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WBWY – Chapter 1 (part 2)


So hot…..

Ji Nuan regained consciousness bit by bit.


She ached and sobbed, but her protests were muffled by a man’s kisses.

When she awoke again, she found herself in a luxurious room with a crystal chandelier hanging above her head.

Underneath her was a soft and warm silk quilt giving her a feeling of lying on top of a fluffy cloud. It was incredibly comfortable.

Where was she?

She sat up and eyed each furniture around her in befuddlement.

This was clearly the Royal Garden in Hai Cheng, which was her marital home with Mo Jingshen!

How did she get back here?

Didn’t the Royal Garden close a few years ago for being vacant for so long?

The soreness of her lower body reminded her that this was not a dream. She looked down at her body, which was smooth and maintained the delicateness of someone who hasn’t experienced a decade-long in the desert and frost. Her shoulders and collarbones were scattered with ambiguous hickeys….

She scrambled out of bed and endured the discomfort between her legs, rushing into the bathroom to have a good look at herself in the mirror.

Ten years ago, as the most prominent lady in Hai Cheng, Ji Nuan had the face that every woman envied. Her incomparable beauty made her sought after. A smile from her has drove countless men into pledging their life to her.

Ji Nuan gasped incredulously at the vibrant face of the living person in the mirror.

She… She was back from the dead?!

Before she could recover from her shock, the door was suddenly pushed open and a sweet hesitant voice asked, “Sister, last night, did you and Jingshen gege….”

Seeing the traces on Ji Nuan, her voice instantly turned sharp, “You slept together?!”

Ji Nuan flinched then looked back and was confronted by Ji Mengran’s thunderous face.

Why does this scene seem familiar…..

She didn’t only come back from the dead, she was reborn back to ten years ago!

The month before she and Mo Jingshen divorced!

Last night, for the very first time in their six-months of marriage, she and Mo Jingshen slept on the same bed!

She has always resisted this so-called arranged marriage and all she ever wanted was a divorce.

Mo Jingshen has always considered her feelings and never forced her.

The month before their divorce, he still put up with all her temper. And because she told him she didn’t want to see him, he had either worked late at the company, waited until she has fallen asleep or lived directly in the company.

And everything that happened last night.. was Ji Mengran’s idea.

She said that as long as Mo Jingshen was drugged, she would find him a woman as evidence of his marital affair. Ji Nuan would then be forced to file for divorce.

But who was Mo Jingshen? Even if he has dropped his guard at home, he turned a cold face and refused any contact with anyone once he noticed that the wine was trampled with. When Ji Nuan tried to escape to avoid his anger, she was dragged back into their wedding room!

That night was also the first time Ji Nuan saw the other side of Mo Jingshen.

His gentleness and tolerance indulging all her nonsense were shed off. He pressed her on the bed and ignored her cries. Not only did he finally got his way as a husband, but also tossed her the whole night!

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