WBWY – Chapter 2 (part 1)

Chapter 2: She has never been so forward with him.

Everything that has transpired last night was so vivid…

So she really had been born again!

“Sister, didn’t we agree on me taking Jingshen gege away from the Royal Garden after he had downed that drink?’

Ji Mengran walked behind her but she couldn’t hide the hostility behind her question.

Ji Nuan gave her sister, who had frequented the Royal Garden from the day she got married.

Unaware of the bleakness in Ji Nuan’s stare, Ji Mengran ranted, “How did you end up in his bed…”

When Ji Nuan heard her complaint, she sneered, “His bed? Isn’t this our marital bed?”

“I’m worried for you! Now that the plan has been disrupted, you don’t know how long you’re going to put your divorce on hold!”Ji Mengran instinctively scowled.

Ji Nuan stepped towards her taking into her eyes her transparent nightdress and the seductive make up she has applied on.

Ji Nuan asked lightly, “Mengran, why are you wearing so little? Fortunately, I didn’t let you send him away last night. If something were to happen, I couldn’t account for it.”

“Huh? I….” Ji Mengran concealed her guilty conscience painstakingly. “It was too hot last night, so I changed into something light.”

“It’s early autumn, is it hot?”

“It’s not particularly hot… Sister, since the plan was in vain, I think you can just pretend to committing suicide!” Ji Mengran couldn’t point out where this inexplicable strangeness was coming from. So, she veered away and changed the topic directly.

“Oh? Suicide-” Ji Nuan drawled.

Looking carefully back now, since her engagement to Mo Jingshen, Ji Mengran has changed entirely into another person. She would often whisper in her ear the dark sides of an arranged marriage. She brought to her examples of failed marriage which has aggravated her fear and scared her off from the marriage, even more so in getting close contact with Mo Jingshen……….

“How about cutting your wrist? When he sees you’d rather die than stay with him, maybe he’d agree…”Ji Mengran suggested as if it were that simple.

“That’s too risky after all. What if I lose too much blood and no one comes to save me, what would I do?” Ji Nuan raised a brow but her retort held no warmth.

  “Oh, what are you worried about? No matter whether Jingshen comes back or not, if there is any danger, I will call the doctor right away!”

Ji Mengran, who was only a year younger than Ji Nuan, blinked innocently at her.

She would never forget that when she did cut her wrist and was lying in the bathtub full of hot bath, she lost too much blood and was unable to get up, but never did Ji Mengran called for a doctor to save her. She also never informed Mo Jingshen.

If Mo Jingshen hadn’t come back suddenly, sensed the disquiet, broke the door and lifted her out of the bloody water, she might not have lived to the day they divorced.

The curvature of Ji Nuan’s lips failed to reach her eyes. She snickered nonchalantly, “I’ll consider it. In any case, I had not slept last night. I just want to rest.”

Hearing her sleepless night, jealousy burned Ji Mengran’s eyes. Her lips thinned: “That… You must reconsider it. I will come back to you tomorrow.”

“Okay, I won’t be sending you back.”

Ji Nuan stood in place and watched until the figure of Ji Mengran disappeared from sight.

In the quiet room.

Ji Nuan turned around to inspect her wedding room that had remained imprinted in her memory. Her hand gently stroke the soft quilt, which seemed to carry the warmth left by Mo Jingshen.

Everything’s gone from the start.

Did she want to get a divorce?

Of course not!

In her previous life, she had no place to stay. She had been tricked by her closest relatives, her marriage broke down, her father died tragically, she lost everything and ended up in prison.

In this world, not only must she remain Mo Jingshen’s wife for a lifetime! It was even more important to reclaim her own dignity and everything she has lost, and never be manipulated again!

But the biggest problem now was —

She could recall that after last night’s events, Mo Jingshen rarely returned to the Royal Garden. The last time she saw him was the day she woke up after she committed suicide. He has arranged the divorce agreement and left it on the bed as she wished and committed on disappearing from her world forever.

She could never forget his indifference at that moment.

Ji Nuan raised a hand to massage her forehead.

Mo Jingshen, that man has loved and pampered her endlessly. But when he turned his back, he had become an iceberg, which was no question difficult to melt.

How was she going to coax Mo Jingshen back?


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