Warm Marriage: Honourable Wife is a Little Cute

Chapter 1.1- You marry me!

Translated by Alien on Foxaholic.wordpress.com

It’s this one.

Standing in the doorway of the most luxurious room on the third floor of the popular Hampton leisure club.

Ruan Xiao Mian breathed deeply and closed her eyes, gritting her teeth, she stomped her feet on the floor, pushed the door in front of her and shouted in a fit of anger…

“Sister is coming to propose, marry me!”

After shouting loudly, Ruan Xiao Mian opened her eyes, but it stunned her.


It was too luxurious here!

The bright light is extremely dazzling, the whole room is huge and incomparable, it was gorgeous and low-key, very atmospheric belonging to the European style. 

The colors in the room were dark gold and white, but it is not pompous at all, but it has a sense of Renaissance luxurious art.

Where was this room, this was clearly the presidential suite of the hotel.

Compared to this suite, her room was simply hell.


An angry voice suddenly resounded, and it really frightened Ruan Xiao Mian. Her mind became blank.

She was standing in the same place, staring at the white curtain in front of her, vaguely saw a tall figure suddenly stood up.

Although, she couldn’t clearly see the appearance of the man, the powerful aura emanating from his whole body really shook her. (T/N: Jungshook 🙂 )

A few seconds later, Ruan Xiao Mian reacted. The man was taking a bath. She immediately stopped looking, trying to calm her frantic heart, and calmly said, “I’m here…”


Ruan Xiaomian’s words had not yet been finished, she abruptly stopped, and her sober mind became confused again. 

As she heard the clear sound of the collision of the bead curtain, she turned her head, and her eyes widened, and she became a little alarmed and fell on to the man who had stepped out of the bead curtain.

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