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[VHBF] Vol.1 The Playboy Daddy Ch. 1 Daddy!! Hug!!!

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling (LemonSquash)

Proofreader: @lynn

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Vol.1  The PlayBoy Daddy 


The  chairman of the Bai Family corporation and his wife of ‘A City’ died in a plane crash, leaving behind their 3-year-old orphan with a large fortune. Their relatives were trying their best to swindle the girl and enter the house to get a hold of it. But, who knew that the 10 billion-dollar golden doll would have chosen her own father or also known as the city’s most popular guy…

Luo Sheng: “F**k, I’m not doing it!”

YinYin: “Daddy, hug!”

Luo Sheng: “…. “

A few days later —

“Fuck, who dares to bully my daughter? I won’t let him get away with this!”

 Chapter 1: World’s Number One Dad!

It was June now. After the rain, it was fresh and bright.

The funeral of the famous Bai Family couple in ‘City A’ had just ended, and the Bai Family was in a turmoil.

The servants retreated in a hurry, lest they get caught up in the flurry and be burnt by the aftermath.

In the living room, a few people were heatedly discussing in lowered voices. The men and women dressed in black outfits could not hold back but to mention the inheritance worth thousands of billions the lucky person who would adopt the child would receive.

“I’m her second uncle, and we’ve been really close lately, so I’ll definitely be the one to raise my niece!”

A middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and a slightly evil demeanor declared decisively.

Then came the voice of the Bai family’s eldest son, and only after he was in his 40s could he have this golden baby.

As soon as he opened his mouth, the other two said, “We are also Uncles to YinYin, and don’t you know that I’m closer to her. We have endured through the thick and thins of life together. Don’t you know that?”

Mr. Bai didn’t have any blood related brother, but he had three cousins. As soon as he opened his mouth, the other two also said, “We are with Uncles to Yinyin too. We were all close friends, no matter how big or small the problem is.”

They were all talking among themselves. No one ever bothered to ask the one being adopted what she wanted.

Everyone wanted to raise this little Golden Doll, who was also taramount to an inheritance of a huge Bai Family Mansion and tens of billions of dollars in assets.

The group was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Bai. When they were young, the famous couple caught up with the trends. They had a unique vision and were modest and generous. They were very popular with people.

The Bai family’s business  started to grow bigger and bigger. To this day, more than 20 years later, it has become a famous large group in China, and it was also a landmark enterprise in the A city!

This time, the Bai family had an accident. All of the relatives, who were usually kept outside the house till yesterday, swarmed in like flies to occupy the spacious living room.

A few women gathered around and whispered for a long time. The nanny was called in and asked, “What about Yinyin. Where is she? Why didn’t we see her?”

As if saying “We’ve been discussing for a long time and forgot to ask where she was. Is it too late to ask now?”

The nanny lowered her head and curled her mouth into a mocking smile. Her poor Miss Yinyin was only three years old! How pitiful!

In the back garden of the villa.

The nanny had been looking for someone in the garden for a long time.

The little one was crouching in the garden, surrounded by flowers, plants and trees around her .

“Miss Yinyin?” the nanny cried out. 

The little ball didn’t look up and still hung her small head low. 

Nanny became even more distressed. How could such a small child resist those jackals and wolves out there when she had just lost her parents?!

“Don’t be afraid, this is Aunty Zhang,” she coaxed the child gently. 

After a long time, she heard small sobs coming from the folded knees.

Zhang Yue’s heart almost broke into half for the child. Miss Yinyin was only three years old. She was usually cute and smart. Even if she was coddled and held in the palms of her parents’ hands, she was never domineering and bossy.

Since a very young age, the lady was known to care for people. These servants have been taken care of by the young lady. When she used to get delicious food, she would share it with others. When the weather was cold, she would frown and say, “Auntie, remember to dress warmly!”

Zhang Yue didn’t dare to reach out and hug her. She stood beside her and coaxed: “Little Miss, you are so lovely and sweet, please don’t cry.”

She was so worried but whatever came out of her mouth sounded dumb to her. She only knew to say please don’t cry instead of comforting her.

YinYin finally raised her head, a pair of beautiful round eyes were red and swollen. She opened her mouth, in a small voice with a slightly nasal sound she said: “I want Daddy!”

Finally, these relatives of Bai’s family couldn’t wait for the result anymore . They couldn’t argue with each other. They reached a consensus to let YinYin herself choose a foster family. Hence, the nanny went out, after a long time she returned along with an almost asleep girl and announced,”Miss Yin was crying a lot and fell asleep.”

A little three-year-old child had just lost her parents. They couldn’t wake her up in public even if they had no other choice. They were so impatient but they still needed to show a smile on their faces. 

They could only go back home without any accomplishment this time.

It didn’t take long for the Bai family relatives to come up with a new plan. Apparently, the little girl was afraid and lonely after losing her father and mother. These uncles and aunts invited everyone to get together for a party and made the Bai family’s house bustling.

In fact, everybody knew about the rumor that the Bai family wanted them to witness who the ‘Golden Doll’ would choose, whom she wanted to follow.

This way, the people and the child could make their own choice.  And even if something was to happen in the future, nobody would look too shameless, and they could even earn a good reputation.

These relatives, led by First Uncle of YinYin, invited all the dignitaries in the circle, and everyone would be happy to see the spectacle. After all, the one who got to keep the golden doll in the future, would be the Bai enterprises future owner!

Luo Sheng just came back home and lazed around at home for the next two days. Making his friends annoyed till they were shouting out at him.

“OK, just because you studied abroad do you think you have become a gold plated monk(1)? You won’t come out and have a drink with your friends!”

His short hair was dyed brown, his features were delicate yet not feminine. Even though he was more than twenty years old, there was still a kind of juvenile arrogance and unruliness between his eyebrows.

He turned the glass in his hand, and the chandelier reflected a fragmentary light. Luo Sheng sneered. “The old man is watching.”

This was a private club run by young people in the posh circle. There was everything in it. Singing, dancing, playing billiards, bowling.  There were even gambling tables on the ground floor.

It was noisy outside but behind the closed door was so quiet that even the sound of breathing could be heard. Luo Sheng took a sip of wine from the glass.”There was an agreement between the old fogey and me, after I finish MBA, he would leave me alone!”

He was lying lazily on the sofa, his arms on the back of his head, with a big grin on his lips, his pair of peach blossom eyes slightly squinted, “Wait for tomorrow, I will start to embrace the wonderful life of drunkenness and dreamland!”

Luo Sheng’s buddies cheered with wine glasses in their hands, “Congrats to you brother Luo!!!”

The group of people who gathered today were the same smelly brats who grew up playing with Luo Sheng since childhood. They knew what the other was thinking with just eye contact.

Even though they were drinking wine and smoking heavily, the room was not filled with smoke. The ventilation system in this room was done very well, even if a group of people were smoking, the air was not even a bit suffocating.

Luo Sheng carelessly puffed out a cigarette ring. “Tomorrow’s the date?”

Someone came over and said aloud: “No, tomorrow’s White House’s banquet, why don’t you go there and join the bustle?”

After suddenly realizing that Luo Sheng didn’t know about this matter, they explained: “Brother Luo, you just returned home two days ago, and you were stuck at home and didn’t go out. So you may not have heard of it yet.”

“Heard of what?”

“You know about the Bai Group?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Bai, the chairman of the board of directors of Bai enterprise, have lost their lives in a plane crash, and they left behind a little daughter, just a little over three years old! Hmm… Maybe not three years old, I heard she hasn’t had her third birthday yet.”

“Whether by will or by law, the three-year-old should inherit the White’s group, right? And such a small heir must have a guardian?”

He laughed and said, “The relatives of the Bai family have been quarrelling all over. They don’t want to lose face but they still want to fight for the rights to guardianship. These days, every one of them is a joke.” 

A blonde-haired young man sat down next to Luo Sheng, he put a piece sliced watermelon in his mouth. He smiled and said, “What’s with the joke of a party again? Maybe we should be a witness and see the little devil choose her own guardian.”

“We brothers are going to see the bustle tomorrow, and see what the golden doll looks like, also to see which rotten imbeciles will win the favor of the little devil.”

Everybody started laughing, they had not been this excited for a while now.  “Should we go to see the bustle?“ Asked Luo Sheng.

The brown-haired lazy youth shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s boring anyway.”

The Bai family mansion was a golden and white three-story villa. There were gardens in front and behind of the villa. The front yard also had a small playground with a slide, swings and everything.  You could tell just by looking around that the family was very fond of children.

The overall style of the house was delicate and cozy, but not as big or luxurious as commonly seen in large houses in the posh circle, but just by looking at it you could imagine how warm and happy a family of three used to live in this villa.

Luo Sheng followed his friends and entered the gates of the villa. His eyes fell on the pink swing and paused.

The relatives of the Bai family led by Second Unclewere standing at the door to welcome the guests. Their faces were plastered with a warm smile and natural attitude as they greeted everyone.

Luo Sheng was bored as he took a few sips of wine, he put down the glass, “I’ll go back first.”

“Don’t go! Come on, Luo. The show hasn’t started yet!”

“Wait a minute, just a minute!”

 Uncle Bai, who had a slightly vicious look, was standing at the centre of the stage with a small microphone in front of him, “Thank you for joining us…”

After a polite opening remark, he looked around, looked at his fellow relatives, and said, “My cousin and sister-in-law are no more, and we are heartbroken. My little niece Bai Yinyin is only three years old, and we are the only living relatives she is left with. And we brothers have to take up the family for my cousin!”

“Now please witness, who is little YinYin willing to follow, we are letting her choose, not forcing her to make a choice!!”

The nanny Zhang Yue was embracing the neatly dressed lady.

The little girl was dressed in a pink fluffy skirt, black bow-tied shoes, and a little hair band was tied in her sparse soft hair.

She seemed listless, her small face buried in the nanny’s arms.

Uncle Bai signaled the nanny to let the girl down.

The little girl stood on the carpet with her head hanging low, and Luo Sheng looked at her casually, with a specially made bronze lighter in his hands. 

Uncle Bai smiled, approached the little girl, deliberately lowered his voice, “YinYin…XiaoYin, who would you like to live with?”

The middle-aged man, who was somewhat malicious looking, suddenly softened down and smiled amiably, but still looked vicious.

The other relatives could not just sit down anymore, they also approached the little girl.  Disregarding the presence of outsiders, they also said: “YinYin, follow the third uncle, the third uncle’s eldest brother can take you to play ah!”

“With your fourth uncle, your cousin is only two years older than you, you can just play together!”

“YinYin follow…” 

The little ball hung her little head low, and the two little hands clasped uneasily together, as if afraid of stepping back two steps.

Everybody was coaxing the little girl noisily but gradually they started to quietdown. The uncle looked up, and then looked at the eyes of the people who did not agree. She was stifled and shouted out: “Don’t make noise, let YinYin make her own choice.”

After god knows how long, the little girl finally raised her head. Her eyes were slightly red, and her big eyes looked around, like a newborn calf, poor and innocent.

Several big men also had their heart melted. The blonde-haired man got angry and yelled, “Just to get their claws on the money, these lowlifes are actually forcing a child to dead end!” 

Huang Mao cracked, said: “Is that just a little money? Ten billion!”

In the end, these were things that do not concern them, the high and mighty, cold-hearted brothers. A few words would pass around, but nobody was really going to do anything, it was impossible that someone would bother.

After sighing, some people thought it was also very sour, looking at the group of red-eyed greedy relatives, “I don’t know how much bad luck this little golden doll has to be picked by these wolves!”

Everyone watched on with interest.

“Anyone will do?” little YinYin asked timidly.

Uncle Bai smiled and looked around, surrounded by relatives, “Of course you can choose anyone!”

Surrounded by the crowd, YinYin sniffed and looked up at the crowd.

Finally…her eyes fell on the brown-haired man on the couch in a small cubicle not far away.

Her eyes were bright, just before they were as listless as a faded bud, and now she was in great spirits. She held out her little chubby hand, pointed to the brown-haired man, and was about to shout.

The system kept on saying, “Don’t shout Daddy!”

YinYin paused, the little fat hand still pointed to the lazy man half-leaning on the sofa, in a childish sweet voice and in a straightforward way she said: “I Want him!”

  1. Gold Plated monk:  A Chinese Buddhist monk who died away in 2012 has been covered with gold leaf and is expected to be used as a shrine. Here it is more like asking, have you become more respectable after studying abroad?Or have you  left all worldly affairs.

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