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WBWY – Chapter 2 (part 2)

In the evening, the CEO’s assistant, Shen Mu, saw Ji Nuan who suddenly popped in the company, and hurriedly greeted her.

“Miss Ji, why are you here?”

Ji Nuan made no move to correct the way the assistant addressed her. After all, she has repeatedly forbade anyone to call her Mrs. Mo.

She looked around and asked, “Is he at the company?”

Shen Mu knew she was talking about President Mo, but he was uncertain if this little ancestor has run to the company looking for trouble…

“The President is in a meeting and he’d be done in an hour at most.”

“It’s alright. I’ll go up and wait for him.”

After she was taken to the president’s office, Ji Nuan thanked Assistant Shen Mu and was left alone.

His office was simple and modern, spacious but comfortable. The furnishings were plain but hidden beneath it was the luxurious atmosphere and the visual effects. The most eye-catching was the 270 degrees French windows, transparent and bright.

Today’s Mo Jingshen has not yet returned to take over his family’s business and wasn’t the president of the Shine Group.

He has set up this technology company several years ago. Within a short span of three years, he monopolized all major domestic network technology resources, growing from that year’s $50 million capital to its current market value of $2 billion.

Today’s Mo Jingshen was well-known as the president of the Mo Shi Group. But more importantly was four years later, as the president of Shine Gropu, he has become a legend in dominating the business world.

After waiting for an hour, there was no shadow of Mo Jingshen.

She didn’t have much rest last night and this day was also spent digesting her own rebirth. Now, she couldn’t keep her eyelids open….

When Mo Jingshen went back to his office, he was greeted by such a scene.

Ji Nuan in a slim dress on the black leather sofa had her eyes closed. Her white and calm complexion was tantalizingly captured by the dim light in the office.

Sensing the eyes directed at her, Ji Nuan opened her eyes with vigilance only to fall instantly into a pair of dark cold, deepset eyes.

She sat up immediately and looked up at the man who stood aloof by the office door.

He was as tall as she could remember, wearing a sophisticated shirt. His long legs were wrapped in dark trousers, slender and straight. His figure was impeccable, which rendered his face even more handsome.

“You are back…” Ji Nuan greeted and stood up.

“Mm.” Mo Jingshen echoed lightly and went straight to his desk.

Without second thoughts, Ji Nuan subconsciously followed behind him and pulled his arm.

Not only was Mo Jingshen caught off guard, even Ji Nuan herself was disconcerted. This hand, she seemed to have never done…

She seemed to have never been so forward with him.

Mo Jingshen glanced at her snowy hand in his arm and slowly but firmly wrenched his arm away from Ji Nuan’s grasp. His voice remained cold as the spring breeze: “What’s the matter?”

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