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Warm Marriage: Honourable Wife is a Little Cute

Chapter 1.2- You marry me!

Translated by AL13N on Foxaholic.wordpress.com

A few seconds later, Ruan Xiao Mian reacted. The man was taking a bath. She immediately stopped looking, tried to calm her frantic heart, and calmly said, “I’m here…”


Ruan Xiaomian’s words had not yet been finished, she abruptly stopped, and her sober mind became confused again. 

As she heard the clear sound of the collision of the bead curtain, she turned her head, and her eyes widened, and she became a little alarmed and eyes fell on to the man who had stepped out of the bead curtain

He seems almost 1.9 meter tall. His fair skin was shining brightly under the bright lights. His neat short hair, his profound facial features, and his captivating eyes and eyebrows were carved like chiseled statue especially those beautiful pair of pale blue eyes, which were as mysterious and unpredictable as the sea at night.

The naughty water drops slowly slide down from his strong chest muscles

along his one, two … eight-pack abs, passing the sexy mermaid line, and finally……

Ruan Xiaomian’s line of sight followed the drops of water to the man’s… She was in a trance as her line of sight lies below remaining there for several seconds, her blank mind finally resumed working, she moved backward, inhaled and abruptly turned her body around.

This is so awkward.

Translated by AL13N on Foxaholic.wordpress.com if you read this anywhere else it’s stolen. Don’t support theft.

A moment ago did she look at his naked glory?

Ruan Xiaomian’s face was beginning to heat up and she felt her face was red through and through like a hot iron. She believed if she put her face in the water now, she would surely emit white mist.

“Who are you? Who gave you the courage to come in?”

The man’s wrathful voice rang once more. She could hear that he was really angry.

Ruan Xiaomian was not afraid of his temper, but for the first time in her entire life, she saw a naked man and even saw that place. 

Although the figure of that person was truly good, flawless, without a trace of fat, especially those sexy mermaid lines… 

Shit, what was she thinking?

Ruan Xiaomian gritted her teeth. She was extremely bashful, while, also feeling somewhat lost. Thinking about it…. Run!

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