of the second building.

After Zhu Ji pushed open the door, he patted the head of the little dumpling and placed her down from his arms. The dust from the ceiling fell on his face. In the living room, there was an old set of cloth sofa, a tea table without feet, a wooden dining table with paint peeling off, and two similar stools with the same worn off paint.

Both rooms were very small. When Zhu Ji was a child, he lived in one room with his parents. Later, when his parents died, he changed the other room into a study.

The rooms were very small. There was not even enough room for a desk and a bed. There were several small boxes piled together on the side. There was no wardrobe in the room. There were old clothes in the plastic bag.

In addition to a bathroom, there was no kitchen. The kitchen was a temporary kitchen on the balcony. The old building originally had no bathroom. There was a public restroom outside, in the corridor. The restroom in the room was rebuilt from a storage room after Zhu Ji went to school. Therefore, the restroom was narrow and the lighting was not good.

Fortunately, there was no problem with the circuit. Water and electricity could be used too. Zhu Ji cleaned the sofa and put the dumpling on it. He took out a bag of candy from his backpack and put it in her arms. “Don’t mess around and eat candies here. I’ll talk about your problem after I clean this place.”

The little dumpling didn’t know what the final problem was. She just ignored the past without understanding it. She only knew that her father told her to sit quietly and gave her candies!

“Daddy be at ease, YinYin is the most obedient child!” Zhu Ji looked at the little chubby face, a face that was similar to his. She was serious. She promised that she will be obedient?

Zhu Ji picked up the bucket of water and started to clean the living room. He had taken care of himself since he was a child. He was also very skillful in housework. He soon cleaned up the living room.

At first, the little dumpling was biting candies and sitting quietly. She was sitting on the sofa and watching her father wipe things up and down. It was fun to be still.

Ten minutes later, she couldn’t bear it anymore. She asked, “Can I move Daddy?”

Zhu Ji was busy cleaning the empty tube Tuan Zi. At this time, he heard the little dumpling’s voice and turned to look at her. The little dumpling was still the same as when he had hugged her and instructed her to sit quietly on the sofa. She put her hands on her short legs and tried to sit upright. Her small chubby face was pained as if trying really hard to hold back and crumpled.

She secretly twisted her body a little and said shyly: “Daddy Daddy, YinYin, YinYin want to pee…”

  1. It was like that in the raws.
  1. TongZiLou (筒子楼) : Tongzilou (tube-shaped) buildings are ramshackle dwellings formed of long tubular corridors, connecting family-sized bedrooms, shared bathrooms and kitchens, and balconies that double as thoroughfares.

If you want to know more about them please follow this link:

Shanghai’s real “Pig Cage Stronghold”.

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