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WBWY – Chapter 1 (part 1)

I’ll be dividing each chapters into parts because they’re too long. But, have fun reading 🙂

Chapter 1: Rebirth, before divorce!


Ji Nuan  raised her head in the cold prison and looked at the prison guard who was throwing a cold meal on the floor in front of the door, but did not get up.

“What’s with this attitude? Eat or not!”

The prison guard stepped out and slammed the door while stepping on the bowl of rice he had thrown.

He has heard that this Ji Nuan has murdered Miss Yun so the Yun family specifically ordered for her torture in prison.

Sitting lifelessly in the corner, Ji Nuan just glanced at the dirty food that can no longer be eaten without care.

Then she heard a voice from the television being turned on in the surveillance room near her –

“The president of Shine Group, Mo Jingshen, returned home today and has arrived in Haicheng -“

“Shine Group is Asia’s largest financial company and Mo Jingshen formally took over the management of the company seven years ago. Today, the status of this business giant is completely immovable.”

All expressions froze on Ji Nuan’s face. She suddenly rushed to the door and tried to stretch her head out to catch a glimpse of the TV.

The prison guard turned around and saw her crouching
desperately between the iron bars. Her were gripped the bars tightly while her reddish eyes stared intently in the direction of the TV.

“What are you looking at? Do you know who’s on the news? With a woman like you, I don’t think you’re even qualified to lift his shoes!’

Ji Nuan bowed her head with a tremulous and exceedingly weak smile.

Right, she wasn’t even fit to lift Mo Jingshen’s shoes.

Even this man, who has become the president of Shine Group, was her husband ten years ago!

It was her own pride, arrogance waywardness and hell-bent on divorcing him that finally pushed the man, whom has always kept her in the palms of his hands, away.

In the past decade, he has never showed up again.

But what did the reporter say on TV just now?

Mo Jingshen was back? Has he returned from the United States?

The voice of reporter was interviewed eagerly, “Mr. Mo! I’ve heard that you’ve been married in the US two months ago. Did you return home together with your new bride?”

Ji Nuan’s eyes turned tremulous.

He…. got married?

Well, not to mention his current identity, he was also a famous figure in Hai Cheng ten years ago. God has favored him with a outstanding looks, which was second to none. She couldn’t couldn’t count how many families have lined up to associate with him.

He must be very happy now.

“Mr. Mo, you have rarely appeared in front of the media and you have also rarely returned home. Please talk about the current conditions at Shine Group…..”

“Is the lady behind you, Mrs. Mo? Mrs. Mo is really beautiful…”

A delicate feminine voice sounded then, “Sorry, Mr. Mo doesn’t accept media interviews. Please make way.”

That voice struck Ji Nuan like lightning.

That voice… That’s her younger sister Ji Mengran!

Ji Mengran who suddenly disappeared before the Ji family went bankrupt!

When she first initiated getting divorced, it was her good sister who encouraged her to commit suicide by cutting her wrist and risk all sorts of unreasonable ways, which gradually drove Mo Jingshen away from her until they got divorced.

Ji Nuan laughed mirthlessly till her lungs and heart suffered in pain.

“Since Mr. Mo never accepts interviews, can you say a few words Mrs. Mo?”

The reporters asked relentlessly while Ji Mengran, who was walking behind Mo Jingshen smiled coyly.

Mo Jingshen however opened his mouth this time around, but his clear and dull answer was chilling, “She is not Mrs. Mo.”

The smile on Ji Mengran’s face froze instantly, but she kept her smile to cover up her embarrassment.

She really isn’t……

The reporters around fell into an eerie silence until a squeaky voice broke it: “I heard that after Mr. Mo divorced 10 years ago, he never married again…”

Ji Nuan heard nothing of what was said next on the TV

The severe pain in her abdomen caused her to curl up on the ground, and her blood seemed flow upwards and rushed out of her throat.

Those people gave her three months of chronic poison in the prison.

Has her life finally come to an end?

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