WBWY – Chapter 3 (part 1)

Chapter 3: But now, above all, everything’s different!

Ji Nuan lifted her head and asked: “Do you want to eat dinner back at Royal Garden?”

Mo Jingshen loosened the collar of his shirt but kept silent.

“I cooked a few dishes with Miss Chen~~”

Mo Jingshen looked at her dubiously, “You? Cooked?”

His tone suggested that she, Ji Nuan, her ten fingers has never touched spring water as she has led a pampered life!

Even if she did…

Cough, but right now, it was different!

“En, would you like to go back and have a taste?” Ji Nuan smiled warmly at him in askance.

However, Mo Jingshen smiled back frigidly, “Since the drug failed, you changed into poison?”


Sure enough, she has too many dark spots and her crime was just committed last night.

In the past… Whenever Ji Nuan thinks about it, she castigated herself for being so capricious at that time. All her past waywardness play vividly before her eyes, she really was too ridiculous even just thinking about it.

Ji Nuan kept her eyes on him. The light fell on her neck and whether intentionally or not, the traces from last night on her collarbones caught his eyes.

“I’ve been tossed all night by you. If I were to drug you again, it would be the death of me.” She retort was forthright and calm.

Mo Jingshen’s eyes shimmered darkly as he gave her another look.

He really showed no mercy last night. When he woke up in the morning and saw her lying buried in the quilt, with numerous traces from his lost of control, he really didn’t want to have another argument with her about their divorce when she wakes up. So he simply went back to the company. He never expected her to find him, however.

“After last night, your hatred for me, it’s just unbelievable to have you wanting to go back with me.” Mo Jingshen remained immovable.

“… Then should I take you down with me? I might as well tie a time bomb to you directly! Wouldn’t that be more straightforward?”

Mo Jingshen ignored her altogether.

Ji Nuan remained standing in his office for a long time, her eyes staring fixedly at him. Even when Mo Jingshen focused on his work and treated her as air, she stayed there staring at him.

Mo Jingshen raised a hand and pinched his brows: “What the hell do you want?”

“I want to have dinner with you.” Ji Nuan answered simple and direct.

Mo Jingshen: “You really can do anything to get divorced. What are you singing this time?”

This man, did he have to come at her so hard?

She simply moved forward, bent on his desk to look closely at what he was working on.

It has been said that a man is the most charming when he is serious. She wanted to say that her husband has always been charming. In the end of the day, which string in her mind has gone rotten? Why did she ask for a divorce?

The document in front of Mo Jingshen was turned over a page, but Ji Nuan reached out to block it. She noticed earlier that he was looking at the company’s quarterly report. Even if she were to mess up, it wouldn’t have much impact.

“Take your hands off.” Mo Jingshen can no longer ignore her.

Ji Nuan drew closer to him and beamed, “Say first, are you going to go back with me?”

Ji Nuan did have the face to could captivate people’s attention upside down. Her laughter at this moment were more like a lively teenage girl.

“I’m working.” He replied softly.

Ji Nuan blinked persistently, “I can wait for you to finish work and then go back to Royal Garden together.”

“There’ still a video conference in the evening. Go back first.” He averted his eyes, but remained indifferent.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll wait for you!”

Mo Jingshen suddenly slammed the company report in his hand close, and looked at her coldly, “What’s your game now?”

Ji Nuan stood unruffled and even stole a look at him, “I haven’t had a good sleep yet. Where would I get the energy to play games?”

 “…” Mo Jingshen was itching to throw her out.

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